[Ep#398] Why you don’t have to do business the world’s way just because you’re ambitious

Why you don’t have to do business the world’s way just because you’re ambitious

My guest today says: “Hustle” isn’t the issue – it’s how we’ve been trained to define it.” 

Joining me today's show is Erin Harrigan. 

Erin Harrigan is a Christian wife, empty nest mom, speaker, author and business coach on a mission to help high-achieving Christian women level up their businesses without compromising their faith.  

Bringing to bear her 30+ years of corporate work and 10+ years of network marketing, she helps women be more focused and fruitful by aligning business strategy and goals to God's truth through her customized business coaching, speaking and award-winning podcast, Redefining Hustle: Pursuing Success as a Christian Woman. 

On today’s show Erin is going to share: 

  • The difference between first-hand experience of building a business in your own power vs. letting God lead you 
  • It’s ok to be ambitious – because God made you this way – but you don’t have to do business the world’s way just because you’re ambitious. 
  • Learn what it means to redefine hustle and emulate Jesus as you work using 4 keys framework.  




Topic: The Importance of Surrendering to God in Business 

  • The closer one is to God, the clearer they can sense how he's speaking 
  • God speaks to the speaker through music and other people who confirm her prayers 
  • Erin was approached to be a corporate partner and felt pulled to join after praying about it- When God gives permission, he gives provision 
  • Canceled meetings can be a sign from God that a collaboration isn't meant to be 

Topic: Honoring Christ in Business Dealings 

  • The podcast is called Christian Entrepreneurs and the host interviews guest Erin Harrington 
  • It's okay to be ambitious, but businesses don't have to be run the world's way 
  • Four frameworks for emulating Jesus in business and redefining hustle 

Topic: Letting Go and Letting God 

  • Crisis after crisis can be an opportunity to see God show up and take care of things 
  • It's okay to be ambitious because God made us that way 
  • Importance of leaning in and surrendering to God's plans while planning and strategizing 

Topic: Allowing the Lord to Lead 

  • High achievers tend to be controlling, planners, and rely on themselves to get things done 
  • Allowing the Lord to lead brings freedom, ease, calm, and peace 
  • Goals and incentives change when aligned with God as the great provider 

Topic: Surrendering Plans to God 

  • Importance of understanding one's own story and journey and allowing God to guide in building a business 
  • Surrender and allow the Lord to lead, as he can position us in the right place at the right time 
  • Lay plans at the foot of the cross and give God the margin to move 

Topic: Four Keys to Growth for Christian Women in Business 

  • Define: Allow God to define success and actions 
  • Direct: Daily meetings with God to ask for guidance 
  • Discipline: Necessary to take action and avoid distractions 
  • Develop: Being open to God's molding and pruning for better productivity and fulfillment 


Highlighted Quotes: 

  • “Finding Fulfillment Beyond Success: ‘I don't feel like this is what I was promised by the gurus of success.' “ 

— Erin Harrigan [00:03:02 → 00:04:47] 

  • “The Benefits of Letting God Lead: ‘There is a calm and a peace that we discover in letting Him lead us. And when we lean in far enough… our goals will change, our incentives will change. What we're looking to achieve will change because they become aligned to Him.'” 

— Erin Harrigan [00:06:19 → 00:08:55] 

  • Trusting God through Obstacles: “And when we surrender that way, friends, it is going to look very strange to our brothers and sisters who are not believers… Because we have to be crazy… But when we're secure in Him, we know that he can do anything. And we're not talking name it and claim it. That's not what we're saying. But we know that he can do anything and our job is to be obedient.” 

— Erin Harrigan [00:10:49 → 00:11:48] 

  • The Importance of Surrendering Your Plans to God: “God honors that we have plans. God cares about every little thing. What God does not want us doing is obsessing over it, constantly worrying and speculating. What he wants us to do is to lay it at the foot of the cross and say, this is yours, and give him the margin to move the way he wants to move.” 

— Erin Harrigan [00:13:14 → 00:15:25] 

  • The Importance of Trusting in God for Marketing: “God is my marketing plan. He gives me the words, he gives me the content…he's going to show that content to whomever…we don't have to worry about an algorithm because God will work it in our favor.” 

— Erin Harrigan [00:15:45 → 00:17:43] 

  • Four Keys to Break the Chains in Business: “The four keys, therefore, fits into this circle and each one points to the next…Those four keys break the chains of overwhelm and overachievement, but they open the doors of clarity, serenity, and fulfillment in working with the Lord in the middle of all of it.” 

— Erin Harrigan [00:19:02 → 00:22:42] 

  • Overcoming Adversity: “We have that same opportunity to subdue those voices. The enemy is always going to be coming for us. But when we know who we are and whose we are, when we know that he directs us when we know the action to take and we allow him to develop us.” 

— Erin Harrigan [00:23:39 → 00:24:26] 

  • Trusting God's Provision: “When God gives permission, he gives provision. I speak of it as where God guides, he provides.” 


About Erin:

After a 35+ career as a senior executive in financial services, Peter was severed after the merger of TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab. Subsequently, he has written a book titled Taking Stock.  In the book he imparts his 10 life and leadership lessons from his seat at the table.  

One unique feature is that he uses the Letter of Paul to the Corinthians as a backdrop for a discussion of leadership. Peter concludes that the finest definition of leadership can be found in that biblical passage if you change the words love and it, to leadership.    

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