[Ep#356] Developing a healthy Money Mindset

Developing a healthy Money Mindset

Hi, this is Annemarie – welcome to another episode of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show.  

In today’s show, I’ll be talking about how to develop a healthy mindset around money so you can attract a higher-level client and charge what you’re worth as a trusted authority in your industry.  

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this show: 

  • Why your relationship with money can either hinder or help you; 
  • What’s your story around money; 
  • Money Mindset Impact Grid; 
  • Your Money Archetypes; 
  • Do you have a Scarcity (Just Enough) or Abundance Mindset when it comes to money, and much more 

Let’s dive in. 



About Annemarie 

Annemarie Cross is a personal branding strategist and award-winning podcast host. She has been podcasting since 2008 and is a pioneer in the podcasting space. Annemarie's expertise includes brand marketing, content strategy, social media marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, and business consulting, among many others. 

Annemarie is also the founder of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and has made significant contributions to several organisations, including the Industry Thought Leader Academy, THe Influence Alliance, and Podcasting with Purpose.  

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