[Ep#404] Faith at Work

Faith at Work

Our guest is the exceptionally talented Helen Mitchell, a leadership and strategy professor at Biola University with a wealth of experience in business, church, and academia. She's here to talk about integrating faith into not only our personal lives but also into the very fabric of our work and businesses.

In this episode, we'll dive into the revolutionary Church Integration Inventory, a tool that Helen and her team, including Dr. Jason Wilson, have developed to help pastors create sustainable and impactful change within their congregations. Four churches have already been part of a trial, reaping the benefits of a personalized assessment on their journey to aligning beliefs, behaviors, and operational strategies.

Prepare to be inspired as we explore how our faith and work intertwine, and how, by staying true to our calling, we can make an influential impact in the marketplace and the kingdom of God. We'll also discuss the importance of equipping church members not just for traditional roles within the church but for their God-given potential in every sphere of influence.

Whether you're a business owner, a church leader, or an individual seeking to bring Christ into your work, this episode is for you. Join us as we uncover the power of Faith at Work and pray for God's blessing on Helen's ongoing work.

Remember, it's not just about growth; it's about transformation and acceleration through ethical alignment with God's plan. So, let's get ready to embrace the wisdom Helen Mitchell has to share, right here on The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast.

🌟 Here are 3 key takeaways from our latest episode “Faith At Work”:

  • Dynamic Integration: Helen's Church Integration Inventory is pivotal for pastors who desire to harmoniously blend beliefs, practices, and strategic operations within their congregations. This tool is not just innovative; it's necessary for sustainable impact in our communities.
  • The Power of Alignment: Aligning one's faith with everyday work is essential for transformational change. Whether you're a business leader or a community member, you have the power to influence and leave a lasting imprint on society.
  • Continuous Growth: Embrace the opportunity to receive a comprehensive report and guidance in crafting a more impactful and aligned ministry.




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

04:41 Passionate about faith at work, creating change.

06:39 Realization of monumental organizational change challenge.

09:56 Excited for future learning and integration strategies.

14:06 Four churches in different stages of development.

17:24 Recognizing mission field work in today's context.

20:01 Church leaders equip believers for their vocations.

25:49 Mother sowed seeds into her children's future.

27:25 Spreading light and love brings impact.

31:21 Gratitude and praise shift focus to heavenly things.


Topic: Introducing Helen Mitchell

  • Introduction of Helen Mitchell, her background in business, local church, and academia.
  • Helen's roles including leadership and strategy professor at Biola University.
  • Acknowledging God's guidance in Helen's career path.

Topic: The Church Integration Inventory

  • Development of the inventory and collaboration with Dr. Jason Wilson from Biola University.
  • Trial with four churches in 2023, resulting in comprehensive reports and debriefs.
  • The goal of the inventory: to align church beliefs, behaviors, and strategies.
  • Helen extends an invitation for more churches to join the beta research phase.

Topic: The Importance of Aligning Beliefs and Behaviors

  • The challenge for churches in implementing new strategies without proper alignment.
  • The inventory as a strategic dashboard for pastors.
  • The significance of making a kingdom impact and avoiding partnerships with darkness.

Topic: Equipping Individuals for Marketplace Influence

  • The role of pastors in preparing congregants for worldly influence alongside evangelization.
  • Scriptural references to highlight the importance of recognizing one's calling.
  • Encouragement for marketplace prayer and viewing work as ministry.
  • The impact of workplace Christians in shaping decisions and trajectory.

Topic: The Journey and Transformation through Faith

  •  Helen's unplanned journey into academia as part of God's plan.
  •  Conversation on recognizing God's support and divine placements for kingdom expansion.
  •  Understanding work as worship and pursuing transformation and cultural change.

Highlighted Quotes: 

Guidance through Adversity: “Even though something might not seem like exactly what we thought it would be or where we were going or is there hope on the other side of that tragedy, God is still working out as planned, even the midst of whatever it might be.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:03:36 → 00:03:49]

Faith at Work Movement: “I've been in this faith at work field for more than 20 years now, and I would say that's another one of those God plucked me out of the marketplace and began to see my heart and mind about this idea of faith to work and what that might be.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:04:53 → 00:05:04]

The Search for Greater Meaning: “I just have the sense that there's there's gotta be something more.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:06:39 → 00:06:42]

Church Integration Inventory Development: “We started this project over 4 years ago, Anne Marie. And we worked with, doctor Wilson who helped us think through the questions and the structure at the very basic level, beliefs, behaviors, this, that, and the other thing, so that the end result is that this will be a fully validated statistically reliable assessment.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:08:50 → 00:09:06]

Environmental Stewardship and Ethical Responsibility: “So we are to rule and manage and care for all the aspects of the earth. We've been given this responsibility.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:11:42 → 00:11:46]

Religious Reflection on Historical Consequences: “And the people of Israel got thrown out of their land. Yes. Because of spiritual idolatry and because of blood sacrifices and the sacrificing of children after they were warned many, many times.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:12:31 → 00:12:43]

Church Growth and Transformation: “So what I have observed for more than a decade is that a lot of churches will go and get excited.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:15:00 → 00:15:06]

The Role of Faith in the Workplace: “The marketplace, paid jobs is the only place in the earth, the only jobs in the earth that can institute, enforce, uphold righteousness, and justice.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:16:36 → 00:16:50]

Faith and Vocation in the Community: “But the pastors are called to equip the saints for the work, for the vocation, for the things that they are called to do out in the world… So equipping the saints is, about doing their business, their air gun.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:20:11 → 00:20:18]

Religion and Work Ethic: “It's who they were, how they did it, what they did, how they approached it, and not only just being a nice moral person.”

— Helen Mitchell [00:21:03 → 00:21:07]

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