[Ep#330] The Unconventional Way To Build A Multi-6 Figure Coaching Business With Sabah Ali

The Unconventional Way To Build A Multi-6 Figure Coaching Business

With Sabah Ali

Entrepreneurs and coaches now primarily rely on online marketing to reach more clients. Even with new technologies and platforms, the principle of creating successful businesses has stayed the same. But the tactics entrepreneurs utilise in making their business memorable are always changing.

Are you making a good reputation and being unforgettable?

In this episode, Sabah Ali joins us to discuss how to master attraction marketing, clarify your core message, find your brand essence, and build the right target audience. She also shares how she developed a successful coaching business  by being true to herself and her brand.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to transform your business into a lasting legacy, tune in to this episode!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the art of attraction marketing — the Sabah Ali way.
  2. Learn how to clarify your brand essence and learn what makes you unforgettable.
  3. Discover how Sabah built a six-figure coaching business with an unconventional path.


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Episode Highlights

[02:33] Mastering the Art of Attraction Marketing

  • The importance of building a reputation has not changed despite the emergence of modern technology.
  • Attraction marketing is about being able to clearly and simply present your offer to people who would want to buy it.
  • Sabah shares that she started to build content when she was 19. Over time, people began asking her about content creation and audience growth.
  • Business owners need to craft the right message with the right approach and charisma to the right person.

[06:30] Appearing Confident in Your Marketing

  • Sabah shares that being confident requires showing how excited and passionate you are about what you're sharing.
  • Your true leadership and confidence will show when you can be your full self. Fear of potential rejection or lack of engagement will stop you from showing up fully.
  • People will be watching you even if you think they don’t.
  • Don't be disappointed with low engagement. Be consistent, and you will eventually find success.
  • We don’t need confidence. Instead, we need courage and consistency.

[10:25] What is Brand Essence?

  • Brand essence is the unforgettable factor surrounding you and your personality.
  • Your marketing efforts should focus on showing your personality in your content.
  • Find specific gaps in the market. Even if someone else might be doing the same thing, they may not be capitalising on their selling points.
  • Know what makes you magnetising. Show up like how you show up to friends and family.
  • Don’t hide. Be authentic when creating content and engaging with your audience and potential clients.

[14:59] Finding Your Brand Essence

  • Sabah recommends asking followers why they choose to follow you. You can also ask your friends and family about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Remember that people will see you differently than how you see yourself.
  • From the feedback, you will see a common theme that you can highlight in your marketing and brand.

[17:20] Cultivate Your Community

  • Be discerning when receiving feedback and comments. You don’t need to focus on all of them.
  • You can attract all kinds of people, but your ideal clients will stay.
  • A community will include ideal clients, people who lurk, and fans who may not buy from you. However, all of these people are important to building your community.
  • Stay on track with your brand essence.
  • What you perceive as a weakness can be a strength when targeting the right audience.

[20:28] How Sabah Built Her Coaching Business

  • When building a coaching business, many coaches are often told to start with low offers and slowly work up to higher offers.
  • However, Sabah shares that this did not work for her. Instead, her first client paid $4,000 for a six-week coaching program.
  • Sabah’s ideal customers value premium pricing and are ready to pay higher prices as long as they get results.
  • Find a business model that works for you. You don’t need to follow what other people are doing all the time.

[23:31] How to Price Appropriately

  • Be aware of where you are. Set up a price point where it feels good for you to sell your services.
  • Consider your pricing based on what value your clients are getting.
  • Know what you are offering and how they tie to trends and people's needs. Clients will be willing to pay you more money when you offer something valuable.

[26:45] Learn from Who You Want to Be

  • Find someone who has done what you want to do and follow in their footsteps.
  • Sabah wasted months trying to figure things out on her own when she could have invested in a coach.

[29:15] Brand Message for Coaches and Coaching Businesses

  • Sabah's primary platforms are Instagram and Facebook.
  • She prefers Instagram because it has a greater potential for organic reach.
  • Leveraging Instagram reels can boost your following. Since this feature is still new, Instagram rewards reel users with higher traction.

10 Powerful Quotes

[5:53] ‘People want something that they almost can't have, or want something that's exclusive and something that's urgent… Something that — you have to have it.'


[7:22] ‘When you're so excited, when you're so passionate about something, it just flows.’


[10:01] ‘You don't need confidence, you need courage.’


[11:51] ‘I believe every single person has something in either their personality, their hobby, their day-to day-life — something that maybe they've done in the past that they can highlight as their core unforgettable factor.’


[17:10] ‘I’ve built my confidence a lot more. But I highly display that in my marketing because that's something that people need, and that's something that people want.’


[18:19] ‘If you've got a group of your ideal clients who highlight the strengths and the gifts and everything, then that's what you want to continue to be, isn't it? Because they're the ones that you want to attract.’


[22:51] ‘Don't do what you're told because everybody else follows. Just change it up. Find a business model that works with you.’


[24:50] ‘Bring awareness of where you're actually at, and also get to a price point where it feels good for you to sell.’


[26:12] ‘It's more about the value and the way that you're positioning that offer in the marketplace, and how you can deliver that message in a way that someone needs to take action on it right now.’


[28:28] ‘Find someone who's done what you want to do, and follow in their footsteps.’


About Sabah

Sabah Ali is the founder of the coaching business Brands That Sell. She helps coaches and entrepreneurs create unforgettable brands that generate over $1 million in revenue. Her branding work focuses on clarifying brand message, marketing strategy, and sales process. She is a business coach, two time TEDx speaker, and a #1 best selling author, and has been featured on Forbes, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX News.

Interested in Sabah’s work? Check out her website.

You can also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.  


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