[Ep47] Meet the Authors – Inspire: A Life of Purpose – Part 2

Meet the Authors – Inspire: A Life of Purpose – Part 2

Welcome to another episode of Business In Heels Podcast. In this second part of our series, we are delighted to engage in conversations with several of our esteemed book authors, in our latest book: Inspire: A Life of Purpose.

We go deep into personal growth, gender dynamics, and the challenges of burnout, with an emphasis on self-care and support. Our guests share their inspiring stories of resilience, navigating male-dominated industries, and the importance of mutual support. We discuss the impact of vicarious trauma in the legal and nursing professions, emphasizing the need for open discussion and support. We also tackle the vital topic of recognizing and managing burnout. It's a powerful, insightful conversation that's sure to leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

Tune in now to gain invaluable wisdom and support for your own journey in business and life. Remember, you're not alone on this journey. Join us on Business in Heels and let's succeed together.

Without any further ado – welcome to our authors, we can’t wait to hear a little more about your story and advice you shared in the chapter, including: 

  • Faye Bendrups 
  • Leonie Noble 
  • Sheetal Pillai
  • Clare Jobson  
  • Toni Knight 

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What inspired you about the message shared today? What action are you going to take within the next 24 hours?

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