[Ep#397] A One-Page Strategic Plan for 2024 Success 

A One-Page Strategic Plan for 2024 Success

It's an exciting time at the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show as we gear up for an incredible year of growth, influence, and collaboration. In our latest episode, Annemarie Cross shares her strategic plan for 2024, offering invaluable insight into how she continues to elevate her business and make a lasting impact in the industry. 

With a focus on excellence and enhanced learning experiences for her clients, Annemarie has developed an electronic workbook and online check-in journals to support her clients' learning and accountability. Her dedication to excellence extends to the upcoming events she's promoting, including a livestream with the CEO of Business in Heels on January 16th, and a 5-day intensive from January 22nd to 26th. These events will cover essential topics such as marketing strategies, understanding the customer journey, and leveraging podcasts for visibility and client growth. 

The PodcastingWithPurpose.com/Community is where the excitement continues, with new and engaging activities planned throughout the year, leveraging new technology to provide valuable content and opportunities for growth. There's never been a better time to join, and the community is set to provide incredible value to ambitious entrepreneurs looking to make a bigger impact. 

Annemarie's passion for helping coaches and consultants build a thriving business is evident throughout the episode. She shares invaluable advice on becoming an influential voice in the industry, positioning yourself as a unique authority, and attracting collaborative opportunities. She also offers a free resource to increase visibility, generate leads, and enroll dream clients as trusted authorities in your field. 

As we move forward into 2024, let's take a page from Annemarie's book and focus on excellence, collaboration, and growth. We invite you to join us in seizing the opportunities that lie ahead and making this year our most impactful yet. 

Here are 3 Key Takeaways from her latest episode: 

🔑 Focus on Excellence: Annemarie shares an example on how she has done this within her own business, which includes developing an electronic workbook and online check-in journals to support clients' learning and accountability, streamlining the learning experience. 

🔑 Strategic Alliances: Annemarie's strategic plan includes collaborations with like-minded organizations, amplifying the impact of her work and creating new opportunities. 

🔑 Positioning for Success: Learn how to become known as an influential voice in your industry, attract ideal clients, and leverage the right technology to nurture leads and grow your business. 



Jump Straight to these golden nuggets:

00:00 Seeking zucchini recipes, sharing business insights, upcoming events.

05:57 Continuous improvement, focus, and strategic planning essential.

09:02 Found streamlined solution, focused on excellence, enhanced training.

11:24 Strategic plan, focus on excellence, new projects.

16:58 Establishing alliances to enhance client impact and collaboration.

20:36 Livestream topics: marketing change, customer journey, 5 pillars.

23:38 Helping clients become highly paid authorities.

26:58 Intensive live event helps build audience connections.

29:47 Collaborate for impact and visibility in coaching/consulting.


Topic: Annemarie Cross's Streamlined Solution

  • Searching for a streamlined solution for years
  • Believes she has found one
  • Focused on excellence and enhancing the learning experience for her clients

Topic: Annemarie Cross's Strategic Plan

  • Vision, mission, ideal clients, values, and goals
  • Establishing strategic alliances and collaborations with like-minded organizations
  • Long history of collaboration with Business in Heels

Topic: Upcoming Events

  • Livestream with the CEO of Business in Heels on January 16th
  • Topics: marketing strategies, customer journey, building momentum in 2024
  • 5-day intensive from January 22nd to 26th
  • Goal: going from invisible to an influential authority
  • Leveraging podcasts for visibility and client growth

Topic: Cohesive Marketing Strategies

  • Attracting ideal clients
  • Using the right technology to nurture leads

Topic: Accessing Events and Resources

Topic: Annemarie's Personal Insights and Rituals

  • Experience with gardening and being in nature
  • Yearly rituals and intentions
  • Completing a one-page strategic plan for her business
  • Identifying a word or phrase to focus on each year (e.g., “excellence”)


Achieving Excellence: “And I did a post years ago on LinkedIn talking about excellence versus perfection. And as we know, perfection can be crippling. But for me, when I talk about excellence, it is always looking at if I do something again, is there something that I can continue to improve? Can we add something to it? You know, can we just take things up to the to the next level?”

— Annemarie Cross [00:07:49 → 00:08:11]

Finding the Perfect Solution for Online Learning: “I've been trying to find something that suits our needs and purposes in a very streamlined way for years, and I do believe that I have finally found that solution.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:09:02 → 00:09:13]

Strategic Planning for Excellence: “So I hope you can see, you know, the difference between being scattered all over the place and not really building momentum in one direction versus, okay, I know that I can get off track, so I'm gonna focus on excellence.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:11:47 → 00:12:01]

Viral Topic: Focusing on Excellence

Quote: “For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:14:06 → 00:14:14]

Discovering Your Values: “For me, my values are integrity, excellence, innovation, creativity, courageous, confident, faith, fun, freedom, and underneath. I think all of those are important to me. But you know what the most valuable value is to me is freedom.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:16:08 → 00:16:25]

“Strategic Alliances and Collaborations”: “Together, we are better. I so believe that.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:18:07 → 00:18:10]

The Power of Understanding the Customer Journey in Marketing: “And when you see, your marketing and when you look at your business through the lens of understanding what your customer journey is and the journey that your ideal client is going through every piece of marketing content is just going to be so much more intentional and nurturing that customer along the customer journey.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:21:14 → 00:21:34]

Podcasting and Business Growth: “But if you do feel like the world's best kept secret because your experience is vast, and secretly, you may not have admitted this to other people, but you are frustrated because you're not getting the visibility, maybe even the recognition.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:23:15 → 00:23:24]

Becoming a Sought After Authority: “You need to get on this live intensive with me, because this is what I'm gonna show you, how you can go from invisible, and perhaps even you might feel underpaid to a highly paid sought after trusted authority and with a podcast.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:24:24 → 00:24:38]

Industry Thought Leader Academy: “You wanna focus on… showing how incredibly amazing you are through the mastery and the expertise that you have.”

— Annemarie Cross [00:27:19 → 00:27:26]

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