16. The importance of speaking to an audience of ONE for your podcast

The importance of speaking to an audience of ONE for your podcast

Hi, this is Annemarie, and welcome to another #ListenerIntoLead podcast tip for coaches and consultants who want to launch a podcast to nurture listeners into leads, get clients and build their business with their podcast. This is tip #16.

Do you want to build your reach while become known as a trusted authority in your field with your podcast?

Don’t try to be all things to all people – especially with the message you share. 

The broader your message is, the longer it’ll take to build your reach OR be seen as a trusted authority.  If ever. 

Because your message will get lost in the noise and as I mentioned in tip number 6 – my message got lost in the noise of my own podcast, which was one of the reasons I stopped production.  

So what should you be doing instead with your podcast? 

Hone your message to a specific niched audience. 

And, speak to that niche. Speak to your audience of one. 

When you do and you speak into the challenges, he/she faces, along with the desired outcomes he/she longs, as well as invaluable insights on HOW they can begin to achieve that, and it won’t be long before that audience of one becomes two, becomes four, eight, and so on.  

Because you become a go-to resource and can continue to nurture your community into leads and enquiries and eventually customers. 

But it starts with ONE, clear and highly-niched message that speaks to an audience of ONE.  

Get clear on that first! 

I’ll see you in the next tip.  


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