[Ep#405] Transforming Setbacks into Stepping Stones for Success

Transforming Setbacks into Stepping Stones for Success

In this episode, we're joined by the remarkable Dena Patton – an acclaimed business and mindset coach, speaker, and the co-founder of Girls Rule Foundation. Dena brings to the table her profound insights on the symbiotic relationship between faith and entrepreneurship. She sheds light on how integrating your spiritual beliefs with your business operations can not only drive success but also create a deep sense of authenticity that resonates with clients and team members alike.

We'll hear the inspiring tale of a financial planner whose journey to blend philanthropy and faith-based questions into his work exemplifies the power of faith in action. Dena emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and making decisions grounded in our core values, which she believes is the cornerstone of any thriving business.

Together, we'll explore how failures are nothing but lessons in disguise, encouraging us to fail forward with grace. Plus, Dena shares her personal trials and triumphs, giving us a glimpse into her transformative process of renewing the mind and fostering a growth mindset.

Tune in to discover how you can navigate challenges with grace and tap into the mindset for greatness. Remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback—God has a plan for your growth and success.

🌟 Here are 3 key takeaways from our latest episode:

  • Integrate Your Faith with Business: Explore how integrating faith into your business isn’t just a feel-good factor. It's a strategic move that can actually lead to greater client trust and improved business outcomes.
  • Value Authenticity: Authenticity is the golden key that opens doors to growth and attraction in business.
  • Learn from Failure: View mistakes as learning opportunities remind us that growth lies in resilience and the mindset shift from “I am a failure” to “I had a setback.”




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

04:17 Believers find success by living their faith.

07:42 Balancing faith and business; striving to embody Jesus.

12:59 Authentic self attracted clients, increased revenue.

14:38 Business integrity and authenticity lead to success.

17:51 Align decisions with values for better outcomes.

23:51 Seeking positivity in Bible to overcome challenges.

25:36 Recognizing contribution, forgiveness, and growth after events.

28:48 CEO self care plan: Fuel your tanks.

31:36 Allow grace, self-care, and access to God.

35:21 Adopt new mindset for business success.

41:11 Grateful for opportunity, seeking to honor God.

42:50 Extending support blesses us double fold. Jesus' love.



Topic: Navigating Fear and Integrating Faith in Business

  • The impact of fear on separating faith from business.
  • Strategies to integrate faith into business practice
  • Finding one’s line for faith and business integration.
  • The transformational story of a financial planner

Topic: Authenticity and Integrity in Business

  • The importance of being authentic.
  • Attracting clients through faith-based practices.
  • The cornerstone of business decisions based on personal values.
  • The association between values, better decision-making, and value addition

Topic: Learning from Failure and Moving Forward

  • Differentiating between making mistakes and being a failure.
  • Embracing failures as learning opportunities and “failing forward.”
  • Annemarie’s experiences with setbacks serving as growth opportunities.
  • The significance of healing, forgiveness, and avoiding bitterness.

Topic: The Growth Mindset in Business

  • The significance of renewing the mind.
  • Transitioning from a smallness mindset to a greatness mindset
  • Impact of childhood beliefs on adult mindset.
  • Unlearning limiting beliefs and trusting in God's plan.

Highlighted Quotes: 

Overcoming Fear in Business Integration: “And the thing in the middle is the fear of judgment, fear of losing business, fear of offending someone, right? There's just a lot of fear in the middle so they're just like, you know what's more comfortable? Keeping them separate. And, you know, that doesn't go well with me. I'm like, I'm the wrong coach to hire because we're gonna actually try to find the way to integrate them.”

— Dena Patton [00:03:23 → 00:03:49]

Faith and Leadership: “But how am I? I'm constantly measuring myself, how am I showing up like Jesus every day? And sometimes I fail because we're humans, we fail. But the next day, I click back into that because I'm that's one of my lines is I wanna be more like Jesus and less like me, the human.”

— Dena Patton [00:07:48 → 00:08:07]

Authenticity in Personal and Professional Growth: “I think authenticity is our biggest currency. When we are our most authentic selves, I think we're on the path of our greatness and our greatest self.”

— Dena Patton [00:10:42 → 00:10:50]

Authenticity in Leadership: “The more I became my authentic self, the more I did put those Christian based words and wove them in my speech on leadership in front of 500 CEOs. The Christians heard it and guess what happened? They're attracted to it.”

— Dena Patton [00:13:02 → 00:13:20]

Values-Driven Leadership: “If you are not hiring, firing, and leading by your values every day, you gotta check yourself. You gotta do the work you need to do to get realigned and regrounded into your values. It is life changing, especially as a faith-based entrepreneur to really have those as the bumpers of every decision goes against, you know, when I'm offered to sponsor an event or speak at this or collaborate with that or this type of, of client. Whatever offer or invitation I get, it goes against my values. You know, it gets it gets judged against my values. Is this aligned to my values? That is how I make every single decision. And when everything goes again, not against, if it's aligned with your values, you make better and better and better decisions. So, that's values, walking them every single day and knowing them as especially the business owner, really having them alive.”

— Dena Patton [00:17:51 → 00:19:01]

Business Philosophy and Spirituality: “What I call serving and solving, that our value comes from how we serve people and how we solve people. You are in the business of serving people and you're in the business of solving their problem. Your product or service solves their problem. And when we come at it from a Jesus lens, I'm gonna serve and solve from a Jesus lens and from my values, oh my gosh, it just becomes this beautiful experience, not just for your customers, but for you.”

— Dena Patton [00:19:16 → 00:19:50]

Finding Solace in Scripture: “So it's those moments that I mean, they're right there in the Bible, but I think we get so strung out on the negativity and what's going on in our dark mind sometimes. We forget, look in the Bible, get recentered. That's why the word is it has to be part of our morning routine because it can snap you out of those dark you had a really rough week or rough day yesterday, maybe.”

— Dena Patton [00:23:51 → 00:24:20]

The Importance of Self-Care for Leaders: “Part of being a leader is the CEO self-care.”

— Dena Patton [00:30:02 → 00:30:07]

Navigating Life's Complexity with Grace: “Are you being a delivery platform for your greatness, for your gifts, and your God? It changes the game.”

— Dena Patton [00:31:49 → 00:31:56]

Scaling Up Business Success: “Your mindset always goes first. It's like It sets the tone and then the actions happen, right? So our mindset is so, so important. If you're a $1,000,000 business and you want to get to $5,000,000 business, you have to have a $5,000,000 mindset, not a $1,000,000 mindset. What got us here won't get us there.”

— Dena Patton [00:35:59 → 00:36:27]

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