[Ep#401] Bringing Order Out of Chaos

Bringing Order Out of Chaos

Joining me today's show is Gary Harpst. 

Gary is the founder of LeadFirst. With a passion for merging faith and work, Gary and his team are on a mission to help owners build kingdom-impact businesses that bring some order to our chaotic world.  

His extensive career spans successful business ventures, impactful book authorship, and educating on the intersection of business and faith. Rooted in family values, Gary finds joy with his wife, three children, and four grandchildren. 

On today’s show Gary is going to share: 

  1. Built to Beat Chaos. Chaos is not our problem, it’s our purpose 
  2. The Three Requirements of a Kingdom Impact Business 
  3. The 3 Tools for Overcoming Chaos: Biblical Leadership Wisdom 




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

05:06 The Bible reveals how the world works.

08:40 Finding order in chaos brings a positive transformation.

10:36 Creating order out of chaos brings satisfaction.

14:44 Embracing individuality in diverse work environments.

19:09 Seek to create a caring, gospel-based environment.

23:04 Holy spirit sanctifies us, developing fruits of spirit.

24:12 Science and faith unite in spiritual understanding.

26:56 Leadership principles emphasize self-awareness, compassion, and connection.

31:59 Commit to an organization, organize resources, lead.

36:38 Prayer for technology, wisdom, and fearlessness.

37:49 Be an example of Jesus' love and grace.


Topic: Finding Lessons in Chaos

  • Chaos as not being the problem, but finding purpose to bring order out of chaos
  • Analogy of cleaning a chaotic kitchen to illustrate bringing order and finding satisfaction in it
  • Concept of everyone being wired to bring order and the role of overcoming challenges in satisfaction
  • Importance of rest and recognizing that people are wired to bring order

Topic: Kingdom Impact Business

  • Three requirements for creating a Kingdom Impact Business: economic stability, soul care, recognition of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The analogy of supernatural love as what holds people and organizations together, as opposed to electromagnetism holding atoms together
  • The importance of leaders caring about people and understanding that organizations cannot be treated like the laws of physics

Topic: Biblical Leadership Wisdom

  • Development of the fruits of the spirit and walking the talk as essential in biblical leadership wisdom
  • The shift in leadership principles towards self-awareness, compassion, and connection in organizations over the past few decades
  • The role of leaders mentoring and developing caring by example, rather than just teaching it from books

Topic: Overcoming Chaos in Business and Life

  • Tools for overcoming chaos: being able to discern and set purpose, organizing resources (people, process), developing character and values internally
  • Importance of inviting team contribution in solving problems and cocreating solutions for success
  • Role of technology in connecting people and spreading the message of Jesus

Highlighted Quotes: 

Finding Purpose: “I think in my mid twenties, I was having a hard time understanding why myself and other people said one thing and did another. We acted like we valued certain things, but we kept not doing what we valued. And I looked a lot of I'm a reader and an engineer, and frankly, the best answers I found were in the bible, where, it explains there's something really broken inside of us and that, that's the bad news. And the god new good news is that god has a way to fix that. And so that really has been the sort of the moment in my life.”

— Gary Harpst [00:02:55 → 00:03:13]

“The Bible and Business: Finding Wisdom and Order”: “he created chaos before he created anything else. And most people don't really notice that. He he says, in the beginning, he created the heaven and the earth, and they were void and without form. And then he reveals the that his process is bringing order out of that chaos.”

— Gary Harpst [00:06:00 → 00:06:20]

The Joy of Creating Order: “Every single person is born with that wiring that really craves to bring order out of something.”

— Gary Harpst [00:10:54 → 00:11:01]

The Importance of Leadership in Organizational Chaos: “A leader's primary job or their first priority is to determine chaos. If you can't do that, then there's no way to organize or to get people to work together.”

— Gary Harpst [00:13:07 → 00:13:15]

Creating a Kingdom Impact Business: “The foundational layer of all kingdom impact businesses is they create a kind of economic stability. They build great products that satisfy customers. They have a profitable business, so the business will be here tomorrow just like it was today, and then they provide good jobs. And people need that base level provision to take care of themselves and to just have basic, security and stability.”

— Gary Harpst [00:17:52 → 00:18:11]

The Importance of Soul Care in the Workplace: “Treating other people like you want to be treating, loving your neighbor as yourself. We call it soul care, And it it is, it's what caring people can do for each other.”

— Gary Harpst [00:18:30 → 00:18:42]

Faith and Kingdom Impact: “There's something broken inside of us, And that something can only be fixed by God. We can't fix it ourself.”

— Gary Harpst [00:19:35 → 00:19:43]

The Significance of Creation: “The most important thing in our universe is not the raw materials. It's the way they're put together.”

— Gary Harpst [00:24:54 → 00:24:59]

Viral Topic: The Power of Love in Human Relationships

Quote: “It's not electromagnetism. It's Supernatural love that he gives puts in us, and that's what holds organizations together.”

— Gary Harpst [00:25:53 → 00:26:45]

Leadership and Purpose: “And If you get to the point you can't do that, it's wrong, it's not biblical to undermine that organization, bad mouth that organization, Go find a place that you can commit to.”

— Gary Harpst [00:31:59 → 00:32:11]


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