[Ep#347] A Success Story to Model with Kashmira Mody 

A Success Story to Model with Kashmira Mody

We’ve all heard the sayings ‘Success breeds success.’ and that ‘The company we keep – the people we hang around with WILL impact us.’ – something I truly believe, I have experienced and continue to experience, which is why I’m very mindful about the company I keep and where my attention goes, as I know it will impact me. 

That’s why we gravitate towards certain communities – we resonate with what they are sharing and we gravitate towards certain mentors – because we want to learn and achieve what they have achieved and we know that hanging around them, being inside of their coaching programs and getting their support is important.  

Today’s episode is doing just that. We’re going to hear from Kashmira Mody about some of the changes she’s made in her business and the impact, the results she’s been able to experience. For instance, previously in her business, she was hustling 80% of her working hours – marketing, putting out content, everything else was 20%. Today, she is hustling 10% of the time and she is spending 90% creating value and serving clients.  She’s getting more bulk projects – not one or two short-term projects but six-month programs along with higher-level clients, projects, and opportunities. So, no longer am I feeling depleted and exhausted trying to get clients. 

How did she achieve this? She shares more in today’s show. Let’s hear from Kashmira on some of the changes she made in her business and the impact it’s made on her business and the impact she continues to have in the lives of her clients. 

Full transparency, Kashmira is one of my wonderful clients who has gone through my Core Business Foundations Programs.  So, if some of the things that Kashmira shares today resonate with you, and you’d love to be able to experience some of the things she is experiencing then I invite you to check out the Core Business Foundations Program. I’ll provide links in the resources; however, the link is: IndustryThoughtLeaderAcademy.com/CoreBusinessFoundations 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Find out what lens are you looking through. Are you seeing bias or opportunities?
  2. Know why you should not fight a losing battle. Create your OWN platforms and own rules. 
  3. Learn to never dull your magnificence to fit into someone else's mediocre.


Episode Highlights 

[4:28] Kashmira shares her experience on the Core Business Foundations program 

  • Kashmira learned through the program how reiteration builds a brand. Putting a consistent message across different platforms can be so significant. 
  • She joined the program on August 2020 when people in India were starting to get back to normal and recovering from the pandemic.  People were excited to travel or have a vacation and Kashmira realized that the pandemic is going to go on.    
  • Kashmira has been doing coaching online but competition became high due to a lot of people decided to go online as well. She looked for ways to stand out from her competitors and made sure that what she’s offering is still relevant to her clients. 
  • When Kasmira met Annemarie, she considered doing a podcast. Until Annemarie introduced her to Business Core Foundations Program. Kashmira agreed to join right away.  She came into the program wanting to really know if she’s still relevant and to spend time learning what more she can learn. 

[10:30] The challenges Kashmira faced during pandemic 

  • Kashmiras’ business involves a lot of travelling to her clients and she had to stop when lockdowns were being declared all over the world.  
  • Business leaders did not have enough space for coaching as they were busy with crisis management making sure their businesses survive. 
  • All of Kashmira’s high paying revenue – the corporate clients, stopped. And to Kashmira, she felt like it was a stop forever.  
  • Instead of going into shock mode by the whole situation, she took advantage of it and decided to invest in herself – to develop and to learn.  

[13:08] The difference of joining a paid program from free courses 

  • Investing in a paid program is different from the free courses we can find in YouTube or Udemy. The person facilitating the paid program has designed the course in a specific way that’s different than the resources offered for free. 
  • The growth and the coaching can only happen in a paid program. 
  • When you invest in yourself through investing in expertise, it is always paid off in dividends – mindset, practical, knowledge, and being able to make better decisions in the business. 
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. Kashmira’s advice for those who are in the coaching industry who are spending so much time supporting others is to take a break periodically, validate and also receive.  

[18:00] How Kashmira bridged the gap between her coursework and her ideal client’s journey through the program 

  • The program starts with lucrative nice which means what can you offer that can create most value for your client, and then can also deliver the most revenue to you. If a client is not responding, that’s how you know it’s not your niche.  
  • What we offer is an extension of who we are. The program validated Kashmira’s own value and vision that she wants to share.  
  • Misalignment can happen when what you are offering does not match with what your client needs. Know who you are and what you want to share and test match with what you are offering. 
  • Going through the program can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Your confidence level will continue to grow. You’ll realize that everything you've leaned has brought you to this time and place that you can be of utmost support to your client.  

[22:42] Coping with change in the coaching industry 

  • The generation has changed and as coach you need to find a way to address that while staying true to your own value and vision.  
  • Start from how you as a coach operates and then builds your business inside out.  

[27:40] Kashmira’s thoughts on the program 

  • The program gave Kashmira the confidence to drop that hustle. She did not have to chase every person which is what she was doing before joining the program.  
  • For Kashmira, the program is work. You have to show up as the program will only work when you show up and set a time to do the work. 
  • The program never felt like a group program to Kashmira since she always got personal feedback on everything.  

[37:22] Creating content 

  • There’s a difference between being inspired and plagiarizing. How can you adapt it and then adopt it in what you are doing? 
  • Create content that creates client conversation.  
  • Less is more when it comes to creating content. But the less is intention. Make sure it has the thought leadership quality about it so people look forward to what you are going to post because they know it’s going to be of value.  

[39:38] Kashmira’s advice to someone figuring out whether to join the program or not 

  • Kashmira is proof. Some people need to see proof. Kashmira and Annemarie did not know about each other’s work till they met in the program.  
  • You should not be asking if you have the money or the time to spend for this program.  
  • Ask your selves if can you afford not to grow and to take this precious opportunity to bring your business to the next level and free you up of time and energy. 

10 Powerful Quotes 

[6:04] “When we go through a growth stage, when we revisit where we've come from, we realize how significant some of the simple changes are.” 

[12:43] “I'm going to invest in myself because often in those times, what we do is we don't kind of enter that shock mode, a bit of panic, but you decide “I'm going to set the intention. I'm going to learn. I'm going to develop.”” 

14:14] “When you make an investment, it stops being casual. It becomes a commitment, right? I mean, you're not dating anymore. You are making a commitment now.” 

[14:26] “When you are in a paid program, a coach or the person who's facilitating has designed it in a specific way that's different than the resources that that person would offer for free.” 

[14:40] “You have so much information and resources available at no cost, but the growth, the coaching, your ability to inspect and correct can only happen in a paid program.” 

[22:07] “My ideal clients will love my work because every moment, every challenge, everything that I've learned has brought me to this time and place that I can be of utmost support to my client.” 

[27.21] “I want to spend time as a coach and as a consultant, working with clients, not all of the marketing.” 

27:37] “The first thing I would say is that this program gave me the confidence to drop that hustle… This program gives you the confidence to know what level of hustle you need.” 

[28.50] “This program is work because you have to show up to this and only this works when you show… it's amazing how much one-on-one space I got with you. We think it's a group program, but I never felt that it was, I always got personal feedback on everything.” 

[44:30] “One of the things that I love about working with change makers, such as yourself, is that we know that together we certainly are better because every conversation, every podcast, every article, every post that we share continues to be the change in the world and really continue to inspire change.” 

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