[Ep#403] Leveraging Technology and Relationships for Business Growth

Leveraging Technology and Relationships for Business Growth

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by tech and the rapid pace of digital innovation, this is the episode for you.

Joining us is Shane Mishler, the COO of SD Tech, who brings his tech savviness and industry experience to the table. In this episode, titled “Leveraging Technology and Relationships for Business Growth,” Shane will share his insights on the transformative power of AI and how it streamlines email management for professionals across the board. He emphasizes the value of simplicity in technology, the foresight needed when partnering with tech firms, and the significance of leveraging CRMs like HubSpot for nurturing lasting client relationships.

We will also unravel the mysteries of Cast Magic, a technology revolutionizing the way we transcribe audio content, and discuss how to stay abreast with emerging technologies without feeling overwhelmed.

We delve into the critical role of the Internet in our lives, examine the potential challenges associated with digital currency, and explore the vital services provided by SD Tech to small and medium businesses.

Get ready for a deep dive into how the right tech choices and partnerships can supercharge your business operations and growth. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or leading a growing enterprise, this episode is packed with golden nuggets to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Here are 3 Key Takeaways from this episode: 

  • Discover how AI, particularly chat GPT, is revolutionizing email management, saving you precious time, and helping you focus on what really matters
  • Learn the nuances of employing technology such as CRM systems to maintain and nurture customer relations, ensuring long-term success.
  • Get a grasp on how the Internet transformed business and how AI is the next frontier, shaping an equally impactful future.


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Jump straight to these golden nuggets:

03:32 Diverse background can inform and enhance relationships.

09:04 Integrating technology crucial for entrepreneurs and coaches.

10:08 SD Tech serves satisfied clients, avoids integration challenges.

16:42 Clients' relationship building through value-adding touch points.

17:58 Utilize AI plugins to manage overwhelming email.

23:19 Embracing technology and connections despite distractions.

25:03 Internet access was a game-changer. AI's potential unknown.

28:16 Assistance in setting up and supporting podcasting.


Topic: The Role of AI in Business Efficiency

  • Shane Mishler discusses AI in email management
  • Benefits of AI extensions for professionals
  • The future potential of AI for business innovation
  • Staying current with technology advancements

Topic: SD Tech's Services

  • Introduction to Shane Mishler's company, SD Tech
  • Services provided by SD Tech
  • The concept of a virtual tech team

Topic: Managing Technology

  • Challenges for entrepreneurs in handling multiple technologies
  • Experiences with technology inefficiencies and integration complexity
  • The significance of choosing the right technology partner

Topic: Significance of CRM Systems

  • Recommended CRM platforms: HubSpot and Hubsuite
  • The role of CRM in sales strategy and relationship management
  • Utilizing underleveraged technologies for business growth


The Impact of Technology on Relationships: “Great for keeping up with your old high school pals that you're not really that close with, but you still want to pretend to be.”

— Shane Mishler [00:04:53 → 00:04:59]

Remote Work Transformation: “We see multitudes of businesses that allow for work from home. And you can't run a successful company if you don't have strategic relationship building inside of your office. But now our offices are remote and they're spread out and that's thanks to the technology and how we're interacting with our employees, how we're interacting with our clients.”

— Shane Mishler [00:06:02 → 00:06:23]

Understanding Front and Back End Technologies: “Your front facing technologies are going to be like your website, maybe Zoom… Your back your back-end technology is going to be, I would say, more along the lines of email, Office 365, the underlying technologies that help bring this all together and keep us connected, and then as far as interconnectivity.”

— Shane Mishler [00:07:46 → 00:08:01]

Tech Client Satisfaction: “I actually haven't heard very many complaints… our clients are pretty happy. But we also help them find the right, the right tools for the job.”

— Shane Mishler [00:10:41 → 00:10:47]

Lead Conversion Timelines: “We had 3 different clients in the last 18 months that we onboarded it, and that we had been working with between 2 to 3 years. From the time of initial contact until the time where we were signing agreements and going to work together.”

— Shane Mishler [00:14:50 → 00:14:57]

Effective Sales Strategy Tools: “There's CRMs that have built in sales strategy, and so they will help manage your email campaign, your voice campaigns, and they have great databases already built into them. So that way, you can plug in, I reached out to AnneMarie on this date. I've emailed her on this date, and then it's gonna have automation where you can plug in saying, I would like to build out ahead of time, what a couple of these email or whatever, route you're going you can build out what the subject is going to look like, and then you can automate it to say send this out once a week, once every other week, just want to touch base.”

— Shane Mishler [00:15:01 → 00:16:10]

The Power of AI in Email Management: “But the majority of people, don't utilize it any more than help me write an email. There is a plethora of tools, different companies that have emerged that are utilizing this this AI infrastructure and can plug in with whatever email service you're using, whether that's, Outlook or Gmail or a variety of others.”

— Shane Mishler [00:18:25 → 00:18:48]

Emerging Technologies and Networking: “And it seems like every 2 to 4 weeks, somebody's had a great breakthrough. And it's really easy to find that 3 or 4 hours has passed whenever I intended to sit down for 10 minutes.”

— Shane Mishler [00:22:03 → 00:22:08]

The Evolution of Technology and Access: “For me, the biggest piece of technology has been available and easy access to the internet.”

— Shane Mishler [00:25:08 → 00:25:19]

Starting a New Podcast: “We would help you find the platform. We would assist you in getting a laptop or a top or a computer that's going to be good. I would help you identify a great microphone, which you have, and the boom, all of the technology that supports it. And then we would get everything set up for you.”

— Shane Mishler [00:28:32 → 00:28:46]

About Shane:

Shane Mishler is the Chief Operating Officer for SD Tech. Shane oversees the daily operations of the company. He partners with the owner to design and implement business strategies, plans, and processes. Shane is actively involved in all of the company’s investments, clients, strategic franchise partners, and expansion activities. 

You can connect with Shane through: Facebook| WebsiteLinkedIn |Email

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