[Ep#332] Building Thought Leadership With Your Uncopyable Content

Building Thought Leadership With Your Uncopyable Content

Many other companies and organisations offer the same services as you do. As one of many companies and entrepreneurs out there, the risk of being overlooked is high.

As a business leader, you have to develop a unique approach to let the audience know what you can offer that others don’t. Fostering thought leadership within your company and creating unique conten t will help you establish a good reputation and set yourself apart from the crowd.

In this episode, Annemarie talks about the impact of thought leadership in decision-making. She shares seven key things that you can practice to create unique and creative content. Ultimately, she tells us how we can become a unique contributor of knowledge, a change-maker and innovator that helps improve the lives of your clients.

Listen to the episode to learn how you can build thought leadership and become the choice instead of just a choice!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the seven things you can do to create your own unique content.
  2. Learn how to innovate, create and lead the change in your industry.
  3. Find out how you can utilise your insight, experience and research to build thought leadership.



Episode Highlights

[00:19] The Impact of Thought Leadership in Decision Making

  • A 2019 study by LinkedIn and Edelman identifies the impact of thought leadership on the hiring choices of decision-makers in a business.
  • Results revealed that thought leadership builds trust and enhances the company’s reputation.
  • The majority of the respondents said that thought leadership is a big factor in their decision-making.
  • Many were willing to pay premium prices to brands that had a clear vision in their thought leadership.

[02:23] Key Tactics in Building Thought Leadership

  • Focus on the things you have learned within the industry. Then, incorporate the techniques and practices you learned outside the industry.
  • Reflect on your hindsight about how you overcame challenges. Expound on how you can improve from what you’ve already done.
  • The foresight of the developments in the industry is also important.
  • Give value to your experience and knowledge and the difference it can make in your company.

[04:32] Addressing  the Elephant in the Room

  • Industries have outdated and unnecessary advice that can confuse many people.
  • Annemarie shares a story about a teacher who used her experience and knowledge to create a course. She contradicted the belief that not anyone can just create a course.
  • Identify mistruths in your industry and teach what your client should be doing instead.
  • In Annemarie’s experience, her elephant refers to how most businesses are focused solely on reaching their numbers.
  • She recommends focusing on building reputation equity instead.

[11:08] Challenge the Status Quo

  • Status quo refers to the current state of affairs. While it might not be broken, improvements could still be made.
  • Seek opportunities to challenge the status quo. Create a new or improved approach to your business and share it with your clients.
  • Annemarie challenged the status quo by encouraging the use of technology and online communications.

[14:22] Do the Opposite

  • Change-maker doesn’t follow trends; they create and lead them.
  • Identify what you have done differently and how it has improved your and your clients’ results.
  • Seek ways to create a positive change for better results.

[17:13] Teach the Elements of Your Methodologies

  • Don’t be afraid to share your methodologies online. This is only just the surface of what you can offer.
  • There is a difference between working alongside a coach and simply reading it online.
  • One of Annemarie’s tips is setting up a podcast to nurture your listeners and future customers.
  • She shares her step-by-step guide publicly to capture her clients’ interests but continues to work with them to help them further.

[20:53] Bring In Validating Third-Party Statistics

  • Third-party statistics relevant to your content and ideal client can validate and support your content.
  • Find studies and organisations that are relevant to your industry. Incorporate that into your content.

[22:18] Innovate

  • Specificity and relevancy are key. Get yourself involved in industry conversations and go deeper into it.
  • Another tip is to pinpoint areas that aren't discussed enough and bring in unique insights about these topics.

10 Powerful Quotes

[4:08] Annemarie: “Because you're drawing on your years of experience and your years of knowledge. That is what's going to make the difference because it's the wisdom and knowledge that you bring through the longevity in your industry that really matters.”

[6:24] Annemarie: “She was able to draw on her experience and her knowledge — her insight, hindsight, and foresight that kind of directed her content on how to create a course that would not only just be any old course that was out there, but a course that really will transform the lives of clients.”

[8:52] Annemarie: “Instead of focusing on vanity numbers, focus on building reputation equity. Because this is something I always say — reputation, equity is bankable; vanity numbers are not.”

[9:24] Annemarie: “When you've got a reputation of bringing valuable insights and a reputation of delivering great results with your clients or for your clients, people hire you.”

[11:28] Annemarie: “Something may not be broken necessarily, but it could do with a tweak. It could do with improvement. So maybe in your industry, you've come up with a new approach.”

[14:00] Annemarie: “Now it's your turn to think about the status quo in your industry. Maybe you've challenged something. Maybe there is an opportunity to challenge the status quo in your industry. Because it's something that you've had some experience on previously, you can beautifully weave that into your story and your content.”

[14:49] Annemarie: “​​Being one of the pack just isn't your style. So when it comes to your industry, I wonder, what moves have you made that were different to what everyone else doing? How has it improved your results? And now of course, how is it improving the results of your clients?”

[16:33] Annemarie: “Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. What have you done that's different? When you're thinking about, ‘What have I done to zig rather than zag?’ Can you do something in order to bring positive change and quicker results for your clients, that's opposite to what everyone else is doing in your industry?”

[19:40] Annemarie: “There's a difference between me working with them and helping them to uncover that, and that them trying to figure it out on their own. Because that's one of the things I know people get stuck. But I also know that by sharing that information, it's going to have an ‘Aha!’”

[22:20] Annemarie: “Even 1% difference can make the difference and can be the difference for your ideal client.”

About Annemarie

Annemarie Cross is the CEO and founder of Industry Thought Leader Academy and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network. She is a well-known personal branding strategist, business coach, speaker and podcast host. She works with entrepreneurs, consultants and businesses to help share their message and become successful in their industry.

Annemarie is the author of  Industry Thought Leader: How to go from Invisible to Influential (and profitable) with a Podcast. Given the title “The Podcasting Queen,” she has interviewed multiple experts and influential guests to share their knowledge and influence. She started her first show in 2008 and she is recognised as one of the pioneers of podcasting.

You can learn more about Annemarie on LinkedIn or her website. Connect with her and schedule a chat!

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