14. “What does it mean to be a Kingdom Women Entrepreneur?”

Welcome to the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast! Today, we dive into the heart of what it means to be a Kingdom Woman Entrepreneur with our inspiring guest, Paula Loranger! From the importance of intertwining faith with business to stewarding God's gifts and aligning with His vision, we uncover the transformative power of surrender to God’s will. Paula reminds us that self-care isn't a luxury—it's essential for setting a vision that radiates to those we serve. We discuss overcoming challenges with divine strength, celebrating Paula's journey from ego-driven to spirit-led, and the importance of investing in ourselves.

For those ready to rise, remember, your compelling ‘why' and identity in Christ are your guiding stars. Join the journey, align with purpose, and be part of the ‘overflow' at our upcoming KWE conference! Stay blessed and driven!

🎯 Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs: 

1️⃣ Stewardship Over Self-Reliance: Embracing the shift from doing it all alone to stewarding the talents and resources God has entrusted to you can lead to profound transformation in both your personal life and business.

2️⃣ Aligning with Divine Purpose: Understanding and aligning your business with God’s vision is not just about achieving individual success; it’s about furthering His kingdom and finding true fulfillment in your entrepreneurial calling.

3️⃣ The Cycle of Self-Care and Impact: Investing in self-care is not only beneficial for you but sets a powerful example for others, underscoring the importance of nurturing oneself to sustainably lead and serve.


Have you ever pondered on the essence of Kingdom entrepreneurship?  Special guest Paula Loranger, celebrated as Kingdom Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and the founder of Paula's Secret, joins us, to dive deep into this introspective question.

Paula's journey reminds us that oftentimes, the most significant change begins with a shift from ego and procrastination to divine surrender and setting intentions. How can you invest in your growth today? Be it through self-care or furthering your education, remember that you are worth the investment.

Paula's resilience in the face of adversity is just one example of Kingdom strength. Embrace challenges with a prepared heart, and always remember: Your business is more than a means to an end—it's a ministry and a mission.

Paula also shares her affinity for helpful apps and tools that can streamline your schedule, allowing you to prioritize your walk with God while effectively managing business tasks.

Listen in as we discuss stewardship, alignment with God's vision, and the significance of surrender in your entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the power of faith in business and life. We are immensely grateful for your listenership and invite you to share your feedback on our Apple Podcasts channel. Your insights inspire us to deliver content that resonates and uplifts.

May your week be filled with Kingdom purpose and entrepreneurial success!

Be Blessed,

Fideliz Cruz & Annemarie Cross

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