Welcome 30 Tips to Distinction Series for Coaches and Consultants

New Series: 30 Tips to Distinction for Coaches and Consultants

Hi it’s Annemarie – welcome to episode 0 of a new special podcast series I’ll be sharing on this podcast over the next 30 weeks 

If you are a coach or a consultant who is looking to build your reach with your ideal client, build your reputation as a trusted authority so you are seen as THE choice vs just a choice when your ideal client is ready to move forward – this new project and a special series I’m going to be running over the next 30 weeks on this podcast is especially relevant for you. 

I am still going to be sharing my podcast interviews with guests, as well as doing some more solo shows this year, which will be published on our Friday here in Australia. 

However, every Monday I will also be dropping another shorter show – actually its going to be a short but powerful tip to help you stand out online by becoming more distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible to your ideal client. Every Monday a tip that’ll be concise AND actionable – anywhere from a few minutes to 10 minutes at the most. 

Why am sharing this series?  

Whether you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while or if this is the first time you are listening in – while I am the host of this podcast – I am also a Personal Brand, Business & Podcast Strategist – so in my work I help coaches and consultants build a profitable and scalable business while make a much bigger impact in the world with their message with a distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible brand, message and podcast.  

Over the last few years there have been many more coaches now starting up their own businesses – which is wonderful because with what’s happened around the world, more people need the support that coaches offer – especially around mindset, around navigating change, and many other areas of in life and business.  

Yet with so many more coaches sharing their message online, there is a lot of noise and clutter – more so than ever before.  

So, whether you are a coach who is just starting your business OR you’ve been in business a while and despite all of your expertise and hard work to build your business, you are still no-where near where you want to be, nor where you know you should be. You feel like the world’s best kept secret.  

This series – the 30 tips to Distinction Series is just for you! 

So, I just wanted to let you know to keep your ears open for a new tip which will drop every Monday for the next 30 weeks. 

I can’t wait to spend time with you over the next 30 weeks. 

The first tip is heading your way soon! 


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To staying ambitious, Annemarie 



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