[Ep#337] Make Every LinkedIn Relationship Count

Make Every LinkedIn Relationship Count

Connecting with people on LinkedIn is a strategic process. Yes, you may have an expansive list of LinkedIn connections, but are those connections valuable? Would your connections increase lead generation? LinkedIn can be a challenge to navigate, but today’s guest has cracked the code on establishing and leveraging LinkedIn connections — and she’s more than happy to share how! 

In this episode, Mindi Rosser joins us to discuss the strategies for attracting new LinkedIn connections and nurturing the ones you have. It's critical to be mindful about your activities on LinkedIn. Setting up your profile determines people's first impressions of you. Thus, learning proper ways to publish your content and interact with your connections will be the seeds to growing fruitful LinkedIn relationships.   

Listen to the episode to learn how to create LinkedInconnections that matter! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile to attract people. 
  1. Find out the surefire way to make connections. 
  1. Discover how to nurture your LinkedIn connections and gain content visibility. 




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Episode Highlights 

[03:11] Building a Better LinkedIn Network 

  • LinkedIn requires a strategic process. 
  • Connecting with the right people is more important than connecting with more people. 
  • People with higher engagement will be more prominent on the LinkedIn newsfeed algorithm even if they have smaller networks. 
  • LinkedIn is a business centre; people expect others on the platform to be professional. 

[05:45] Creating Your LinkedIn Profile 

  • Be professional. 
  • Choose a recent profile picture. 
  • Four aspects to consider for your headline are: who you are, whom you help, how you help them, and the results you generate. 
  • Find the right keywords and call out your target audience. 
  • Make it fun and personalised. 

[09:21] Writing Your “About” 

  • Most people scroll to the ‘About' section after reading the headline. 
  • Switching your ‘Creator Mode’ on would make your content appear at the top of your profile. 
  • Write your ‘About' section using first-person voice. Use the perspective of the target audience. 

[13:21] Sharing Content on LinkedIn 

  • Sharing content is critical. 
  • Don’t just take what you post on other platforms and post them on LinkedIn. 
  • Play with the verbiage and make subtle tweaks. 
  • If you have more than 500 LinkedIn connections in your network, turn your ‘Creator Mode' on to access the newsletter feature and LinkedIn Live. 

[17:17] Liven Up Your Inbox 

  • Some people are more comfortable interacting through DMs. 
  • You need a healthy LinkedIn inbox with some back and forth communication at least every week. 
  • If your inbox feels dead, you might need to reach out more, tweak your content, or figure out your target audience. 

[19:25] Sending LinkedIn Connection Requests 

  • Never send blank connection requests unless you know them personally. 
  • Don't send a sales pitch. 
  • Personalise your invitation, but don’t go overboard. 
  • Don’t make the recipient think too hard. 

[22:43] How to Reach Out to Prospects 

  • Start connecting to people in the same space. 
  • Determine your purpose for reaching out to people. 
  • Know when to pursue a LinkedIn connection and when to let it die. 
  • If you find a good fit, hop on a short call with them. 

[26:56] Nurturing LinkedIn Connections 

  • Invest in long-term relationships. 
  • It takes more time, but it’s sustainable. 
  • If you're still adjusting to LinkedIn, give yourself time and be patient. 

[32:51] Best LinkedIn Practices 

  • Show up authentically. 
  • Be your best professional self. 
  • Do good business. 
  • Act as a good human. 

10 Powerful Quotes 

[03:41] Mindi: ‘Bigger can be better, but not if they’re the wrong people. So it’s really about being strategic and focused on the right people, and not just how many people can I get into my network.’ 

[05:53] Mindi: ‘We may be the same person on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, but we’re coming [on these different platforms] with a different mindset.’ 

[08:36] Mindy: ‘Think of your headline as your hook. If you don’t hook them, they’re not even going to look at your profile, they’re not going to click over, they’re not going to pay attention.’ 

[17:44] Mindi: ‘… a lot of times, we have to remember that the content we’re posting is probably a weakness of our potential prospects and clients. So […] they may not want to tip the hat there.’ 

[20:25] Mindi: ‘… the key with a good connection invitation is you really want to focus on personalising as much as possible.’ 

[21:34] Mindi: ‘You don’t want them to think too hard, and I think that’s the key. If you’re making them think like, “Okay, are you going to pitch me? Are you a salesperson? Why are you reaching out to me? I don’t see the connection here”, you’ve already lost them.’ 

[24:54] Mindi: ‘… a lot of people are really kind of hesitant to hand out their calendars on LinkedIn if they feel like you’re going to pitch them. So make sure there’s an outcome that doesn’t feel sales-y.’ 

[27:13] Mindi: ‘[On LinkedIn] you are investing in relationships. You’re investing in the long term, and it will come back, but it takes a lot more time. But it is more sustainable.’ 

[29:03] Mindi: ‘If you’re just good human, you’ll do great on LinkedIn. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. You don’t have to hack the algorithm. Just be a good human.’ 

[33:08] Mindi: ‘Be your best professional self on LinkedIn. And as long as you’re doing that, you’re doing fine. And just act like a good human, do good business, and it will work well for you.’ 

About Mindi 

Mindi Rosser is a LinkedIn B2B program expert, coach, social strategist, and social selling consultant. She focuses on helping business leaders master LinkedIn and build their pipelines to get more clients and grow their business. Her podcast, The Mango Effect Podcast, will launch on April 4, 2022. 

If you want to know more about Mindi’s work, check out her website. You can also connect with her through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram 

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LinkedIn is a great way to form long-lasting connections and elevate your business. But without the correct practices, you won't be able to enjoy its maximum benefits. Mindi shares the best strategies to foster LinkedIn connections that benefit you and are more than just vanity. 

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