13. New Year, New You!

Hello, radiant listeners, and welcome to another inspiring episode of the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast!

It's time to reflect on your achievements, embrace ‘expansion,' and renew your spirit for the year ahead. We've shared our personal reflections and words for the new year to inspire you. Whether you're facing goal trauma or seeking financial breakthrough, remember, God's mercies are new every morning. Rise on wings like eagles and join us as we dream big, align our purposes, and conquer the year with Kingdom-focused impact.

Don't miss this episode—tune in, be uplifted, and let's grow in God's kingdom together.

Share your insights and Bible verses with us – because this year, it's all about the brand new you!

🎯 Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs: 

1️⃣Reflect and expand. It's a collective call for us to grow not just in our businesses but within our community and spiritual lives.

2️⃣ Overcome and dream. Learn how to overcome these setbacks, renew your mind, and dream big with actionable strategies backed by faith and fellowship.

3️⃣ Daily renewal and priority setting. Every day is a new opportunity to become who He has destined us to be.


In this episode, we dive into the power of year-end reflections and the transformative energy that comes with the arrival of a new year. Join us as we unpack the significance of celebrating achievements and setting intention-filled goals that are aligned with God’s perfect timing.

We'll chat about the challenges that come with setting and sometimes not meeting those ambitious goals, addressing the concept of goal trauma, and financial disappointments. But fear not, for we explore how forgiveness and a fresh outlook rooted in prayer and divine guidance can lead to powerful breakthroughs.

You'll hear personal tales from your hosts, Fideliz shares how the word “grace” has guided her past year and the excitement behind her new word “expansion,” while I, Annemarie, will reaffirm the collective importance of growth for our community. Together, we’ll discuss the spiritual significance of aligning our actions, thoughts, and even wardrobe, with where God is leading us.

Additionally, we understand the crucial role visibility plays in your journey, which is why we'll also chat about the opportunities that come with starting a kingdom-focused podcast to amplify your impact. And because your voices and stories matter, we invite you to share your lessons, scriptures, and words that are steering you into the new year.

So, let’s all renew our minds, take those powerful thoughts captive, and march forward, ready to embrace the abundant change that awaits us. Get ready for an episode that promises not only to inspire but also to equip you with the tools and mindset to step confidently into your God-given potential.

📣 If you're an entrepreneur seeking to navigate the year with purpose and kingdom-focus, tune into the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast for your dose of inspiration and practical wisdom. Swing by our Apple podcast channel to leave your feedback—it means the world to us.

Let's embrace the ‘New Year, New You' together and see how far we can go.

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