[Ep#316] How to Get Premium Clients by Using Visual Communication with Olga Kovtun

How to Get Premium Clients by Using Visual Communication with Olga Kovtun

There are risks to starting and running a business — who knows if what you offer will sell? Will you make it big, or will your efforts go down the drain? Many business owners think that the best play is to diversify and have lots of different offers. Sounds tempting, but the reality is that by doing so, you've confused your market. They won't know what you're really good at doing. It might surprise you, but focusing on one premium offer is the best course of action, especially for a new business.

In this episode, Annemarie Cross speaks with Olga Kovtun about the importance of showing up as an expert online. Olga talks about why you should focus on building one premium offer and get premium-paying clients. Olga highlights why online branding has to match your expertise level offline. She shares tips on how to master visual communication  and consistently speak to your ideal client.

If you want to learn how to thrive in one premium offer, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the importance of showing up as an expert online.
  2. Discover why you should have a clearly defined premium offer.
  3. Find out the power of mastering visual communications.



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Episode Highlights

[02:53] How Olga Got into the Online Branding Space

  • Olga took a Photoshop class in high school. Her teacher commended her talent and advised her to go into graphic design in college.
  • She majored in Graphic Communications and Web Design in college.
  • She also took on freelance projects and held corporate jobs.
  • Olga left the corporate world and started a business after having her first child. She helps clients with visual communication through branding websites and launch strategies.

[07:00] What Hinders People from Positioning Themselves as Experts Online

  • Many people don't like showing their faces online. Many hide behind ten year old businesslike pictures lacking in personality.
  • We’re all in the same boat with how we do business today. We are no longer deep into the corporate culture.
  • It’s critical to show your face when doing business.
  • Showing your face through video or brand photography allows people to have a peek at your personality.
  • People need to see who you are as a human being with imperfections. Perfect and polished does not exist.

[08:10] How to Show Up as an Expert Online

  • Everything is slowly moving into online space. Thus, it’s critical to show up as an expert online.
  • Being an expert offline with decades of experience doesn’t matter unless you’re showing up online.
  • Not being able to connect your offline and online expertise takes away opportunities.
  • Integrate your graphics, brand photoshoot, and website information into your online resume. Cohesive visual communication helps establish you as an expert online.

[10:24] Creating a Cohesive Online Brand

  • You want to create market confusion.
  • LinkedIn is more a networking tool rather than a marketing tool.
  • You can’t rely on LinkedIn's banner image to make you stand out. You have to find a way to take your audience off the platform to a domain of your own..
  • Having a website is critical because it allows you to show your audience a complete image of you.

[12:46] Why Stick to One Premium Offer

  • You have made a successful business if you’re able to sell one premium offer consistently.
  • A single premium offer shows bigger and more apparent transformations.
  • Adding more offers can lead to market confusion.
  • It also makes it easier for the business owner in terms of marketing.

[14:56] Tips in Mastering Visual Communications

  • Core in effective visual communication is consistency. You have to use a consistent colour palette and upscale logo across all platforms.
  • You have to include your photography when you market your offer. Your clients need to see how it feels to do business with you.
  • Keep using a certain font, element, or pattern. If you introduce something new, never go back to what you used to use.
  • You only have a split second to make an impression online; there’s no second chance.
  • Branding is a foundation.

[18:55] Consistently Speaking to Your Ideal Client

  • Many people are afraid to niche down.
  • Niching down doesn’t need to be into a specific industry. You can niche down into a skill or an audience characteristic.
  • Understand your ideal audiences and working partners.
  • You have to determine who will have the biggest transformation from your offer. Then, put all your marketing efforts toward them moving forward.
  • Showcasing pain points will attract your ideal clients automatically without needing to chase them.

[21:56] Adopting Trends

  • Olga always asks clients to put together two mood boards. The first is about things they love, and the second is what they enjoy in their industry.
  • You have to love your brand. But you have to create it for your ideal client at the same time.
  • Olga merges these two mood boards into one and presents them as colour options.
  • Don’t chase trends, and don’t compare yourself to someone else.
  • Your visual branding needs to feel like dressing up beautifully and never wanting the day to end.

[26:20] Having a Clearly Defined Premium Offer

  • A premium offer allows you to charge more and generate better results for clients.
  • You offer a solution to the problem’s root cause rather than a pain point at the premium level.
  • It removes confusion in terms of promotion and lessens the number of clients.
  • Premium offers require pre-qualification to ensure clients have a successful transformation.
  • It becomes an opportunity to garner positive feedback and create real human stories we all crave.

10 Powerful Quotes

‘It's really important to show your face. Even if you're not ready to do a video, at least show your face through brand photography.’

‘People do business with people. We want to see not just your pictures that is so corporate and so cold, we really need to see who you are.’

‘People are not going to make a connection between who you are offline to who you are online. If they can not make that connection, that takes away from opportunities.’

‘If you can sell one premium offer consistently, then you have made your business successful.’

‘Use it everywhere, because your logo is kind of your stamp on things.’

‘You don't have to post every single day but just be consistent.’

‘We only have a split second to make an impression on someone online and you will not get a second chance to do it.’

‘You don't have to niche down into a specific industry. You can niche down into a skill or you can niche down into a characteristic that this person has.’

‘You don't have to chase your ideal clients but you do have to chase everybody else you're trying to please.’

‘At the premium level, you are not offering a solution to a pain point, you are offering the solution to the root cause of the problem.’

About Olga

Olga Kovtun helps personal and professional development coaches and speakers achieve brand refresh. Olga has 15+ years of experience in delivering marketing solutions. She created the BRAND HERO VIP DAY program, a framework that helps elevate businesses online. Olga helps clients reach their goals, stay relevant to their audience, and generate creative strategies for success.

Olga is also an international women empowerment speaker. Outside her professional life, she is a wife and a mother of two kids and three fur babies.

If you wish to connect with Olga, you may reach out to her on her website and LinkedIn.

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