[Ep#338] Break the Bias: Self-Empowerment In The Workplace as a Leader

It's hard to thrive in a demotivating workplace. This kind of environment can lead to bouts of imposter syndrome, but we always have the power to quell those tendencies. We've got to get to the bottom of our negative outlook. Empowerment is for everyone, and self empowerment is just as important for leaders as for employees. 

In this episode, our host Annemarie Cross discusses the biases that surround our workplaces. Whether they're your colleague's, your boss's, or your own, biases are clouded lenses that impair our views and first impressions. Focus instead on what makes you unique: your core values. 

Tune into today's episode to learn how curbing biases and maintaining your values leads to self empowerment and becoming a better leader. 



Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 

  1. Learn the importance of tossing aside biases.
  2. Discover why self-empowerment can mean being uncompromising of your core values.
  3. Understand how the Distinction Triad empowers you in the workplace. 






Episode Highlights 

[11:53] Removing Your “Cloudy Lenses” and Other Examples 

  • One bad experience shouldn’t dictate your view of the next one. 
  • We shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people. It creates superiority or inferiority bias in ourselves and our colleagues. 
  • Accept and value the differences in others. 

[19:23] Changing Our Mindsets For Other People 

  • The biases inside ourselves can lead to bouts of imposter syndrome. 
  • Don’t let your lens limit the seats at your metaphorical table. Change that lens to a more inclusive one. 
  • Look for opportunities instead of limitations. 

[22:10] When You’re In A Losing Battle 

  • Losing battles can burn you out. Don’t fight further. 
  • It’s better to leave and keep your core values intact. 
  • Don’t compromise on your core values — they are what give you your unique strength. 

[26:12] The Intrapreneurial Mindset 

  • An intrapreneur makes changes inside the company. 
  • They are the opposite of an entrepreneur. 
  • If your current company doesn’t empower you, you may need to practice self empowerment. 
  • There’s no shame in finding another working environment — it may even be healthier for you. 

[28:34] Stagnant Working Cultures and Environments 

  • Stagnant working cultures and environments don’t value your worth. 
  • These working cultures can demotivate you. 
  • Be the change you want to see. Don’t fight a losing battle inside your company.  
  • Leave a toxic environment. Self empowerment can mean creating a platform based on your core values. 

[34:20] Uniqueness and Self Empowerment 

  • Don't dampen your magnificence for someone else's mediocre. Focus on your strengths. 
  • Instead of comparing ourselves to other people, we should work together to blend our strengths into something greater. 
  • Toxic biases in the workplace will destroy a company. 

[37:58] The Distinction Triad 

  • It's best to show your unique traits. 
  • Aptitude: your talent, strength, skills, and knowledge. 
  • Attitude: your character, mindset, beliefs, and frame of mind. 
  • Approach: your style, temperament, sensibility, and reactions. 
  • The Distinction Triad can help you stand out in the workplace, especially for leaders. 

[43:44] Self Empowerment Questions To Ask Yourself 

  • Ask yourself what lens you’re looking through. Are there any negative biases that need to change? Can you find opportunities in challenges? 
  • Changing your lens can lead to opportunities. Can you see opportunities that lead to change? Can you use the Distinction Triad to do so? 
  • Don’t leave on bad terms in a losing battle. You can amicably part ways. 

Powerful Quotes 

[4:30] “Beliefs can be helpful. Beliefs can also hinder us.” 


[9:18] “You can use the same principle of ‘you seek evidence you need to prove a belief of yours is true’ when it comes to biases as well.” 


[16:25] “I value the differences; we should be valuing the difference.” 


[16:32] “How we move forward and how we approach and how we approach things through the lens that we look through… Are you looking through the lens of bias? Or are you looking through the lens of opportunity?” 


[16:44] “Let our differences unite us.” 


[21:19] “Be mindful of the biases and the lens that we are looking for.” 


[21:34] “Are we seeing opportunities? Or are we seeing biases?” 


[30:19] “if you can't find that environment, then create your own space, create your own platform, make up your own rules, start your own company.” 


[34:22] “Never dull your magnificence to fit into someone else’s mediocre.” 


[41:00] “We need to break through that bias. How? By looking through a different lens.” 


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