[Ep46] Meet the Authors – Inspire: A Life of Purpose – Part 1 

Meet the Authors – Inspire: A Life of Purpose – Part 1 

Welcome to another episode of Business In Heels Podcast. In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with some of our book Authors, in our latest book: Inspire: A Life of Purpose.

In today's special episode, we have a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiring authors of the collaboration book, “Inspire a Life on Purpose.” Our host, Annemarie Cross, is joined by two incredible authors, Michelle and Jolene, who share their remarkable journeys and the reasons behind their contributions to the book. Michelle, a career management professional and executive coach, delves into her motivation for writing her chapter, “Embracing the Unknown,” while Jolene, juggling her responsibilities in a hospital room, discusses her chapter's focus on “The Power of Transformation.”

Their discussion showcases the power of storytelling and the impact of personal transformation, leaving us uplifted and inspired to embrace the unknown and live a life of purpose. Tune in to gain valuable insights from these remarkable authors, and discover the profound impact their stories have on their readers.


Without any further ado – welcome to our authors, we can’t wait to hear a little more about your story and advice you shared in the chapter, including: 

  • Joline Morse
  • Michelle Stankewicz 

To purchase a copy of the book, go to: www.BusinessInHeels.com 



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