8. Experiencing God: A Spiritual Journey with Fideliz Cruz

Are you going through a challenging time or experiencing doubts in your faith?

Fideliz's story will inspire you to hold on and trust God, as she shares her own journey of feeling empty and desperate, but ultimately finding hope and restoration in the Lord. She reminds us to be still, knowing that God is in control and will give double for our trouble. 

Fideliz's unwavering reliance on God is a testament to her belief in His faithfulness. She describes her relationship with God as a constant presence, like a friend or a father, and find joy in seeking His voice through worship songs, dreams, and visions. 

Join us in this captivating episode as Fideliz Cruz unveils her spiritual journey and shares practical insights on how to grow closer to God, even amidst the challenges of entrepreneurial life. We guarantee you will walk away with a renewed passion for your faith and a deeper understanding of the power of experiencing God. 

Here's a sneak peek at what they discussed: 

  • Personal journey of faith: diverse upbringing, loss, and seeking God.
  • Experiencing God through faith, not just knowledge.
  • Dealing with Challenges and Spiritual Attack

🎯 Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs: 

🌟 Faith is about experiencing God: It's not just about explaining or comprehending Him, but about having a personal encounter with Him. Letting the Holy Spirit direct us and fuel our experiences is crucial for our spiritual growth as entrepreneurs.  

🌟 Vulnerability brings breakthrough: Sharing our stories and being vulnerable allows us to connect on a deeper level with others. It's important to lean on the Lord for guidance and support, especially when we may experience depression or spiritual attacks. Joining a community of believers for prayer and support can make a tremendous difference. 

🌟 God speaks to us in various ways: Whether through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, worship music, dreams, or visions – God's voice is personal and intimate. Being open and attuned to His voice can lead us to incredible revelations and guidance on our entrepreneurial journey. 


We are thrilled to share that Fideliz recently had the incredible opportunity to be a guest on the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast, where she had a deep and meaningful conversation about her spiritual journey and how it has impacted her life as an entrepreneur. 

In this episode, Fideliz discussed the importance of experiencing God rather than just studying about Him. She shared how God has answered her questions and spoken to her through the Bible and the Holy Spirit. One key example she mentioned is how God helped her understand a scripture by showing her a relevant situation.

We invite you to tune in to this enlightening episode of the Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Podcast as Fideliz shares her spiritual journey and discuss the impact it has had on her entrepreneurial path.

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