[Ep#398] Building Momentum: Leveraging Trust, Relationships, and Technology for Business Growth

Building Momentum: Leveraging Trust, Relationships, and Technology for Business Growth 

In our recent episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming Lisa Sweeney to the show. Lisa shared invaluable insights into the importance of having trusted authorities on your team, the significance of opt-ins, and the impact of lead magnets on conversion rates. 

We delved into the world of content creation, discussing the preferred methods of content consumption for your ideal client, the importance of offering content in multiple formats, and the value of authentic conversations to connect with your audience. 

Lisa and I also had a thought-provoking conversation about the immense power of storytelling and the need for authenticity in building trust with your clients. We discussed the customer journey, the importance of responsiveness, and the significance of having a clear message, strong opt-in resources, and effective email sequences along with suitable technology to support your business momentum. 

Additionally, Lisa shed light on the upcoming 5-day challenge where we will be sharing key components to help you position yourself as the choice in the customer journey, leverage podcasts, nurture leads, build your reputation as a trusted authority, and understand automation and nurturing funnels. 

This intensive is free and aims to help participants leverage tools and automation to build momentum and create effective conversions within an ecosystem. 

We'd love to hear your feedback, insights, and any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts. 

Here's to your ongoing success and the impactful journey that lies ahead! 

Here are 3 Key Takeaways from her latest episode: 

🔑 Content Delivery: Consider the preferred method of content consumption for your ideal client, as different modes of delivery can impact opt-in and uptake rates.

🔑 Authentic Communication: Emphasize the importance of authenticity and relevance in your lead magnets and email sequences to solve your client's immediate problem. 

🔑 Customer Journey: Understand the customer journey and be responsive to evolving customer needs. The interconnectedness of the business ecosystem and streamlined systems is key for effective conversions.




Jump Straight to these golden nuggets:

03:45 Unique storytelling key to identifying and solving needs.

08:10 Clear, authentic, relevant communication crucial for success.

10:51 Customer journey: Interact, learn, engage, purchase, grow.

14:13 Effective customer journey vital for customer retention.

19:52 Engage, educate, empower, provide value, automate wisely.

23:01 Email sequence, engagement, education, technology support stages.

26:45 Leverage tools to showcase expertise to clients.

27:45 Consider audience preference for content delivery methods.

33:29 Email sequences & ChatGPT: authenticity and style.

37:25 Customer stories can inspire and reassure others.

39:16 Mindset coach helps clients overcome life-altering events.

43:07 Leveraging a podcast to build brand reputation.

47:57 Ecosystem for website, system that automates, affordable.

49:12 Managing leads and tracking sales for growth.

53:22 Inadequate tracking hinders decision-making and opportunity recognition.


Topic: Importance of Opt-ins and Lead Magnets

  • Significance of opt-ins as the first opportunity for someone to interact with a business's expertise
  • Impact of lead magnets on conversion rates
  • Importance of authentic, relevant, and consistent lead magnets that solve the client's immediate problem

Topic: Content Delivery Methods and Formats

  • Considering the preferred method of content consumption for the ideal client
  • The impact of different modes of delivery on opt-in and uptake rates
  • Offering content in multiple formats to cater to various accessibility needs

Topic: Building Trust and Connection

  • Value of authentic conversations and the need for connection in today's media landscape
  • Building trust with consumers through various content, including podcasting
  • Importance of sharing personal stories and struggles to resonate with clients

Topic: Communication Tools and Technology

  • Advanced tools available for content creation
  • Use of ChatGPT for creating written content
  • Importance of authentic communication style, especially in email sequences
  • Utilizing smart and productive tools like Calendly for managing leads and client interaction

Topic: Customer Journey and Marketing Tactics

  •  Understanding the customer journey and the importance of education and empowerment in marketing
  • The formula “c plus c over t equals m” (Clarity plus consistency over time equals momentum) for building momentum
  • Customer impatience and evolving needs throughout the purchasing life cycle
  • The interconnectedness of the business ecosystem and leveraging tools and automation to build momentum and effective conversions

Topic: Building Business Visibility and Impact

  • Focusing on being unique and communicating it clearly to engage with ideal clients effectively
  • Sharing relevant success stories and case studies to establish credibility
  • The importance of relevance to the ideal client for effective marketing and communications

Topic: Client Relationships and Business Growth

  • Building relationships with existing clients and the potential for referrals
  • Emphasizing responsiveness in providing relevant information to customers
  • Balancing valuable insights and not pitching directly to potential clients


The Customer Journey: “So there's a whole lot of different ways people can do, a journey and do business with you. Doesn't mean sometimes they come along for a bit and then go away again and come back.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:11:41 → 00:11:52]

Viral Topic: Website Conversion Rates: “It's a well-known fact that the minute you add a lead magnet to a website, it actually takes it from 1% up to almost 4 because people can then engage.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:25:28 → 00:25:39]

The importance of authentic lead magnets in digital marketing: “So the lead magnet has got to be authentic, relevant, and consistent with the key message. It's got to solve the client's immediate problem, whatever that is.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:26:05 → 00:26:16]

Viral Topic: Empathy in Business: “Understanding from your client's perspective what bad looks like or, you know, what the real dramas are, it's good to paint that picture so that others can kinda relate to it and see that, you know, potentially, there's a way forward for them.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:38:10 → 00:38:18]

Building a Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem: “This is where good systems happen. But Many of you who've built websites or been involved with it understand that the world is really tricky here.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:48:12 → 00:48:21]

Viral Topic: Customer Relationship Management

Quote: “You need to have a system that can potentially take those leads and put them in a place for you so that you can then talk to them and nurture them and text them and do whatever you want to.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:49:21 → 00:49:31]

Increasing Conversion Rate: “A good system will take the conversion rate from 1 to 15. So, the difference between getting all these messages, having the nurture sequence, having a proper CRM system, and all this working is between having 1% conversion rate on your website and 15.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:55:12 → 00:55:17]

2024 Strategy for Influence: “I think you'll walk away with very clear messaging and exactly what you need to roll out for 2024.”

— Lisa Sweeney [00:57:07 → 00:57:56]

The Importance of Clarity in Leveraging AI for Marketing: “You've just got to identify and carve out who is it that I do my best work with, and speak to them with with clarity, authenticity, and and relevance.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:08:56 → 00:09:05]

Customer Journey and Integrity: “They want it when they need it, and you've got to be able to give it to them, over a period of time, you know, number of of different touch points.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:14:13 → 00:14:21]

Podcast Leveraging Strategies: “How can you start to nurture into leads and continue to really leverage your podcast to build your reputation as a trusted authority While also nurture your listeners in and through the customer journey to become someone who goes, this is interesting, through to, I need to work to that person through to when can we start.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:43:21 → 00:43:43]

Viral Topic: The Power of Invitations

Quote: “You could be sitting and leaving money on the table because you're not recognizing that there are multiple people who have been consuming absolutely everything that you're doing, and they just need an invitation.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:53:32 → 00:53:40]


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