[Ep#379] Strategy & Tactic(s): Why both matter when growing your coaching business

Strategy & Tactic(s): Why both matter when growing your coaching business

Recently, I had conversations with three coaches who were experiencing different challenges that stemmed from the same core issue – a core issue that can keep many coaches stuck.  

It’s something I struggled with for many years, which sent me off on a wild goose chase of more courses and training, different business focuses, and what felt like an exhausting treadmill of action taking, but never really being able to build the momentum I needed to grow my business to the level I wanted.  

Perhaps it’s something you can relate to as well?  

Here are the three challenges, let’s see if you’re able to relate to either of these:  

  • You’ve worked with a coach who has helped you put together a marketing tactic (i.e. a webinar funnel), however it’s not really generating the results you wanted, you’re not currently leveraging the tactic, and you’re unsure you’re targeting the ideal client who you want to continue working with.  
  • The marketing tactic you’re doing to fill your pipeline has left you burned out (i.e. live launching) and you’re questioning whether you still want to work with the ideal client your live launch was targeting.  
  • The marketing tactic you’re doing is working, however because it relies heavily on you, it’s going to be hard to scale, as there is only one of you.  

Can you relate to either of these frustrating scenarios?  

The underlying core issue of each of these three challenges has to do with Strategy and Tactic. Specifically, the lack of an overall strategy, which has led to the wrong tactic being implemented, which has led to the challenges they were facing.  

While the topic of strategy and tactic may seem boring – as the title of this article states – Strategy and Tactic matter. Because without a clearly-defined strategy and correctly-planned tactic, you could continue to follow each of the latest marketing trends, try out every new bright shiny technology claimed to be ‘THE answer’ that’s just hit the market, and still continue to struggle to build the momentum you need to build a successful business. 

That’s because adopting a tactic without the right strategy doesn’t work nor does adopting the wrong tactic for the stage that you’re in with your business, or your business model. What it can do is leave you exhausted, burned out and even more frustrated. 

In today’s episode I share a summary of the most common issues you want to avoid and what to do about it. 

Enjoy the show. 



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