[Ep#403] Empowering Creatives: Starting Business Ventures Early & Valuing own Craft

Empowering Creatives: Starting Business Ventures Early & Valuing own Craft

In this episode, we delve into empowering creatives, nurturing entrepreneurial skills in children, and valuing our God-given talents. We have our special guest, Brett Harris, co-founder of the Author Conservatory.

Brett grew up in a book-loving family where television was absent, and homeschooling was the norm. With bookshelves in every room, and a love for reading instilled from a young age, Brett quickly became an avid reader. By the age of 12 or 13, he found himself yearning for more books that were both inspiring and suitable for his parents' standards. This quest for meaningful literature would shape his future endeavors and pursuits.

Today, we explore the impact of entrepreneurship, the value of exchanging knowledge for money, and the opportunities for creativity in the modern world.

Tune in for actionable advice, real-life stories, and powerful encouragement. It's time to honor God through our businesses and empower others on their entrepreneurial path!

On today’s show Brett is going to share: 

  • How creatives (writers, artists, musicians, etc.) benefit from learning entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses   
  • The value of practicing entrepreneurship while young, and not waiting until you’re older or more experienced to get started   
  • How to value what you’ve created and not undervalue yourself or underprice the products/services you sell   




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

03:42 Desire for more inspirational stories leads to success.

07:13 Community, gifts, talents, and entrepreneurship defined.

11:23 Key to success: charging for value received.

13:45 Entrepreneurship offers crucial solutions for challenging situations.

17:37 Entrepreneurship in youth leads to lifelong success.

22:08 Terrarium hobby led to successful entrepreneurial ventures.

26:20 Young pianist finds unique value in teaching.

28:15 Entrepreneurship teaches gratitude and finding unique value.

31:48 Prayer for empowerment and blessings on businesses.

34:13 Resource for coaches and consultants seeks visibility.


Topic: Empowering Creatives and Starting Business Ventures Early

  • The discussion centers on the value of teaching children entrepreneurial skills and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.
  • Brett shares examples of how his father's entrepreneurial spirit and exposure to entrepreneurship from a young age shaped his path.
  • The importance of homeschooling and hands-on learning in developing entrepreneurial skills in children is highlighted.
  • The opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurship that modern technology and tools provide for young writers, artists, and musicians are discussed.

Topic: Valuing Own Craft and Exchanging Value for Money

  • The importance of valuing and exchanging money in the context of entrepreneurship is explored.
  • A biblical verse from Proverbs is referenced to support the idea of selling and blessing through the exchange of value for money.
  • Brett defines entrepreneurship as creating value, valuing what is created, and exchanging that value for money.
  • The segment highlights the life-changing lessons of entrepreneurship and the value of exchanging knowledge for money.

Topic: Leveraging Entrepreneurial Skills in Different Settings

  • The concept of “entrepreneurship” and the value of individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit in a corporate environment is explored.
  • The value of entrepreneurial skills in preparing young people to be successful in the real world and in higher education is emphasized.

Topic: The Impact and Mission of the Author Conservatory

  • The work of the Author Conservatory and its mission to provide writing and entrepreneurial skills to young writers is discussed.
  • The conversation highlights using gifts and talents to serve others, fulfilling desires planted by God, and glorifying Him.

Topic: Encouraging Entrepreneurship and the Portfolio Career

  • The encouragement to consider entrepreneurship as a viable option, even in challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, is presented.
  • Annemarie shares her experience of earning income from multiple streams at a young age and highlights the importance of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in young people.
  • The concept of a portfolio career, comprising multiple roles and income streams, is discussed, emphasizing the need to consider entrepreneurship as a tool in life's toolbox.

Highlighted Quotes: 

The Importance of Storytelling: “I feel like we need more storytellers, and I think we all know this. You know, that we need more books, more novels, more television shows, and movies that truly call out what's best in us and inspire us and motivate us.”

— Brett Harris [00:04:01 → 00:04:10]

Entrepreneurship and Personal Fulfillment: “There's something that entrepreneurship could provide for you that you couldn't find in a conventional job.”

— Brett Harris [00:06:12 → 00:06:58]

The Importance of Entrepreneurship: “Starting your own business needs to be a tool in your toolbox. It's not always the right thing. It's not for everyone or for every season. But what shocks me is how much This has been lost as an option as a viable option in our society.”

— Brett Harris [00:12:50 → 00:13:08]

Entrepreneurship and Personal Health: “I wanna encourage people, you know, to see this as an option, to understand this, and to to the skill sets that put it in your life toolbox. Because if it's not in your toolbox, you really, you can, again, find yourself in situations like I was, where a newly married, my bride is now bed bound, wheelchair bound, we have we're bleeding money on medical expenses. And if I didn't have the option to start my own business and make money Through a in a way that was compatible with my obligation to my wife, I don't know where we'd be.”

— Brett Harris [00:14:55 → 00:14:56]

The Importance of Teaching Entrepreneurship to Kids: “Entrepreneurship teaches young people and all of us how to see the world is full of opportunity, how to see problems as an opportunity to do well for yourself by doing good for others.”

— Brett Harris [00:17:37 → 00:19:21]

The Value of Entrepreneurial Skills: “I think that overall, the value of entrepreneurial skills Mhmm. Separate from just starting a business and being an entrepreneur, I don't think it's ever been higher, and I think more and more business owners, employers are seeing that as well.”

— Brett Harris [00:19:44 → 00:19:59]

The Entrepreneurial Evolution of a Terrarium Shop Owner: “My dad is an entrepreneurial person, not just in a sense of, you know, church is not a business, but he saw a need for a certain type of church, you know, that didn't exist in our community, and so he started it. And I think that's really the entrepreneurial spirit. You see a problem.”

— Brett Harris [00:23:13 → 00:23:31]

Overcoming Self-doubt: “Yeah. I actually remember working with 1 of our students in the author conservatory, a girl named Hannah, and she wanted to start a music studio teaching piano in her in her area.”

— Brett Harris [00:26:02 → 00:26:11]

Finding Unique Value as a Music Teacher: “What unique value do you bring to the table? What is it that is unique about your story with piano?”

— Brett Harris [00:26:57 → 00:27:00]

The power of entrepreneurship: “The value of what god has given us and our story and our experience and our knowledge, and when and when we're able to exchange that for money and have people thanking us for the opportunity to pay us to learn what we know or what we've learned. I think it does something very deep in our hearts, and it should lead us to gratitude to the lord.”

— Brett Harris [00:28:22 → 00:28:45]

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