[Ep#389] How to scale your business to multiple 6-7 figures with YouTube Ads

How to scale your business to multiple 6-7 figures

Scaling your business from a small venture to a successful enterprise with multiple 6-7 figures is no easy feat. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and smart decision-making. However, it's not impossible, and with the right system and strategies, you can get there.

If you're looking to grow your business and increase your revenue, you've come to the right place. Our expert guest, Marcus Svedin, will share his insights, strategies, and practical tips to help you achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level.

Whether you're a startup or an established business owner, today's show will provide valuable information on how to scale up and grow your business. Tune in and let's scale your business together!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. System that generates ROIs of three to nineteen times
  2. A reliable campaign strategy to scale your business to multiples of 6-7 figures
  3. 5 steps to consistently scale with YouTube Ads


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[00:01:48] “Trampoline disaster leads to successful marketing career”
[00:05:02] “Maximizing Sales: YouTube's Targeting Advantage Explained”
[00:08:59] “Why Small Businesses are Missing Out on YouTube Ads”
[00:12:07] “Proven YouTube ads get leads $20 cheaper”
[00:13:25] “5 Mistakes to Avoid in YouTube Advertising”
[00:17:15] “4 Crucial Parts to a Perfect YouTube Ad”
[00:20:45] “Mastering the Art of YouTube Ad Structure”
[00:25:53] “Why Retargeting Is the Ultimate Advertising Strategy”
[00:30:37] “5 Steps to Successful Google Advertising Strategy”
[00:36:48] “How Google Uses Your Data for Advertising”

10 Powerful Quotes

[4:29] “There are people who have tried to use various paid marketing strategies, but have not necessarily been able to generate the type of results. You gotta keep changing things till you do get a system.”

[5:49] “With YouTube advertising, you can target people who are interested in your products, people who are ready to buy your products, and people who have the money to purchase those products.”

[11:45] “The YouTube advertising platform allows you to be able to target specifically that other platforms don't. And the more targeted you are, the more you are able to get your ad in front of your client and know that it's an ad that's certainly going to create some level of engagement or click.  You are more, more likely going to get a good result from that.”

[13:45] “If you have like a winning video ad on Facebook, do not take that ad and pop it on YouTube. It's not going to work. Okay? YouTube ads need to be structured a certain way. ”

[17:21] “Know who your dream client is, like write down their avatar, who they are, what their wants are, what their fears are, the psychographics, all that stuff. You need to know who they are. And then when you go to structure your ad, you can apply that information to the ad.”

[25:53] “Retargeting is probably one of the best types of advertising you can possibly do. Like, if you want to add an extra five figures to your business in a month, in two months or whatever, if you want to scale your business, make more money, just set up retargeting.”

[29:13] “The Google display network covers 90% of all internet users on the planet. So, the chances of someone going to your site and then being on the display network is gonna be massive.”

[36:54] “Once you visit certain websites and type in certain keywords, watch certain YouTube videos, Google will remember that stuff. And then they'll show you ads relevant to what you're looking at, because like 95% of all of Google's revenue comes from Google search advertising.”

[39:01] “Google has all this first party data so it can just draw upon all this data by itself. And it's way more consistent. It's way more scalable.”

[42:03] “YouTube is something that is, in comparison to some of the other platforms, quite untapped, and you never know, when you do some research into YouTube and who is advertising on there, there may be a gap for people to fill, because as you said there's not as many people advertising.”


How to build your business with Youtube Ads – Q&A Snapshot:

1. What are some common mistakes made by new advertisers on YouTube?
Answer: New advertisers on YouTube often go wrong with their close by just asking to click a link. When closing, you need to sell the click and show the landing page to book the call. The YouTube ad needs to be structured by selling the click in the close, and it's essential to be judgmental on YouTube ads to ensure proper structure.

2. What is retargeting, and why is it important?
Answer: Retargeting is one of the best types of advertising to do if you want to scale your business and make more money. It involves showing ads to people who have previously visited your website but did not make a purchase or provide their information. Retargeting keeps your brand front of mind and is the cheapest leads and sales that you will make. Warm audiences who have seen your videos or visited your website convert eight times better than someone who has never seen you before.

3. Who is the guest on “The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show,” and what is his expertise?
Answer: The guest on “The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show” is Marcus Boudin, a former industrial electrician turned marketing consultant, and co-founder of Titan Marketing. Marcus offers a proven and tested system to scale or generate three to 19 times ROAS and reliable campaign strategies to scale businesses to multiple seven and six figures, as well as a six-step roadmap to consistently scale with YouTube ads.

4. What are the five steps for successful advertising on Google?
Answer: The five steps for successful advertising on Google are: creating a properly structured ad, identifying the target audience and creating audiences inside Google, advertising on Google through YouTube, retargeting those who didn't give their information or make a sale, and scaling by adding more money to what's working (vertical scaling) or finding more audiences through websites, apps, etc. (horizontal scaling).

5. How can YouTube be used as a traffic source?
Answer: YouTube is a search engine and can be used to target people by keywords and visiting specific websites. YouTube is a great traffic source due to its targeting capabilities. With YouTube advertising, one can target people interested in a product, ready to buy, and have the money to make the purchase. Targeting options on YouTube are not available elsewhere.

6. What is the elevator pitch, and why is it important in YouTube advertising?
Answer: The elevator pitch is where you give value and entertain/educate. The elevator pitch is the second part of a YouTube ad and should be concise and persuasive, like pitching an idea in an elevator ride. The elevator pitch should focus on the benefits of the product or service being advertised. The first five seconds of a skippable instream ad is crucial to draw in potential clients.

7. Why is knowing your dream client essential before creating a YouTube ad?
Answer: Knowing your dream client is essential before creating a YouTube ad because it helps to tailor the ad accordingly. Before starting YouTube advertising, research and understand the target market, their wants, and fears to create an effective advertisement.

8. What is the percentage of advertisers in the US that use YouTube for paid traffic sources?
Answer: 89% of all advertisers in the US use YouTube for paid traffic sources.

9. What are some untapped markets on YouTube for advertising?
Answer: Most of the ads on YouTube are from big corporations like car companies, insurance companies, and trading companies. Smaller groups of people like individual coaches or product and service providers are not utilizing YouTube for advertising. The yacht selling industry in Miami, Florida, is an untapped market on YouTube.

10. Is YouTube an undertapped advertising space compared to Facebook ads?
Answer: Yes, YouTube is an undertapped advertising space compared to Facebook ads. While Google, who owns YouTube, provides the ability to tap into the whole YouTube search space, smaller groups of people like individual coaches or product and service providers are not utilizing YouTube for advertising.


About Marcus:

Marcus is a former industrial electrician, but now an entrepreneur and marketing consultant that has created my own 7-figure online business. Precisely, He’s the marketing director of Titan Marketer, the company he co-founded with his friend, Benjamin Jones. 

You can connect with Marcus through: WebsiteLinkedIn |EMail | Instagram

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