[Ep348] From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast Series – Episode 1

From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast Series – Episode 1

Hi, this is Annemarie – welcome to another episode of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show.  

Are you a coach or a consultant and feel like the world’s best-kept secret? Your experience is vast, yet secretly you’re frustrated because, despite all of your hard work, you’re not getting the visibility, recognition, or new clients you’d hoped for despite all of the hard work you’ve put into your business?   

So, you’re thinking of launching a podcast – because you’ve heard a podcast will help you amplify your message.  

A podcast can certainly help you amplify your message.  However, it’ll only amplify the message that’s not working to more people. 

Or perhaps you’ve started a podcast but it’s just not generating the results you’d hope for. With all of the hard work and effort, you’ve put in you’re still not generating leads or clients from your podcast.  

This is why I always say – launching a podcast is easy. But launching a podcast that enables you to go from invisible to influential Trusted Authority is another matter altogether, which is what I'll be sharing in my special series From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast Series. It was part of a 9-Day Challenge I’ve run recently, however, I received such great feedback from people who attended the challenge, I knew I had to share it with you. So, when you hear me refer to ‘tomorrow’s workshop’ – know that it will be coming next week when we release another show.  

Here’s what I’ll be covering in the next 4 episodes: 

  • How to go from invisible, underpaid coach/consultant to highly paid, sought-after Trusted Authority with a podcast;  
  • How to transform your expertise from a want into a need and from an overwhelming number of choices to become the ONLY choice;  
  • How not to leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table but rather nurture and build long-term client relationships that lead to profitable and sustainable business growth;   
  • The POWER of Momentum: How to attract and generate a steady flow of your ideal clients right to your door so you NEVER have to ‘chase’ leads again, while leveraging the power of podcasting. 

Let’s dive into episode 1 – How to go from Invisible, underpaid coach/consultant to highly paid, sought-after Trusted Authority with a podcast.


Episode Highlights 

Two Common Questions I’m Asked About Podcasting 

  • Where do I start? 
  • What microphone should I get? 

Are You Leveraging a Podcast to Build Your Business? 

  • Launching a podcast is simple. But launching a podcast as a business owner to build your business requires a robust strategy 
  • Anyone can start a business. However, starting a business that’s profitable and scalable is another matter. 
  • Monetize your podcast by generating leads and clients. Monetize YOUR message before you monetize someone else’s. 

My Podcasting Journey 

  • Launched Career Success Radio amidst the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 to be the voice of hope and inspiration.  
  • Produced the show for two years but struggled to monetise it even with hiring mentors.  
  • The show ended after two years having built great connections, influence and impact, but NO income.  
  • After Career Success Radio, launched the Women in Leadership Podcast which generated 2 x 4-figure clients.  

3 Indicators You’re Not Ready to Start a Podcast – Yet

  • Your message isn’t cutting through the noise 
  • You’re not sure on your niche and what you want to become known as 
  • You’re not sure on the ‘end in mind’ 

4 Podcasting Mistruths 

  • False: Your microphone will make the difference in having a successful podcast. Truth: #MessageBeforeMicrophone 
  • False: Publish your podcast and clients will come   
  • False: Get listed in the New and Noteworthy (on Apply Podcasts) and your podcast will be a success Truth: Build reputation equity 
  • False: Just press record, start talking/asking questions Truth: Make compelling conversations instead 

Common Podcasting Mistakes 

  • Unclear or incorrect Strategy 
  • No lucrative Niche 
  • Unclear though leader brand and message 
  • Broad range of topics and/or guests 
  • Off brand podcast creatives 
  • Uninspiring show or episode intros 
  • Ineffective calls to action 

The Podcast Positioning Quadrant 

  • Entertainer 
  • Low audience 
  • Low authority 
  • Celebrity 
  • High Audience 
  • Low authority 
  • Expert 
  • Low audience 
  • High Authority 
  • Trusted Authority 
  • High Audience 
  • High Authority 

Common Personal Branding Myths & Mistakes 

  • Think it’s a fad an unimportant 
  • Confuses personal branding with corporate branding 
  • Trying to be all things to all people 
  • Think in order to stand out 
  • Try to emulate what other successful people are doing 
  • Listen to others who are telling you what they think you should be 
  • Focus only on external brand components 

Definition of: Distinguishable, Uncopyable, Irresistible 

  • Distinguishable: Unique – set apart from competitors 
  • Uncopyable: Can NOT be copied by other as it’s not their story or journey 
  • Irresistible: Totally aligned with what your ideal client is experiencing that they can’t help but take notice 

10 Powerful Quotes 

[2:53] “Launching a podcast is relatively simple. But launching a podcast that enables you to go from invisible to influential trusted authority, or guess what that is another matter altogether.” 

[9:77] “Just like building a business, a coaching practice, a consulting practice, takes foundations – core business foundations.” 

[10:09] “You can monetize your podcast by generating leads and clients, monetize your message before you monetize someone else’s.” 

[12:03] “After that worst business failure ever – that was something that really shook me to the core – I knew that I needed to take a step back and deal with it because it had the ability to change who I was.” 

[17:55] “There are no rules to podcasting other than the rules you set yourself. And the rules would depend on the outcome that you want, where you're at in your business, your time, commitment – all of those different things. So what's right for someone may not necessarily be right for you and your business model.” 

[22:53]” What's your end in mind? Where best can you focus the podcast strategy to really nurture those listeners? Only you will know that once you incorporate, and then you have a look at your new business structure and where you want to go.” 

[23:22] “Message before microphone. Because you cannot edit and mix compelling content that converts, that nurtures your ideal client, along that customer journey, building know, like, and trust from fluff and banter, even if it was recorded on the most expensive microphone.” 

{41:19] “People come for the topic, but they return for the host so that you become not just a choice, but the choice” 

[42:43] “When you identify who you are, and you bring your own story and your journey into the content that you share into your podcast, into your offerings, your programs, your systems, your methodologies, no one can challenge you. 

[53:01] “Obviously, there are people out there that may not be your ideal clients, and you're not going to worry about what they think or say about you, but you can impact the people that you want to work with by how you show up consistently and constantly. Your message, your brand, you're offering – this is distinguishable, that it is unique.” 

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