[Ep#407] From Why to Wow: Rebranding with Confidence & Clarity

From Why to Wow: Rebranding with Confidence & Clarity

Do you feel disconnected from your current brand? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to make a more significant impact in your industry? This episode will equip you with the clarity and confidence needed to rebrand successfully and authentically.

Today, we had the incredible Jackie Bebenroth, a renowned expert in the field of branding, clearly distinguishes the nuances of brand concepts and strategies, making them accessible and understandable.

Jackie shared her expert insights on rebranding with confidence and clarity. We explored why entrepreneurs rebrand, uncovering the blind spots in their brand strategy, and the critical role of brand identity in business and personal success. She explained why understanding customer values outweighs emulating competitors, especially for established brands looking for authenticity.

This discussion is a goldmine for entrepreneurs eager to understand the nuances of rebranding and to ensure their brand resonates deeply with their target market.

Brand transformation isn't just a trend; it's a strategic move towards building deeper customer relationships.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Identify Blind Spots: Learn the crucial steps to uncover what your customers truly value in your offerings and how this insight can redefine your brand’s focus.
  • Importance of Visual Identity: Understand why your visual identity needs to resonate with your ideal customer persona and how it plays a pivotal role during a rebrand.
  • Storytelling in Sales: Discover the power of prioritizing solutions and value in your sales narrative before introducing your personal or company backstory.




Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

06:04 Consider business exit and personal brand development.

08:57 Entrepreneurs can be blind to customer needs.

12:16 Avoid copying competitors, find your unique strategy.

13:35 Early stage businesses should prioritize internal viewpoint.

18:52 Collaboration between sales and marketing is vital.

20:39 Copywriting: Focus on problem-solving and communication.

23:53 Rebranding can bring long-term revenue growth.

28:24 Visualize potential, consider expert input, explore possibilities.


TopicIntroduction to Rebranding and Branding Concepts

  • Definition of “brand” as the impression left in the minds of the audience.
  • Components of branding: visual identity, verbal identity, and brand experience.

TOPIC: Common Triggers for Rebranding

  • Outdated branding elements in a rapidly changing market.
  • Succession in family-owned businesses.
  • Occurrences of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Introduction of new service lines.
  • A disconnect between the brand and its core values or mission.

TOPIC: Importance of Personal Branding

  • Role of personal branding in business owners' exit strategies.
  • Integration of personal and business branding when aligned with expertise and thought leadership.

TOPIC: Identifying Blind Spots in Branding

  • Blind spots as overlooked elements that customers value.
  • Techniques to uncover blind spots such as leadership team inquiries, customer surveys, and aligning marketing with customer values.
  • Challenges of entrepreneurs focusing too much on passion and origin stories over solving customer problems.

TOPIC: The Role of Visual Identity in Rebranding

  • Significance of appealing visuals in attracting the ideal customer persona.
  • Rebranding considerations for visual elements based on stage and size of the business.

TOPIC: Timeframes for Rebranding Processes

  • Time requirements varying by business size
  • Smaller businesses: 6 to 8 weeks.
  •  Midsize businesses: 2 to 5 months.
  • Largest companies: up to a year.

TOPIC: The Power of Storytelling in Brand Communication

  • Prioritizing communication of solutions and value in sales narratives.
  • Using storytelling effectively to enhance to the brand’s message and reach.

TOPIC: Decision-Making Tips for Effective Rebranding

  • Evaluating the potential for new revenue streams and deeper customer relationships through rebranding.
  • Shifting focus from short-term transactions to long-term transformational brand positioning.


Understanding Branding: “The reason why is so often there is a misconception to certain topics and so forth. And so we wanna make sure that people are on the same page when it comes to branding because when you ask a number of different businesses, they each come up with different responses, but we wanna make sure that we are clear in what actually is branding.”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:03:4800:04:09

Understanding Emotional Clarity in Business: “If you don't have clarity on the emotional aspects of things, it's very hard to exude that.”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:05:1300:05:21

Branding Strategies in Business Podcasts: “If you brand it, you can as you said, and we're gonna talk about this in a moment, if you brand an aspect, you call it productive distancing.”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:08:2000:08:26

Evolving Brand Messaging: “What are some things that you encourage people to do to start looking then at, well, how can we find out what our audience and what's important to them so that we can start to really change our message to really answer the questions that our audience and potential clients are looking for.”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:10:3600:10:58

Challenges of Small Business Strategy: “What can I do that emulates what they're doing and bring that back into my business?”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:13:1100:13:16

Identifying Marketing Blind Spots: “Because you're talking about is your message even aligned? Are you answering and sharing the right information to get that potential customer to realize, oh, that business can support me?”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:15:0500:15:17

Integrating Sales and Marketing Strategies: “It's very important, isn't it?”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:19:4400:19:46

The Importance of Relevance in Presentations: “my daughter just right from the beginning, lost interest because it she's very, you know, very driven, and it's like I've got a certain attention span, and if it's relevant, then I'll listen, but why is it relevant to me?”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:22:4400:22:57

Expanding Business Horizons: “Have they been so laser focused on one thing that by stepping back and having some great questions from someone such as yourself or working with an expert who's external to your business may be able to see that there is far greater opportunity in actually selling the thing that you've been doing that gets you to that product or something about that.”

— Jackie Bebenroth 00:28:3600:29:00

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