[Ep#404] How to Boost Revenue and Brand Visibility

How to Boost Revenue and Brand Visibility

Are you struggling to scale your business through digital marketing? Want to know the secret sauce to boosting your revenue and brand visibility with confidence?

This week on the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, we sat down with Dmitri Smirnov, the marketing mastermind behind Big Life Marketing, to unlock the strategies that can take your business to the next level.

In this episode, he'll debunk marketing myths and equip you with actionable tools. We'll uncover the surprising secret to crafting powerful ads (hint: it's not just data!), discover why organic content is the unsung hero of paid advertising, and learn how to strategically test your ads without burning through your budget. Dmitri will also share the key metrics to track for long-term success, and guide you through crafting unique brand stories that resonate with your ideal audience, transforming them into loyal fans, not just another click. Get ready to ditch the generic ads and learn how to tailor your message for maximum impact.

Tune in and discover how Dmitri's expertise can help you soar with a winning marketing strategy!
















Here are 3 Key Takeaways from this episode: 

  • Ensure you grasp your market value, establish a reliable track of your finances, and prove your offer organically before funneling money into paid ads
  • Consumers trust organically sourced content. Investing in creating content that educates and engages your audience can pave the way for trust and credibility.
  • Whether through organic content or ads, narratives that resonate with your ideal clients can be your competitive edge in a saturated market.


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Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

03:46 Understanding statistics & tracking data is crucial.

07:29 Key to success: researching, strategy before marketing.

14:51 Clear understanding of ideal client crucial.

17:46 Options for tailored storytelling in advertising, resonation.

21:28 Platform data may mislead, trust financial results.

25:11 Target Google and YouTube ads by search intent.

28:01 Key metrics for profitable scaling advertising campaigns.

31:32 Preferring YouTube over TV due to ads.

33:38 Importance of storytelling in business marketing across platforms.

37:19 Emphasizing importance but keep things simple. Valuable insights.


Topic: The Interplay of Statistics and Creativity in Marketing

  • The role of data and creativity in successful marketing strategies
  • Challenges businesses face with data tracking and tool utilization
  • Importance of monitoring money in, money out
  • Focusing on expenses, revenue, and profit as key performance indicators (KPIs)

Topic: Validating Offers and the Role of Storytelling

  •  The necessity of proving an offer with organic traffic
  • Deep storytelling as a tool for client engagement
  • The art of creating non-ad-like ads
  • Connecting with the ideal client through specific storytelling

Topic: Advertising Metrics and Strategy

  • Key advertising metrics: Average Order Value, Lifetime Value, Cost to Acquire a customer
  • Focusing on one platform for data collection
  • Using search ads for local businesses. Facebook ads for coaching services. Google Shopping for e-commerce products


Digital Marketing Beginnings: “And then really all by accident, they those two paths crossed right after college, and it was at a small digital marketing startup where I learned about ads on Facebook and Google, and I just realized, wow, this is it.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:02:3800:02:56

The Importance of Data in Business: “I think everybody nowadays, business owners, do understand the importance of the statistics and of the numbers. But much like a lot of us are in our personal finances in some cases, it's kind of a thing that we put off to do later or somebody else can figure it out or, you know, something like that.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:03:4600:04:06

Marketing Insights: “You have to zoom out and say, if I'm gonna increase my marketing spend, am I ultimately increasing my revenue, and more importantly, am I increasing my profit?”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:06:4500:06:53

Crafting a Compelling Offer: “Especially when you're starting out, the offer is the most important thing. What are you selling? Is it like you're saying, is the market gonna react to it? Are they gonna want it?”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:08:5000:08:59

The Art of Engaging Advertising: “But if you can convince your prospect that it's not an ad, and not in a malicious way, it's just captivating to them, that's the best kind of ad.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:13:0200:13:07

The Art of Storytelling in Advertising: “So it just depends on the setting, but the general structure of a good storytelling ad is you hit them with a hook, which is intrigue, and you talk about you call out your audience.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:13:4800:13:57

Social Media Advertising Skepticism: “The first tip is to take all the data that you see in the platforms with a major grain of salt. And this kind of alludes back to what we were discussing earlier. Each platform is in the business of taking more of your ad spend. So they're gonna try to show that it's working better than it might be.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:21:2800:21:47

Effective Advertising Strategies: “The best thing you can do in terms of Google and YouTube ads targeting is you target by keyword, by search intent. And you can do this both in search ads and YouTube ads, which is great because YouTube is also a search engine.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:25:1100:26:27

E-commerce Strategy Metrics: “But these three metrics, your cost to acquire customer, your average order value, and lifetime value that are very important in order to scale profitably.”

— Dmitri Smirnov 00:28:0100:28:10

Building a Strong Online Presence: “You don't have to do everything all at once all at the beginning. It's very hard to put out organic content, worry about your ads, and run your business, and all these different things all at the same time. But once you have something going, then take the next step and start making organic content.”— Dmitri Smirnov 00:35:3300:35:49

About Dmitri:

As the CEO of Big Life Marketing, Dmitri specializes in scaling businesses using Google Ads, transforming over 10 companies from $100k to $1M per month. His expertise lies in YouTube ads and crafting effective marketing strategies, particularly for info products and e-commerce brands. 

You can connect with Dmitri through: WebsiteLinkedIn |Email| Twitter | Instagram

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