[Ep#343] The Power of Content Repurposing

The Power of Content Repurposing  

The amount of content available for our consumption is ever-growing. No matter the topic, issue, event, or industry, there is never a lack of things to read, watch, and digest. With your audience constantly bombarded with content, fatigue can set in — for them and yourself. What can you do as a content creator? Through content repurposing, you can still come from a place of service by offering bite-sized content they can consume even on their worst day. 

In this episode, Sally A. Curtis joins us to discuss amplifying your visibility, credibility, and profitability through content repurposing. She shares three steps to turn books, blogs, and articles into years’ worth of content. Finally, Sally imparts how to gain speed and momentum to market with a consistent message that elevates your brand equity. 

Listen to the episode to learn the power of content repurposing for your brand! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Understand why content repurposing should be an intuitive process rather than a practical one.
  2. Learn how to gain speed to market with content repurposing. 
  3. Discover helpful tips on how to keep your ideas captured without fatigue. 



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Episode Highlights 

[03:24] Amplifying and Leveraging Visibility, Credibility, and Profitability 

  • We are surrounded by years’ worth of content that we’re not leveraging. 
  • Entrepreneurs and consumers experience content fatigue.
  • Repurpose content that your audience loves into smaller, bite-sized chunks they can consume on any day. 
  • Your foundational content piece is often in long form as an article or a blog. 
  • By repurposing content, you can serve and stay connected with your community even on their worst days. 

[07:02] Three Steps in Content Repurposing 

  • It’s about creating an intuitive process rather than a practical one. Having only a practical perspective dims our inspired state. \
  • The first step is to pick up your book and scan it intuitively. Find and highlight the chapters that stand out. 
  • Next, go to those chapters. Scan through and see what phrase or story stands out. 
  • The last step is extracting the golden nuggets and creating content out of them. 
  • When you understand the process, you’re teaching yourself the habit and the formula. 

[09:57] Coming from a Place of Service 

  • You come from a different level of service when you’re in the flow of an inspired state. 
  • Instead of fatigue, you feel excited about the content you’re creating. 
  • Often, the golden nuggets you’ve forgotten are the things that inspire your audience to move forward. 

[11:32] Content Repurposing: Save Time and Create New Products for Profit 

  • Jot down ideas when you're in an intuitive, inspired state. 
  • The insights you’ve formed around the steps to an idea are the best place to start.
  • One-page sheets, checklists, and mind maps make great mini-courses because you’ve got the topic in chunks.
  • You can instantly productive the central theme into a video training program. Then, you can use these as lead magnet or value-adding content. 

[14:45] How to Gain Speed to Market 

  • It all starts with creating a plan and a simple system. This allows you to avoid excessive rework and gives you speed to market. 
  • First, identify the theme or the key word of your content. Next, establish how many topics you need. 
  • Having a big picture in mind with branching topics can help you plan and sort. Listen to the episode to hear Sally’s advice to a client about turning her podcast into a book! 
  • Then, you can make templates for what you plan to create. 

[18:48] Setting the Main Goal of the Topic 

  • Many entrepreneurs get bogged down in the planning process. 
  • Keywords help keep the focus and make the planning process easier. 
  • It’s critical to have a clear, consistent, and specific message. 

[21:31] What Comes after Creating and Repurposing Content? 

  • Come back to your creation plan.  
  • Determine how your audience consumes content and where they do it. 
  • Create templates according to your audience’s preference. 
  • It’s about knowing your audience intimately and bringing to life the content they need. 
  • You can start thinking of more ways to repurpose to pick up new markets and more clients. 

[24:52] Tips for When You’re in a Creative Rut 

  • Some people are excellent speakers, but they don’t enjoy writing. 
  • Start by creating a list of topics and compelling statements. Record yourself talking about them, then transcribe it. 
  • The transcribed version of your talk can assist you in mapping your content. 
  • Sally turned a 45-minute presentation into a 100-page book. 
  • Honour and trust that opportunities are there. Get yourself started, and find the right people to help you if you need it. 

[27:24] Your Environment Affects Creative Activity 

  • Sally has an app on her phone that sends her recordings via email. 
  • She knows her ideas are captured when recording them on her phone. Stopping to jot down notes can distract the process. 
  • Knowing that your idea is captured reduces the fatigue of reminding yourself to remember it. 
  • You may not use the idea right away, but you will rediscover it at the right time and place. 

[28:43] Sally and Her Team's Work 

  • Sally and her team specialise in content repurposing, particularly for coaches, consultants, and speakers. 
  • They contribute to developing their clients' libraries of reusable brand assets and pillars. 
  • They also do lead generation that aids their clients' visibility and credibility. 

10 Powerful Quotes 

[05:43] ‘We've all got stuff going on — we'll have the whole day planned and something will happen…plans go out the window in an instant. It's in those moments that you still want to be able to serve your community but also have your community stay connected with you.’ 

[07:11] ‘We're going to create an intuitive process because what I find is when we start to think too practically, we lose our inspired state.’ 

[08:22] ‘When you're doing it from that inspired state, you are more in flow.’ 

[10:00] ‘You're coming from a different level of service — you're in flow, you're not feeling the fatigue — you feel excited about the content that you're creating versus many people that create content, they get content cringe.’ 

[10:18] ‘It's those gold nuggets that you've forgotten about that are usually the throwaway line at the end of a sentence or a paragraph…That's the phrase that actually gives that person the inspiration to have that forward movement.’ 

[15:04] ‘“I [client] don't want to be confused and overwhelmed at the end.” My advice is to start with a simple system first.’ 

[15:55] ‘By thinking with that big picture in mind and the topics underneath, it helps you plan but it also helps you sort.’ 

[16:58] ‘It's simple systems and a little bit of thought in advance, so you don't have to do a whole lot of rework. You avoid the chaos, the confusion, and the overwhelm at the end, which gives you speed to market because you started with a plan.’ 

[23:00] ‘Always start with, “How do I find it easy to create?” Starting with you in mind first as well, but also, “How does my audience like to consume it and where do they consume it?”’ 

[26:25] ’Get yourself started, then find the right people to help you if you need it.’ 

About Sally 

Sally A. Curtis is a content repurposing wiz, marketing problem-solver, author, speaker, and expert in LinkedIn lead generation. She has more than 25 years of experience and expertise in marketing, sales, and business development. Sally has worked with many of Australia's leading entrepreneurs in various industries, such as retail, media, cosmetics, events, etc.  

Sally is also the host of the Success Secrets Exposed Podcast. 

You can connect with Sally through her website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram 

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