[Ep#382] 6 tips on what to do when your message isn’t working and you feel like the world’s best kept secret

6 tips on what to do when your message isn't working and you feel like the world's best kept secret

When I first started my career coaching practice – the idea of helping people find a career they loved, was exciting. However, I soon learned what was less exciting, was everything leading up to the getting a client.  

From marketing my business (which is even more complicated today for coaches due to the plethora of ways to market your business and many more coaches to compete with), having sales conversations, right through to being able to respond professionally to that cringe-worthy question, “How much do you charge?”  

Thankfully, this was over two decades ago, and I’ve learned a lot over the years, which I’ve continued to apply within my podcasting and business coaching practice. However, what has remained the same over all these years is that many coaches still seem to be struggling with the same issues I did. 

Is this something you’re struggling with, too? 

  • How to market their coaching business,  
  • How to generate quality leads, and  
  • How to get more clients? 

One of the pivotal turning points in my career coaching practice (and that I continue to use in my business coaching business when working with clients on their brand, message and podcast strategy) is to make sure you have a unique and uncopyable message that positions you as an influential trusted authority – THE choice vs just A choice for your dream client.    

One of the greatest challenges I find coaches experience when it comes to creating a message that’s unique and uncopyable and that will capture the attention of their ideal client so they can generate quality leads and enrol more of their dream clients is – where do they even start.  

In this podcast I’ll share some of the key steps I took, when it came to clarifying my unique and uncopyable message so that you can begin to craft your own. 

Enjoy the show. 



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