[Ep#371] Empowered, Loving Relationships for Entrepreneurial Couples

Empowered, Loving Relationships for Entrepreneurial Couples

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur with a spouse who is also an ambitious entrepreneur and while you love your spouse – your demanding schedules, and the pressure of running a business – whether you are working in the same business or you each have your own business, may just be impacting your relationship –and not in a positive way? 

Well, today’s show is for you!  

Joining me today is Annie Kallis. 

Annie is a Relationships Architect and empowers committed entrepreneurial couples to elevate their relationship, to have a deeper connection, better communication & clarity in their lives. 

Running a business, a household, a family, and a passionate relationship can be overwhelming and stressful at times. 

These power couples are in a loving relationship; however, they are aware that they need support in finding a balance in their extremely demanding schedules otherwise their intimate relationship will be affected. 

Using her AKRA Methodology, couples can grow individually and together at the same time, rewire unhelpful patterns, open up to each other and build a strong foundation and infrastructure for their relationship. 

On today’s show Annie is going to share: 

  • The most Powerful Tool that all the greatest champions in sport, business and families have in common.  
  • The Cycle of Generosity is the cycle of never-ending success in your life.  
  • Dealing with this statement “Your expectations are too high”! 


WATCH NOW (and check out the Resources and Episode Highlights below):

10 Powerful Quotes

[5:12] “You gotta find a balance in your life and to have very clear boundaries. Home is home, work is work. Now we need to work to make a home. But at the same time, at home you gotta be at ease and at peace so then you can go to work to do what you need to do.”

[8:13] “When you think about it, a marriage, it is about life and death of the marriage. So if you don't have a set of rules that controls the behavior, your behavior within the marriage, then things happen.”

[8:41] “Rules are there to hold you together, and those rules are actually based on your values.”

[9:31] “If you look at the definition of the word integrity, that is two different types of definitions. One is more relevant to your behavior and within society, and that is keeping your word, trust, following up on what you said you're gonna do. But the second one is being whole and complete in yourself. So if you are not taking care of yourself, how in the world are you going to step into society in integrity because you're not integrity to yourself?”

[10:33] “So in our relationship it's so important that the couple understand each other's values and what that means. Cuz you can have love, you can have family, for example, as your values, even faith. But those three things can mean so different things.”

[14:26] “At the bottom of all misunderstanding is one or more misunderstood words, and this is why I keep asking, “What does integrity mean to you? What does love mean to you?”. So it means something different to you based on your values, your belief system, and you live into that. So values are fundamental principles of behavior.”

[16:35] “It's important that you have very clear defined roles. What's your role in the business? You look at the values of the business, and then you need to create these rules around it to uphold the values, the purpose, the vision, and the mission of the business.”

[22:34] “Generosity has to do with living in gratitude. Most people spend or waste their time in looking at what they don't have rather than what they do. In a relationship, it's important to forever be grateful for your partner and looking at what is it that actually that they do that shows love.”

[25:40] “Everything is a cycle of gratitude and generosity.”

[36:07] “We can't change the past, we can use it to build. However, when you get solid foundations and the storms of life hit, you've got those foundations so you're not gonna crumble.”



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