[Ep#336] 3 Steps to Go From World’s Best Kept Secret to a Trusted Authority for Coaches and Consultants

3 Steps to Go From World’s Best Kept Secret to a Trusted Authority for Coaches and Consultants

Do you ever feel like the world’s best-kept secret? You do all sorts of things to cut through the noise. You hone your expertise, produce content, and provide value. Yet despite all your efforts, you’re still nowhere near where you want to be.

Doing more doesn’t always equate to doing it right. Often, less is more, and real value lies in refining your message instead of trying to do all things at once.

In this episode, Annemarie shares the secrets to becoming a trusted industry authority. She lays down the common mistakes in the message we send across in our efforts to become thought leaders. Remember: you want to be the go-to — not a mere choice — when your ideal client is ready to step forward. Annemarie highlights the importance of producing consistent and compelling content and the concept of less is more.

If you want to go from the world’s best-kept secret to a trusted authority , this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the real essence of thought leadership.
  2. Find out how to create an umbrella statement for your message.
  3. Discover why less is more in establishing yourself as a trusted authority in your industry.




Episode Highlights

[01:27] What Is Thought Leadership?

  • Thought leadership happens when you share a clear and concise message consistently.
  • Adding ‘thought leader’ in your job title will not turn you into a trusted authority. It doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Consistency is vital to building momentum, which you then need to create impact.
  • Taking the Kolbe A assessment was a huge wake-up call for Annemarie.
  • Quickstarts love starting new things. However, this becomes counterproductive if you’re low on follow-through.

[05:08] Your Message and Ideal Client

  • Annemarie didn’t want to narrow herself down to just one message when she was in the career industry.
  • One of her keywords every year is ‘focus’.
  • She also struggled with defining her ideal client. She loves working with everyone, from students to senior-level executives.
  • You don’t have to choose one thing. You just have to position your message differently.

[09:50] Lessons from Working with Entrepreneurs

  • Your beliefs about money can hold you back from charging what you’re worth.
  • Experience on top of learning is priceless.
  • Learning how to build the foundations enables you to be profitable, scale, and position yourself as a thought leader.

[11:50] The Umbrella Statement

  • The umbrella statement brings together everything you offer your clients. Tune in to the full episode to learn Annemarie’s umbrella statement!
  • If you have a confusing message, people won’t recall you for referrals.
  • It should be compelling and must showcase your promise of value and expectation for your ideal client.

[15:54] Less is More: Sharing Content

  • Marketers tell us we need to share more content frequently across more platforms to stand out.
  • Do the opposite to build your reputation as a trusted authority.
  • Focus on the right content, not more content.
  • It should be relevant and nurture your ideal client along the customer journey.

[18:02] Reinforce Your Message and Content

  • It should address the most pressing issue of your ideal client.
  • You build a reputation as an expert as you reinforce your message.
  • You can have different content themes and topics. The different topics should all go underneath particular themes reinforced by your umbrella statement.
  • Tune in to the full episode to hear an example of how to reinforce your message!

[22:31] Less is More: Crafting Your Content

  • We often take on industry jargon in the courses and modalities we’ve learned.
  • However, using industry jargon in your content can overwhelm people.
  • Use the same language, terminologies, and keywords as your ideal client.

[25:04] Less is More: Creating Unique and Uncopyable Content

  • Your content becomes unique and uncopyable when you can weave in stories and unique methodologies through your journey.
  • You challenge the industry status quo when you bring new insights only you can share.
  • Focus less on sharing what everyone else is sharing. Talk about your area of experience and methodologies.

[26:10] Less is More: Your Call to Action

  • First, create something so you would have a call to action to offer.
  • Second, your call to action and resource must be compelling that your ideal client would want access to it.
  • Tune in to the full episode for more tips on crafting your call to action!

[28:54] On Producing More vs. the Right Content

  • Being on more platforms and posting more frequently are not keys to positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Focus on getting the frequency and format right.
  • Create bite-sized content for people who have no time. You can provide a summary at the beginning and expound further for people who want to dig deeper.
  • Identify the format your ideal client prefers. It’s best to produce a variety of formats at varying links to cater to all situations and preferences.

[32:26] Less is More: Leveraging the Right Platforms

  • Identify the right platforms for you instead of trying to be on every platform.
  • Find where your ideal clients are, and focus your efforts there.
  • Discern the mediums you want to leverage. Build momentum on that.
  • You can start implementing another strategy once you have refined your message.

[35:34] Be a Changemaker

  • The impact you make on your ideal client becomes a ripple effect in ways you can’t imagine.
  • Every single experience you’ve had has led you to your expertise today.
  • Getting clear on your message permits you to show up as the authentic you.
  • Your level of inner confidence that shines through is what your ideal client will resonate with.

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Becoming an industry authority and thought leader doesn’t happen overnight. Many people also think that doing more will lead you to be an authority faster. What you need to remember, however, is that less is more. It’s as simple as refining your message, finding your ideal client, creating uncopyable content and focusing on the right format, frequency and platforms

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