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Business in heels

About Business In Heels Podcast

At Business in Heels we love to help women in business grow and develop through connections … think of them as professional friends. We provide a supportive & empowering environment where you can develop confidence. We help take the loneliness out of decision making and connect you with the resources you may not have in your own business, thereby simplifying your road to success. We work to offer you a range of opportunities, resources and choice that can help you in all facets of your business.

Hosted by Annemarie Cross – Business In Heels Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that inspires and educates Women In Business – Globally to succeed.

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Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is a Brand and Communication Strategist & Chief Storyteller from Communicate Now Pty Ltd.

She is also the CEO & Founder of media production and broadcasting corporation – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network, and has been referred to as: “The Podcasting Queen” by many of her guests and clients over the years, due to her expertise and involvement in podcasting, since 2008.

Annemarie works with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SMBs and corporations, helping them navigate and stand out in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace.

She does this by leveraging a unique blend of brand, communications and storytelling expertise alongside her extensive experience in podcasting to create a platform that enables her clients to create powerful, engaging and memorable stories with their own podcast series and/or podcast channel so they become THE influential voice in their respective fields.


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Archived Shows

[Ep #23] Create a Life You Live AND Love

Create a Life You Live AND Love As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen Chaston brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were [...]

[Ep #22] Gender Equity in the Board Room

Gender Equity in the Board Room Welcome to another episode of Business In Heels Podcast this is episode 22 - I’m your Host Annemarie Cross - The Podcasting Queen and [...]

[Ep #21] Know & Love Your Numbers

Know & Love Your Numbers Joining me on today’s show is Lyly Greca. Lyly was a qualified Financial Planner and Project Manager before becoming a Mumpreneur. She is a Vietnamese [...]

[Ep #11] How To Do Your Own PR

Topic: How To Do Your Own PR Hi and welcome to Episode 11 of the Business In Heels Podcast. I’m your host Annemarie Cross – The Podcasting Queen. According to [...]

[Ep #09] Equality for Women in Sport

Topic: Equality for Women in Sport Many barriers are facing women and girls in sport, including the right to: Equal pay, workplace conditions and career progression; Equal access to competition [...]

[Ep #08] Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Topic: Disrupting the Real Estate Industry   Did you know that the average house sells in Australia for $560,000 with agents receiving an average commission of 2.2%. When the math [...]

[Ep #06] 5 Steps to Business Success

Joining me on today’s show is Deb Fribbins – she is known as The Spirited Advisor.  She is a mother of 2 amazing young men who have forged careers in [...]

[Ep #02] Success Starts With True Clarity

Success Starts With True Clarity Welcome to episode 2 of Business In Heels Podcast - I’m your host Annemarie Cross. Today’s guest believes that: ”Success starts with true clarity – know [...]


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