[Ep#358] A Success Story to Model with Karen Crowell

A Success Story to Model with Karen Crowell

Have you got diverse experience, along with the number of roles you’ve had in your life, so-much-so you’re finding it difficult to clearly define your message and your business focus – nothing really captures the essence of who you are and the unique blend of what you have to offer?

You’re not alone – this is exactly what Karen Crowell had been experiencing for years. Despite her diverse background, rich knowledge, her experience and ways she could support clients – she had just not been able to capture what she did in a concise, succinct and empowering unique and uncopyable message, brand, and offering.

Until now.

What changed? What did she do? She shares her journey in today’s interview, which I’ve titled a success story to model.

Full disclosure, Karen is one of my clients and her interview covers her experience and what happened as she has been working with me, and I know it’s going to be incredibly helpful for you if you are a coach or a consultant who too, is struggling to clarify and capture the essence of who you are and the unique blend of what you offer in a concise, succinct and empowering unique and uncopyable message, brand, and offering.

Let’s hear from Karen.



I hope you’ve been inspired by Karen’s story. If you want to learn more about my Core Business Foundations Program, go to: www.IndustryThoughtLeaderAcademy.com/CoreBusinessFoundations.

Episode Highlights

[3:06] Karen's Archetypes

  • Nurture is Karen's number one archetype. The second is Alchemist. And the last one is Maverick.
  • Karen has a perfectly blended archetype. Her leading archetype is nurturing and her last one, Maverick, balances it out. Nurturer cares for, looks after, and really supports whereas, Maverick is all about challenging the status quo.
  • As a coach, she uses her archetype when working with clients who are stuck and need a breakthrough. Karen would help her clients see things that they had not seen in their lives before.

[11:14] Karen Shares Her Story

  • Her targeted audience was people that are 55 and older that are getting ready to retire, or they've already retired and they just don't know what to do with themselves.
  • Karen started doing the archetypes with Annemarie as well as some other exercises in the program. She realized how much she loves helping people and that she was limiting herself by focusing only on those people who are 55 and older. She wanted to help those people who are stuck or struggling no matter what age.
  • People who have gone through a traumatic or a dramatic experience need help and would love to be supported, Karen having experienced her own traumatic experience and having a perfectly blended archetype can bring knowledge, expertise, and support in a way that no one else can bring.

[16:30] The Clarity Archetypes Brought Karen

  • In the past, Karen chose to focus on just content rather than what she brought from her own experience. She went through her own traumatic experience and knows what it's like now, so she is more empathic.
  • She has helped many people out of difficult situations. So instead of concentrating on the content of a program, she could see herself in it.
  • It is Karen's story that speaks to others who are experiencing similar experiences but are many years behind, which is why she would be an ideal coach. Her story, her journey, and who she resonates with them. And that really takes what she is sharing to a whole new level because she sees it through the lens of the support that she is able to share with them. She isn't just sharing any old content, but content based on her signature system that she knows will work.

[19:22] Signature System

  • The first part of the system is to really concentrate on one's self as a person, your self-worth, and your self-esteem. How do you see yourself? What are the beliefs that you have about yourself? Find the beliefs that are not helping you move forward and replace those beliefs. See which beliefs are not working for you and then change them.
  • The second part is dealing with relationships. How do you relate to other people? Do you need to set up some healthy boundaries? Do you need to change jobs? The second part is helping you to get out of the situation.
  • The last part is what you think about your relationship with money, your beliefs about money, and how everything ties together.

[23:01] Karen's Tagline and Program

  • Karen's program is called redesign and live a life you love even after a dramatic or dramatic life-altering experience. The URL is redesign.com
  • As a result of the dramatic or traumatic experience, you have to change what you had planned. So it's really about redesigning your life, and that's where you'll have the chance to change things for the better.
  • When you are focused on what you could not do, you will stop seeing what you can still do. Reframe things through the lens of the archetypes, through the lens of who you are, and the unique and incapable experiences that you have to offer.

[27:03] Karen's Digital Asset

  • Karen's digital asset enables people to do a self-assessment of the five key pillars and ask them themselves if this is in place and if it's not in place.
  • Contemplate if your beliefs are supporting you or if they are hindering you.
  • Her asset asks six different questions in each category: self-worth relationships, skills, money, and just the freedom in life that you want. Clarity is often what people are lacking and one of the reasons why they are not able to move forward. Karen's quiz can help bring people clarity and help them realize that they can change their life for the best, beyond what they can imagine.

10 Powerful Quotes

[3:50] “When I started doing the archetype. I really got more into the feelings and just the whole overall picture of who I am. And all the pieces fit. I wasn't just a pastor or just a teacher, I'm a nurturing rebel.”

[8:34] “When I taught voice, I would try to get them to see things that they hadn't seen in their lives before and what they had to bring to the table. And just being able to pull out of them, what they didn't even realize they had in their life is so much of that nurturing. But it's also the rebel because you're breaking through barriers that they had.

[13:31] “I would've been going. A completely different direction. Had I not had the clarity that I got through your program and just doing that work to really find myself again, to where I would be most comfortable.”

[15:59] “As coaches, we may not necessarily have had to walk the steps prior to being able to support someone. I think there's a level of understanding that we can have when we've done that. Because we bring that out into our work and what we brought people through because often we've had to work and use certain tools and techniques and things like that.”

[16:50] “I was trying to concentrate on just content and not what I brought necessarily with my own experience. And I don't do any coaching of things that I didn't do myself…So instead of looking at just like the content of a program, I could see myself in it.”

[19:55] “The first part is really concentrating on you as a person, your self worth your self-esteem, how you see yourself and the beliefs that you have about yourself and finding which ones really are not helpful and aren't helping you move forward, and then replacing those beliefs.”

[20:35] “If you haven't changed your beliefs about who you are as a person, it doesn't matter what you do, you're still gonna keep getting the same results.”

[21:19] “A lot of times you can't move on, not because of what happened, but because of the emotional tie that's to that event, and so once you can break that emotional tie, it's much easier to let it go and move on.”

[22:20] “Plans can change, but we wanna always keep going for better than what they were so we're not going backwards, we're always going forward.”

[24:25] “You've probably heard life by design, but this is not life by design because usually what you had planned has to change because of the dramatic or traumatic experience. And so it really is you're redesigning your life and that's where you get that opportunity to make it better than you ever thought possible.”

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