7. From Rebellion to Redemption: A Conversation with Annemarie Cross

Welcome to the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast, where we believe that empowered women can create kingdom impact in their businesses and beyond.

 In this captivating conversation, Fideliz Cruz sits down with Annemarie Cross, a woman who has navigated her entrepreneurial journey while staying grounded in her faith. As they explore various aspects of spirituality and their personal experiences, they shed light on the power of miracles, the importance of spiritual warfare, and the impact of a strong relationship with Jesus.

Annemarie's journey has been shaped by her belief in continuism, the idea that the Holy Spirit continues to work miraculously within the church today. She shares stories of witnessing miracles and the power of God in action, emphasizing the need for warriors of Christ to lead and inspire.

Throughout this episode, Fideliz and Annemarie explore the concept of spiritual warfare, aligning with the Lord's will, and walking in signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and deliverance. They discuss the need for courage, faith, and a deep understanding that the battle has already been won but still requires active participation.

As the conversation unfolds, we gain insights into Annemarie's personal practices, such as using the Jesus Calling app, which has become instrumental in building her personal relationship with the Lord. She shares how the app provides Bible verses with personalized explanations that feel like direct messages from Jesus himself.

Moreover, Annemarie's curious nature fuels her journey of seeking answers and understanding different practices and worship styles. Her rebellious nature in the past is seen as a driving force in her current seeking of the Lord's guidance and repentence.

But what happens when passion and enthusiasm for Jesus wanes during challenging times? Fideliz and Annemarie dive into this topic, discussing the importance of personal connection with God, honest conversations with Him, and finding solace in His presence.

Join us in this eye-opening episode as Fideliz and Annemarie navigate the depths of faith, miracles, and the pursuit of passion in the midst of trials. Get ready to be inspired and equipped as we uncover the secrets to walking in Kingdom power and creating impact as women entrepreneurs.

Here's a sneak peek at what they discussed: 

  • The Importance of Personal Connection with God
  • Equipping and Repenting for Past Actions
  • Hosts' Journey with Faith and Relationship with God

🎯 Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs: 

1️⃣ Having a Personal Connection with God: We discussed the importance of developing a deep and personal relationship with God. Being open and honest with Him, even when we have doubts or questions, helps us grow spiritually and find guidance in difficult times.

2️⃣ Regaining Passion and Enthusiasm for Jesus: We shared practical advice on reigniting our passion and enthusiasm for Jesus when we're going through challenging seasons. One strategy that I found helpful is setting aside five minutes to speak out frustrations and emotions before reevaluating and finding solutions.

3️⃣⃣ Embracing Spiritual Warfare: We dove into the topic of spiritual warfare and the significance of breaking strongholds related to oppression in our lives. Engaging in declarations and speaking in tongues for a concentrated period can be a powerful practice to experience spiritual breakthroughs.


It is our pleasure to bring you another exciting episode of the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast. In this episode, we are honored to have the amazing Annemarie Cross as our guest, engaging in a heartfelt conversation about her journey as an entrepreneur and her deep relationship with the Lord.

Annemarie shares her powerful experiences attending conferences and being touched by prophetic teams who spoke into her life. Despite initial reservations, she found herself intrigued by the deep insights and profound impact these encounters had on her spiritual journey. 

Gain insights into her journey of equipping herself, repenting for past actions, and walking in signs, wonders, miracles, healings, and deliverance. Learn about her passion for spiritual warfare and the role of warriors of Christ in leading others towards Jesus.

Annemarie, with her wealth of wisdom and experience, also shares about her use of the Jesus calling app in cultivating her personal relationship with the Lord. Find out how this app has become instrumental in providing daily guidance, answers, and Bible verses that feel like Jesus speaking directly to the user.

Annemarie's story reminds us of the importance of curiosity and seeking answers to deepen our knowledge of different cultures and practices within the faith.

Stay blessed and continue to walk boldly as Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs. May your passion for Christ shine through in every aspect of your life, and may you find rest and rejuvenation in His loving embrace.

With love and joy in Christ,

Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast Team


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