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Host: Annemarie Cross

Are you a Woman Coach, Speaker and/or Author struggling with issues like standing out in a crowded market place, getting more clients, and turning a prospect into a customer – a customer who pays you what you’re worth? Building the business of your dreams, doing what you love does NOT have to be hard, frustrating and exhausting IF you know the RIGHT steps!

Annemarie will show you how by introducing you to breakthrough money, marketing and mindset strategies so you can get noticed, hired AND paid what you’re worth!

Time to get going – NOW!

Annemarie CrossAnnemarie Cross is a Small Business Marketing & Mindset Coach for Women Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs. She helps them unearth their unique inner brilliance (their brand) so they can stand out, gain expert status, and finally attract a constant stream of ideal high paying clients.

Annemarie shares simple yet highly effective ways entrepreneurs can boost their income by transforming their one-to-one services into lucrative information products and programs so they can create more money, time and freedom into their lives and businesses.

A champion for her clients, Annemarie’s motto ‘Your catalyst to success’ sums up what she desires for everyone she works with. As their coach, she inspires them to commit to and take courageous steps towards achieving higher outcomes; as their accountability partner, she motivates and continues to drive them forward towards their goals; and as their cheer leader, she celebrates alongside them as they transform their dreams and visions into reality, allowing them to secure results that exceed what they had ever thought possible.

[TAE 138] How to Design Your Website as an Effective Marketing Tool

When you think about your current website, is it working as an effective marketing tool for your business? Are you regularly generating leads and clients, as well as building your reputation and credibility as an expert in your field from your website and online presence? According to my guest today – you should be. Your […]

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[TAE 137] How to Use Linkedin to build your connections, leads and business

Currently there are 2 new users joining Linkedin every second, and 300 million people using Linkedin on a regular basis. My guest today is Wendy McClelland. She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience, her first website was chosen by the NY Times as “one of the best biz sites on the ‘net”. She […]

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[TAE 136] Small Business Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget with Dave Ramacitti

Small business marketing on a shoe-string budget Does the thought of marketing your small business send your head into a spin. Social media marketing; traditional marketing; publicity; promotions – you just don’t know where to start, and you’re worried that with everything you’ve been told to do when it comes to marketing your business – […]

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[TAE 135b] Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence with Suzanne Tulien

According to my guest today – 94% of your customers WANT to do business with you. 82% of your customers WILL PAY MORE for better services and relationships. And, 40% of your marketing dollars are wasted, due to ill informed, demotivated staff (or yourself) and this is undermining your promotional promise. How can you turn […]

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[Ep #135a] Innovative Marketing and Free Publicity Tips with Irina Jordan

Joining me on today’s show is Irina Jordan. Irina is the Founder and Owner of Artisurn, online marketplace of handcrafted urns, jewellery and keepsakes made by talented artisans. Irina has built a successful business, not through expensive advertising or publicity campaigns, but some innovative marketing, free publicity, SEO and social media strategies, many of which […]

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[Ep #134] From Unknown to Expert with Catriona Pollard

Are you struggling to get known in your industry? Despite how hard you try and all the work you put into marketing your business – hardly anyone knows about you. If this sounds like you then grab a pen and paper as you’ll want to take note of today’s guest and her expertise. Joining me […]

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[Ep #133] How to overcome overwhelm and distraction with George Kao

One of the biggest challenges in business today is overwhelm, distraction and inability to focus, which means it takes so much longer to build a successful business. My guest today is George Kao, and George helps people create their “true livelihood” — work that is emotionally fulfilling, mentally challenging, spiritually growing, and financially sustaining. When […]

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[Ep #132] Increase Your Influence with Dr. Karen Keller

Do you long to be more influential in your life and in your business?  My guest today is Dr. Karen Keller. and she is the creator of The Keller Influence Indicator ® and she is an expert in Influence Mastery. Like Dale Carnegie before her, Dr. Keller helps people who want to increase their Influence – reach […]

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[Ep #131] Grow your business with joint ventures with Lisa Alexander

A recent report stated that about 70% of women owned businesses in the U.S. generated $25,000 or less in revenue in their business. Well my guest today is Lisa Alexander – known as the Marketing Stylist and owner of PrettyWork Creative LLC. She’s also an author and incredible speaker. After learning about this report, Lisa […]

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[Ep #130] Selling Your Programs and Products with Hillary Rubin

Selling your programs and products AND getting new clients. Are you a coach and struggling to make money in your coaching practice? Do you find it hard to sell your products and programs? According to my guest today there are many coaches who are highly skilled in what they do, but they find it very […]

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Tony Friday“The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show has changed the way I do business. I am so grateful for great business insights that I can apply immediately. I have doubled and even tripled my monthly income every time I applied principles and tips shared by Annemarie. They can work for anyone who dares to apply them. Thank you for helping me find keys to my destiny.”

Tony Friday, DJ ‘The Block’– ZiFM Stereo Zimbabwe

Annemarie’s podcast – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show is now also a regular feature on Tony’s show – The Block, inspiring and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

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