[Ep#187] Business Basics – Crucial to business success

Business Basics – Crucial to business success

Joining me on today’s show is Lorraine Pirihi. 

Lorraine is known as The Productivity Queen – helping small business owners save time, make more money and get a life.  After feeling tired, worn out, and over it, at the age of 53, she rebranded as “Relaunch Your Life” helping baby boomer business owners reignite their passion and purpose.  

Three years ago she followed her son's dream of owning his own gym, creating the type of environment he wished he had when he was growing up.  

Fitness has always been Lorraine's passion and now she is the Operations Manager of Inner Athlete applying her experience to build a successful business. 

On today’s show, Lorraine is going to speak about the business basics, which are crucial to your business success.  

Being organised, networking, marketing…regardless of what business you're in. 




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