[Ep#399] The Importance of Trust, Authenticity, and Relevance when Building Relationships 

The Importance of Trust, Authenticity, and Relevance when Building Relationships

In this week's episode of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, we dive into the profound impact of repeated exposure to information after a mindset shift or practical implementation. I will highlight how revisiting previously heard information can lead to new insights and layers of intention for business growth.

In this episode, I will reflect on the importance of trust in building relationships with potential clients and brands.

Additionally, the episode highlights the significance of authenticity and connection for clients, emphasizing the role of core values in attracting and retaining clients. Annemarie underlines the importance of trust and relationships as the greatest assets in business and provides valuable insights on how to cultivate these essential elements.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and strategies for growing your business through lead generation and building trust with potential clients.

Happy listening and here's to your continued success!

Here are 3 Key Takeaways from her latest episode: 

🔑 Repeated Exposure Yields New Insights: Revisit previously acquired knowledge to refresh and potentially gain new layers of intention for business growth.

🔑 Trust Is Essential: Annemarie highlights the significance of building trust with potential clients, emphasizing the need for authenticity, clarity, and consistency in messaging across various platforms for lasting client relationships.

🔑 Robust Follow-Up System: Learn about the importance of a robust follow-up system and the significance of core values and authenticity in attracting and retaining clients.



Jump Straight to these golden nuggets:

03:41 Clear message attracts ideal clients, lead generation.

09:59 Emphasizing lead generation in next 90 days.

12:03 Validate research, Edelman Trust Barometer measures trust.

16:05 Evaluating purchasing styles and trust in institutions.

19:40 Trust declines due to competence and ethics.

21:42 Essential tips for ethical customer influence.

26:05 Consistently engage, be ethical, and relevant. Offer webinars, challenges, and follow-ups.

29:41 Clear core values crucial for brand success.

32:15 Transform your coaching or consulting business today


Topic: Impact of Repeated Exposure to Information

  • New insights gained with each review
  • Revisiting previously heard information as a refresher
  • Adding new layers of intention for business growth

Topic: Importance of Lead Generation

  • Attracting ideal clients through free resources or information
  • Generating more cash flow for businesses
  • Key episodes highlighting lead generation strategies

Topic: Building Trust with Potential Clients

  • Impact of increased leads on generating cash flow
  • Importance of trust in the buying cycle
  • Robust follow-up system
  • Emphasis on clarity and consistency in messaging

Topic: Trust in Business and Branding

  • Study findings by Edelman on consumer behavior
  • Decline in trust in government, health authorities, and media
  • Emphasizing the significance of trust in building relationships with clients and brands
  • Importance of clarity, consistency, relevance, and authenticity in building trust

Topic: Authenticity and Core Values in Business

  • Significance of authenticity and connection for clients
  • Attracting and retaining clients through core values
  • Clarifying core values for the CEO and the business
  • Trust and relationships as the greatest assets in business


Generating More Leads for Client Acquisition: “In order to get more clients, what do you need to increase? Well, you need to increase the number of leads that you're generating.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:01:45 → 00:02:39]

Lead Generation and Attracting Your Ideal Client: “Your message, it's so clear that it attracts your ideal client so that anyone who does put their hand up or who does contact you because there's an interest in what you're sharing and they think, Oh, I need to find out more about this person and more about what they do because I think they may have a solution for me. When they do that, they're more likely to be your ideal client because you've got such a clear message.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:03:55 → 00:04:18]

Building a Client Relationship Funnel: “You'll be able to nurture listeners into leads. You'll be able to nurture leads into clients, it's paying clients, clients who love your work, who become, ambassadors and referral partners for your business because they just love what you stand for.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:06:49 → 00:07:04]

Generating Leads and Enrolling Clients for Coaches: “Because you don't realize it and because you're distracted, and you think, oh, that's not working.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:07:31 → 00:07:36]

Layered Learning: “So, you know, what I'm sharing with you is not just something that I heard and think, Oh, great! I'm gonna share it. We're implementing it, and we can see that it is important.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:08:36 → 00:08:46]

Lead Generation Strategy: “Okay. I listened to that. We haven't been doing that already, and that's something that I wanna focus on in the next 90 days.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:09:59 → 00:10:05]

The Importance of Trust in Business: “But with all of the things that have been happening, particularly in the last 3 to 4 years, trust is something that has become so important.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:13:04 → 00:13:12]

The Impact of Trust on Consumer Decision Making: “You and I are consumers too. So when we look at what The Edelman Trust Barometer has said, especially when you look over many, many years, and they do give a bit of a snapshot over, you know, each year and what kind of theme was apparent for each year. You can see that the things that impact our trust has very much to do with perception of government, perception of institutions, perception of our peers and our employers, perception of different countries and what's happening.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:16:33 → 00:16:50]

Lead Generation in 2020: “So that's what I talk about influence. It's done with integrity, done with competence.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:22:40 → 00:22:44]

Online Engagement Strategies: “Are your actions and the delivery of your programs, are they continuing to confirm that you're competent because, you know, the things you're teaching and sharing and doing, that they're helping clients.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:26:14 → 00:26:23]

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