[Ep#331] Using Social Selling To Multiply Your Revenue With Ryann Dowdy

Using Social Selling To Multiply Your Revenue With Ryann Dowdy

In this rapidly changing world, social media has become the key to success for businesses. However, many entrepreneurs do not know how to use social media to maximize their sales.

Social media is more than just creating content. It can help you build connections with ideal clients and multiply your revenue.

In this episode, Ryann Dowdy joins us to talk about social selling  and give some tips to help maximize your lead generation and sales process. She shares the dos and don’ts of social selling and how you can build a strong personal brand. Ryann also reminds us that social selling is not just about selling; it’s also about building connections and giving value to others.

If you want to learn how you can use social selling as a business advantage, this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn more about social selling and how it can be useful in sales 
  2. Discover techniques and tips to avoid common social selling mistakes
  3. Find out how to build genuine relationships and potential partnerships



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Episode Highlights

[01:53] What is Social Selling?

  • Social selling is using social media platforms as your primary sales tool.
  • This is different from traditional selling, which includes networking events, cold calls, and meetings.

[02:26] The Right Social Selling Strategy

  • Do not fake personalization with social sales. People will often send the same message to people without personally connecting with them.
  • Do not pitch without permission. When you connect with others through social media, don’t cold pitch until you know more about the person.
  • Know your audience. You need to make sure the person you’re pitching to is your ideal client.
  • Always do the research and learn about what people need to see whether your offer is a good fit.

[05:12] Remember Your Sales Goals  

  • Ryann recommends knowing your ideal client and what you want them to do.
  • You need to be clear whether you want clients to join groups, attend workshops, download resources, or even just engage with you on social media.
  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • Ryann shares that it takes around 30-50 touches for people to pay attention to you.
  • Track your engagements to help you build relationships and connections.

[10:06] Social Selling Techniques

  • Ryann shares that the softer your ask, the better.
  • Start small and give people an opportunity to have a peek into your pitch.
  • Remember that your pitch should help your ideal clients with something they’re struggling with.

[12:42] Building a Sales Reps Team

  • You can’t train someone to sell for you if you don’t know how to sell it yourself.
  • Before creating a sales team, have a proven offer. Understand what your offer can do for the client and the results it can give.
  • Next, make sure you have a tracking system in place, even if it’s simple.
  • Understand the sales process. Know how to generate leads and engage with potential clients.
  • Setting up metrics and key performance indicators will help your sales reps determine the correct way to close deals.

[20:05] Social Selling Tips 

  • Ryann shares that with lead generation, you can expect a 20% response rate.
  • She shares that she has a 40-60% conversion goal for fully-trained sales reps.
  • If your conversion rate is lower, check whether you’re talking with the right people or if there’s something to change with your messaging.

[22:58] How to Build Connection

  • Ryann shares that connections can be built through engaging with social media posts and not just personal messaging.
  • It’s easy to be bombarded by social media notifications. If you want to create familiarity, you must be committed and consistent.
  • The more passionate you appear about your offer, the more people are likely to pay attention to you.

[28:07] Ryann’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

  • Selling is serving. Focus on how you can help others.
  • When reaching out to potential clients, think about how you can give value to them.
  • Remember to ask. Some people never book sales conversations because they’re afraid to pitch.
  • Be genuine. How you handle the sales conversion can determine whether the person will ever do business with you.
  • If you stop building connections after they say no, clients will think you only wanted to sell.

10 Powerful Quotes

[4:53] Ryann: “I just say — know your audience. Don't just assume everybody who’s in this space. So I see a lot of that to you, like I'm getting a lot of messages, a lot of outreach, a lot of conversations started that aren't good just only because the person hasn't really done any research about me to know that I'm even fit the general criteria — their ideal client.”


[7:25] Ryann: “…know what you want that person to do and know where you're trying to move that conversation. I think is really important to begin with the end in mind.”


[8:37] Ryann: “I think also it's being prepared to play the long game in building a relationship with someone. I think it's those two things: what do you want them to do? And then what is the path, the journey, the experience that I'm going to walk this person through as I build a relationship with them?”


[13:19] Annemarie: “…whilst we may be sharing a lot of content on the front end, the top end, so to speak, it's what's going on behind the scenes. And that's often what we don't see that is really bolstering those relationships, isn't it?”


[16:12] Ryann: “I've seen this happen a lot in the corporate world, where my salespeople are super duper busy, and they have all these meetings, but none of them are with the right people. They'll be taking in a meeting with anybody who will meet with them, and that's not necessarily what you want your social seller to do.”


[19:17] Ryann: “Because they're not going to be as good at sales as you are. You might close six out of ten sales calls, but your new salesperson won’t. So understand that, right? And be like, ‘Okay, so three out of ten.’ So they need to book ten sales calls. How many invitations to sales calls do they need to make to book ten sales calls? Maybe they need to make 30 invitations.”


[23:02] Annemarie: “…‘Sales is about serving and human connection’, which is absolutely is. Because we can imagine ourselves on the receiving end, and we can see through things — that if it's not authentic, we can see through that.”


[23:49] Ryann: “Simple things like commenting on a social media post or if you're on LinkedIn, reading an article that they've written and commenting on it, or even sharing content. Those are all touches to create familiarity.”


[26:04] Ryann: “Show me your passion. Show me your excitement. Show me your commitment to serving me. Because I will say the sales process is the honeymoon phase. That's as good as it gets. As hard as somebody is willing to work to earn your business is as good as the process is going to be on the back end.”

[30:03] Ryann: “Because sometimes not selling is service. Telling somebody you're not ready, that's one of the biggest things that we've had to do this year with our clients. Because a lot of people, again, they want to hire salespeople before they're ready.”


About Ryann

Ryann Dowdy is the CEO and Co-founder of Social Sellers Academy with a mission to revolutionize the sales process. She works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to build world-class sales organizations with the power of genuine human connection.

Before Social Sellers Academy, Ryann spent 15 years in the corporate world, building multi-million dollar sales organizations in the marketing space. She was a sales rep to the Director of Sales and has mentored, managed, and trained thousands of sales reps.

Want to learn more about Ryann’s work? Check out her Social Sellers Academy

You can also connect with Ryann on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.      

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