[Ep#346]The 3 Keys to Hiring the Right People in Your Business

The 3 Keys to Hiring the Right People in Your Business

Are you working longer hours than you’d like? Do you feel tired and overwhelmed building your business? Are you spending too much time on menial tasks?  It may be the right time to get someone to help you. When you have other people on your team, you free up more time so you can focus more on other important things that have the greatest impact on the growth of your business.  

In today’s episode, we will talk about the significance of having the right people in your business and how to ensure you hire someone ideal for your business. Learn how your team member can contribute to your business's ongoing success.  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Learn the 3 keys to hiring the right people in your business
  2. Get tips on preparing for onboarding new team members 
  3. Learn why delegation is important and know how to do it effectively 


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Episode Highlights 

[2:30] How Anne Started the Business 

  • Anne wanted to create a business that will help business owners but didn’t know what she was exactly working towards 
  • She started as a General Virtual Assistant and learned about the backend of businesses. That’s when she realized she thrives on the operation side where most people don’t want do. 
  • Anne did not intend on creating an agency but realized that she’s good at what she’s doing. She enjoys providing her service however she had limited time so she started to look for people who could support her behind the scenes. 

[7:50] Knowing the numbers behind your business is important 

  • Do check-ins with your team members and know where you are sitting at. Check the progress and the numbers, especially the profit margin.  
  • Be aware of profit margins to make sure that the client is quoted on a project properly.  
  • When pricing the client, write down some key factors and monitor hem regularly. Be aware what your fixed costs are. 

[14:20] How to Hire the Right People for Your Business 

  • It takes time to build rapport and relationship. You have to feel 100% confident in what your team member can do.  
  • If you want to continue to grow your business and provide service in a certain way, you're going to need to bring in other experts that are skilled in same areas, as you, as the business owner and as the service that you provide. 

[18:11] Decide What Your Virtual Assistant Will Do and Set Reasonable Expectations 

  • Have realistic expectations and give your team member time to adapt to your working style. 
  • Consider the instructions you are providing to the team member. Be specific on what you want, how you want it done, as well as the deadlines. 
  • Communication is important especially when you have just onboarded a team member.  
  • Give the job description clearly and set exceptions of where they should be after 30, 60, and after 90 days.   

[20:20] Delegating Tasks 

  • It’s critical that you now your brand’s mission and vision are as a business so you can clearly describe it to your members.  
  • Consider your team’s specific skill set. Choose the right team member for the job.  
  • Before they start to work on a project, let them know what they need to complete and the deadline. Set metrics you’ll use to measure if they are meeting the needs of the business 

[29:20] Monitor progress 

  • Check the team’s progress regularly. From an operation’s point of view, what are some of the things that you see working really well? Have team meetings and check on how things are going. 
  • Meeting with your team is beneficial so they know where the business is headed and are reminded of their role in the business. 
  • Ask feedback on how you can support each other. 

[39:25] Tips on How to Effectively Delegate 

  • Have the mindset that you are willing to let go and that somebody else can do it probably as well as you, maybe even better than you. 
  • Put yourself outside the circle and if something needs to be addressed, let them know they can connect with you. 

10 Powerful Quotes 

[3:18] “I definitely learned a lot about the backend of businesses and in that journey, in the work, in the experience that I had, I really realized that I thrive on the operation side. I thrive on the backend of businesses where most people don't want to do anything with it.” 

[8:06] “I don't necessarily have the cost of product overhead, and I don't necessarily have the cost of like building overhead and office space and that sort of thing. But I do have profit margins that I have to be aware of.” 

[8:50] “Because in reality, there's an element of with every client that we work with, that I still am touching in some way.” 

[11:03] “We may have a client in an agency and if we're charging out to say a hundred dollars for the sake of it, but an actual fact, it's taking a lot longer because we hadn't budgeted it in certain things, then at the end of the day, the profits are really not going to show.” 

[14:49] “You have to feel 100% confident in these people being able to speak your brand, speak your business, and feel comfortable with you not being a part of those meetings, and really, truly trust those people.” 

[15:30] “There is a mindset side that has to be dealt with first and foremost before you can ever really move into that next step of growing and scaling your business. Going from that solo preneur to that first hire is probably the biggest part of it.” 

[18:30] “Communication is critical when as soon as you bring on anyone else on your team, setting communication, expectations of even how, when, where to communicate.” 

[20:05] “As a business owner, it is critical that you have a good, clear understanding of who you are as a business who, what your brand is as a business and also what your values are as a business.” 

[37:02] “We want to build the Titanic, but how about building a really good solid yacht and then adding the pieces that work for us, because I'm sure you've seen that there are some wonderful tools out there.” 

[40:04] “When delegating focus on the outcome and focus on giving somebody a little bit of that decision-making autonomy in that task that you're delegating to them. Don't set up your circle or delegation and your systems in a way that it's always circling back to you as the business owner because that's never actually going to get you out of doing it.” 

About Anne 

Anne Hill has created her own agency and is now helping other business owners create agencies that allow them to thrive in their zone of genius.   

Business owners who work with Anne are able to provide the highest level of service to their clients, creating a trickle-down effect. Happy and Healthy CEO = Happy Team = Happy Customers. 

You can connect with Anne thru her Website | LinkedIn | EMail 

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