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The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast

About The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast

A Personal note from the Host: “As a Christian, I know how important my Lord and Saviour – Jesus has been in my life. However sharing my faith and what He has done for me, the immense gratitude and love for Him, always brings me to tears.

So, during one of my morning meditation and prayer sessions as I was thinking about the year ahead – I was reminded of one of my mentor’s comments, where she said: “Use your gifts and talents and what you can do NOW.”

Hmmm, I can ask really good questions, I’m naturally curious, and I love speaking with people and helping them share their stories. THAT’s what I can do!

So, I am.

Welcome to The Christian Entrepreneurs’ Podcast.

Conversations with Christian Entrepreneurs to inspire and empower Christian Business Owners to walk strongly in their faith, WHILE build a thriving business that honours Him, in every way.


Annemarie Cross

First and foremost, Annemarie loves Jesus, and she is a child of the King!

She has also been dubbed: “The Podcasting Queen,” by her community. It wasn't until a few years ago that she decided to (get over herself) and embrace the title others had been referring to her, for years.

Annemarie’s background involves over two decades in personal branding (in the career industry working with executives and professionals) and now as a Brand & Communications Strategist she helps her clients (Disruptors, Thought Leaders, Innovators and Game Changers) build a strong brand message and presence, while design and launch powerful online and offline marketing strategies so they can double (or even triple) their results.

A veteran in the production of podcasts, she is sought as an adviser and consultant in developing and implementing podcast series for individual industry influencers, experts and companies. She has been instrumental in the launch of various business- and leadership-focused podcasts from around the globe.

Annemarie has recently founded: – a community of Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders, who are committed to ‘changing the world – ONE message at a time.’


To get in contact with Annemarie email her team at: tcepodcast[at]

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