[Ep#313] The Mindset To Success For A Sustainable Career With Aree Bly

The Mindset To Success For A Sustainable Career With Aree Bly

Have you ever felt bored and stuck in your career? When you start to feel like your job has lost its lustre, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate yourself. Recognise that you are changing and growing every day to develop a mindset to success  and new growth opportunities.

In this episode, Aree Bly joins us to discuss learning more about your skills, strengths, values, and fears. Go through an energy audit so you can find out what activities energise or drain you. Start aligning your work and career to your findings, and you'll find that some things come naturally to you!

If you want to learn how to get unstuck with your work or career and shift your mindset to success, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re stuck in your work or career.
  2. Understand that other people’s methods for success will be different to yours. We all have our own strengths, skills, fears, and values.
  3. Recognise that change may happen without us noticing. Learn to keep taking on new opportunities, no matter how small they are.



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Episode Highlights

[07:25] How Aree Changed Her Mindset to Success

  • Aree shares how her switch from actuary to coaching was a gradual process.
  • When she noticed that her work started to become dull, she analysed and tracked her daily activities. From there, she assessed what engaged or slowed her down.
  • She realised that working with people and relationships excited her the most, so she talked with management to incorporate more of that into her work.
  • Sometimes, you need to step back and recognise your next growth opportunity.
  • One position may not satisfy us forever. Your business environment will change, and so should you. Turn your mindset to success.

[11:32] Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Stuck

  • First, identify what you fear. Tackle your fears by focusing on what you can learn from them.
  • Next, assess common frictions or conflicts in your life.
  • Aree shares that she always struggled with cold calling because it was the opposite of her core values.
  • Self-assessment helped her find an approach to get the same result that still aligned with her values.

[14:27] Don’t Replicate Others

  • Everyone has their own definition for success. Find what works for you.
  • We often look to other people as models for what success looks like, but not everything will fit us perfectly.
  • Success depends on your circumstances, skillset and business acumen. We are all different, so don’t expect others’ methods and mindset to succeed to work for you.

[16:10] Manage Your Energy and Alignment

  • Reflect on your mindset to success: Aim for sustainable success, where your skills, fears, strengths, and values are aligned.
  • Do an energy audit to find out what energises you or not. Try to do more energising work and activities.
  • On the other hand, you can put limits and boundaries on draining activities. Assess where your fears and friction are and how you can tackle them moving forward.
  • Map out your days and weeks, and allow yourself some time to rest.
  • You can’t change these fundamental facts about yourself, but you can learn to operate around them.

[21:38] How We Change and Grow

  • We all grow, but we often don't recognise these changes.
  • Observe the things that come easy to you; then, lean into these effortless strengths.
  • Listen to what people say about you, what people ask you for, and the kind of compliments you receive.
  • Remember that you can overcome your fears through repetitive exposure.
  • The more you do something, the easier it becomes. At some point, you’ll learn to relax because you’ve already done it before.

[25:13] Evolving In Your Career and Work

  • People often don’t recognise their own growth and don’t shift accordingly.
  • Aree shares that when she first started working, she was more of a go-getter. After marrying and having children, her definition of success changed.
  • She also shares how she started by focusing on technicals and numbers, but now she shifted her mindset to success by focusing on people.
  • Recognise that evolution also happens with your team. Give your team space to grow and evolve by letting them try out different roles and develop old and new skills.

[29:26] Give Yourself the Permission to Try and Experience Things

  • Experiment and try anything.
  • You may have self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from trying new things. Putting your mindset to success means breaking those self-imposed barriers.
  • Permit yourself to try things out at least once.

[31:29] Strategic Risk-Taking

  • Learn to listen to what you want.
  • Look for patterns and learn more about yourself.
  • Turn fear into curiosity and excitement. Being curious gives us more opportunities to learn, grow, develop and change.
  • Keep taking on new opportunities, no matter how small.

10 Powerful Quotes

‘Don't let fear erode your confidence. Rather, let it ignite your curiosity.’

‘Your fears offset your skills.’

‘Sustainability is really an understanding [of] how to either take the intentional path to the end goal that you want that takes you through that high-energy area or making sure that you've prepared yourself and you can get through quickly.’

‘If I can keep that mindset of, “Okay, I'm doing this because I'm collaborating with someone and that's important to me,” I can be in the right mindset to keep that energy going.’

‘Sometimes, you can lean into where you are meant to be going and using those skills, and it is effortless because that's who you are.’

‘The more you can do it, the more you've shown yourself capable. And then, it's easier. The fear doesn't slow you down as much.’

‘As leaders, our teams are on similar paths for themselves of changing what their skill sets are, what their values are, and what their strengths are.’

‘The value in experimenting and giving yourself the permission to experiment is huge because we don't always know.’

‘We don't have to wait for the answer to come to us from some other source. We can go out and look for the information, put the story together, and then have that map for us to use to navigate our own truth.’

‘Until you are willing to see what's around that next corner or what is the perspective from a different angle, you're not going to continue your path.’

About Aree

Aree Bly is a Leadership and Success Alignment Coach at Alignment Ally. She helps clients understand their alignment of values, natural strengths, skills, and talents and how understanding these concepts can help them navigate any challenge. For Aree, alignment is about recognising where you lead at your best, identifying your growth opportunities, and exploring how to support those around you. It allows you to be an effective leader, find success, and show up authentically as you evolve through your career.

Before coaching, Aree worked as an actuary for 25 years. Being an actuary gave her a strong foundation of formal and informal mentoring, tackling complex problems in healthcare, collaborating with others, and leading teams.

Interested to learn more about Aree’s work? Check out Alignment Ally.

You can also reach her on LinkedIn and via email (aree@AlignmentAlly.com).

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