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Welcome to Women In Leadership Podcast.

“Imagine surrounding yourself with incredible women. Women who've overcome challenges, they've rebounded after failures and disappointments, and are not afraid to shine their brilliance to make a mark in the world. These women support other like-minded women because they know there is plenty of opportunity for everyone and that together we really can make a difference, grow our businesses while have fun along the way.

This is what Women in Leadership podcast is all about. Welcome. I'm your host, Annemarie Cross. Grab a cuppa of your favourite beverage, pull up a chair, and let's get this conversation started.”

Guests will be sharing the highs and lows of their careers, the challenges they had to face head-on, as well as their words of wisdom to help us become more purposeful in all aspects of our lives, our businesses, and our careers.

Each conversation perfectly aligns with Annemarie's #BEtheDifferenceMovement, which is something very close to her heart.

This segment is all about challenging the status quo, the same ol’ same ol’ that is sadly rampant across many industries, and having the courage to ask: “Say’s who? Why not? But, What If?”

It’s also about creating a community where women are welcome and encouraged to step forward and share the message that’s been placed on her heart without fear of being judged, criticised or ridiculed by haters and naysayers.

It’s about giving women permission to BE the Tall Poppy; to speak out against the BS, the injustice that’s happening and what she believes in, in a positive and empowering way. Because she knows to MAKE a difference, she needs to BE the difference. With confidence and compassion.

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Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is the CEO and Founder of Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and Industry Thought Leader Academy, and author of Industry Thought Leader: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast.  

Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ she is an award-winning podcast host and is recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space having started her first co-hosted podcast in 2008. Over the years her podcasts have been syndicated on both National and International Radio and listed among the top podcasts for Entrepreneurs and small business worldwide.   

Cited as one of the Top 20 Business Coaches in Melbourne – Australia, it was Annemarie’s most significant business setback that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, propelling her towards where she is today.  

The valuable lessons she gained from that experience now serve as the cornerstone of her teachings as she continues to support multi-passionate consultants and coaches who struggle to take their diverse knowledge and expertise and create a concise and compelling message that cuts through the noise and positions them as THE choice vs just A choice with their ideal customer, along with a robust podcast strategy so they can begin nurturing listeners into leads from their very first episode.


If you have a comment or questions email Annemarie: empower [at] womeninleadershippodcast [dot] com

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