[Ep#406] Elevating Coaches through Signature Programs

Elevating Coaches through Signature Programs

This week, we are joined by the incredible Cheri Toledo. With 44 years of educational insight and a passion for kingdom life coaching, Cheri shares her expertise in creating impactful signature programs that don’t just educate—they transform.

In this episode, we dive deep into crucial concepts for every coaching entrepreneur. We unravel how clarity acts as the backbone of effective coaching, preventing the common pitfalls of comparison and misalignment with your core values. Discover the transformational power of coaching programs that build upon successive layers, leading clients to profound breakthroughs and success.

Cheri outlines her program's essentials: clarity, content, and cash flow, guiding you to meet the ever-evolving needs of your clients. Additionally, we discuss the buzz around the upcoming **”From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority”** roundtable.

If you’re looking to shape your signature program into a magnet for your ideal clients, this is where you need to invest your time.

Remember, your journey towards success is a transformation in itself—let us be a part of that journey.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Clarity & Focus: Cheri illuminates the need to narrow down your niche. Find specificity in your coaching to truly resonate and meet the needs of your clients.
  • Transformation over Information: The goal isn't just to present content; it's to guide clients through a transformative journey. Cheri insists on the importance of a relationship-driven approach for profound client growth.
  • Value of a Signature Program: With the online learning industry booming, a well-structured signature program is a game-changer. Cheri marks clarity, content, and cash flow as the trifecta for a program that doesn't just attract clients but empowers their genuine transformation.



Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

04:46 Online learning industry to reach $57,000,000 by 2027.

07:51 Ensure ideal client fit for successful program.

09:22 Narrowing down target audience for life coaching.

15:38 Discussing importance of life coach's transformation and authenticity.

20:04 Being authentic leads to effective coaching experience.

23:28 Rushing course creation undermines the importance of progressions.

25:37 Coaches need progressive, specific framework for clients.

30:25 Ensure content comes from your heart for success.

33:52 Explanation of program content and expressions of gratitude.


Topic: Framework Development and Layered Learning

  • Annemarie emphasizes the need for a clear transformative journey in coaching.
  • Cheri Toledo breaks down layered learning as foundational in coaching programs.
  • Discussion on three key elements of her program: clarity, content, and cash flow.

Topic: Importance of Clarity and Client Understanding

  • Pitfalls of lacking clarity in program development, such as comparison and misaligned content.
  • Cheri emphasizes focusing on the unique needs and wants of clients for effective coaching.

Topic: The Impact of Effective Coaching Programs

  • Influence on marketing strategies, client transformation, and garnering referrals.
  • The connection between program success and overall business growth.

Topic: Marketing and Promotion

  • Promotion of Cheri Toledo’s website, podcast, and the “From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority” roundtable event.
  • The importance of coaches narrowing their focus for meeting client needs.
  • Niching down within coaching specialties for authoritative messaging.

Topic: Conceptual Understanding of Program Courses

  • Differentiation between a program course and an online course.
  • The limitation of evergreen courses in the context of transformational coaching.
  • The role of the coach's experience in guiding clients.

Topic: Guest Expertise and Experience

  • Introduction to Cheri Toledo's background in education and coaching.
  • Cherry's transition to kingdom life coaching and the growth of online learning.
  • Emphasis on focusing on clients' transformation and ideal client fit.

Topic: The Coaching Relationship

  • The necessity of coach presence in supporting clients' transformative journeys.
  • The joy of coaching clients that resonate with one's calling and niche.

Topic: Client Testimonials and Course Effectiveness

  • Sharing a positive testimonial about Cherry's course effectiveness and the learning experience.
  • The conversation about the importance of course authenticity and progression.

Topic: Course Creation and Quality

  • Cheri advises on the need for depth, authenticity, and proper progressions in program development.
  • A warning against producing rushed and superficial programs.
  • Advocating for investing more time and effort into developing a high-quality program.


Life Coaching Evolution: “And then in 2019, 2020, step back into it, and it has now morphed into me being a kingdom life coach and business coach.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:04:0900:04:23

The Essence of Coaching: “more important than the content is the transformation that we as coaches take our clients through. And unless we're focused on the transformation, they are not gonna get what they need and what they want.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:07:1700:07:32

Targeting Your Coaching: “And when you wanna help everybody, you can't help anybody.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:08:4700:08:49

Online Education Trends: “So for instance, my program course is this idea of creating an online course, creating a program course. So my program course is creating a program course.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:11:3600:11:48

Evergreen Courses Completion Rates: “But the statistics say that 2 to 5% of people that take independent study evergreen courses finish.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:14:2900:14:37

Finding Your Calling: “We're gifted. We're talented in certain areas, and we have a calling. And when we're in the middle of that, there is just joy that pops out.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:18:1400:18:25

Life Coaching Insights: “And part of becoming a good coach is stepping through that discomfort and moving on to the next level.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:19:3500:19:43

The Misleading Promise of Instant Course Creation: “And that is when we hear people saying build and launch your course in 10 hours or build and launch your course in a week. Because what that means is that I'm just throwing it together.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:23:3700:23:48

Education and Online Courses: “Because without those progressions, they can't make the step into the processes that move them along that transformation.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:24:2100:24:31

Essential Elements of Business Success: “So in my program, the 3 tenets are clarity, content, and cash flow.”

— Cheri Toledo 00:28:5600:29:03


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