[Ep#325] Full-time Ministry in the Marketplace & Why Your Work Matters to God

Full-time Ministry in the Marketplace & Why Your Work Matters to God

God entrusted us to spread His promise of salvation. It is our duty as followers to extend His graces to everyone around us. However, many assume that His blessings only exist in the spiritual world, which is false. Our workplace is a full-time ministry where we can put our faith into action. A simple shift in perspective will allow us to see that God has placed us right where lost people are, and we can lead them into faith.

In this episode, Jim and Martha Brangenberg talk about why our work matters to God. They also discuss the relevance of praying for and with our co-workers as a way to put our faith into action. Finally, they share how each of us can be a vessel to spread the word of the Lord at our jobs.

If you’re interested to know how to view your workplace as a full-time ministry  and become a missionary in your field, then this episode is for you!

meta: Our workplace is a full-time ministry. Tune in to the episode if you want to be a missionary in your own field.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover why your business environment is also a full-time ministry
  2. Learn the importance of  praying for and with someone
  3. Understand why your job creates great impact for others



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Episode Highlights

[02:52] Your Workplace Is a Full-Time Ministry

  • It’s been 40 years since the faith and work movement started in the US. However, only a few people were influenced by the message.
  • Churches never talk about why our work matters to God.
  • The connection between faith and work is an unknown conversation.
  • Essentially, we want our work to be acknowledged, knowing that it matters..

[4:52] On Getting a Job That Matters

  • People are lost and hopeless. Your work can help bring the solution they need.
  • Read the Bible and identify God’s message about what we do daily.
  • God created us with a different set of gifts, talents and abilities.
  • Even if you’re not employed in a profession you wanted, God is still providing for you.

[8:45] Let Them Know Why You Do What You Do

  • Some people use the stained glass approach by overtly proclaiming their faith in Jesus.
  • Others choose the plain glass approach. They prefer to do acts that honour God instead of announcing their belief.
  • Tell others why you do what you do.
  • Performing your job with excellence while understanding your objectives grants your credibility when you share your faith.

[11:17] Pray for Someone

  • It's not about where you work; it’s your skills that matter to God.
  • Start praying for your colleagues to put your faith into action.
  • Praying for others opens our hearts to see people the way God views them.
  • Look for ways to pray with your co-workers during their tough days.

[14:29] Every Roles Is Important

  • Like how all parts of the body are vital to living, all jobs are necessary for everyone to work together.
  • It is a misconception that priests and missionaries are the most important roles in the Church, while others are just second tier.
  • In the Kingdom of God, we are all in equal standing.

[17:53] On Comparing Yourself to Others

  • Comparing yourself to others is dangerous.
  • God purposely made each of us different. We must celebrate that diversity.
  • Christian women are pressured to be the best mom, wife and worker all at once. If they can’t perform well, they feel like a failure. Listen to the full episode to know how Annemarie resolves this conflict!
  • Every woman has a life calling yet their spiritual gifts are not recognised.

[22:29] Work-Life Balance

  • For Jim and Martha, there is no such thing as work-life balance. There are certain moments in our lives where we need to focus more on one than the other.
  • If Jesus is at the centre of your life, you can keep going and easily set boundaries.

[23:33] Redeeming Lives

  • Jesus came to bring the good news of redeeming our lives, including our work, on Earth.
  • His redemption meant experiencing freedom, hope, joy and peace.
  • Don’t switch off your faith at work.

[26:28] Creating an Impact

  • Our profession allows us to become missionaries in the workplace.
  • We cannot control the return of Jesus.
  • Everyone has the responsibility to introduce non-believers to the Lord.
  • There would be no advancement of faith if we only depend on pastors to spread the Word.
  • The power of Christ is within us.

[31:51] About iWork4Him, sheWorks4Him & iRetire4Him

  • iWork4Him urges people to think about the connection between faith and work. At the same time, it guides them to apply faith into action no matter what they do.
  • To learn more about their favourite parts or stories in their books, tune in to the full podcast.
  • Older generations should be investing their life and knowledge to their successors.
  • Although their books relate with everyone, they specifically target everyday workers and believers.

10 Powerful Quotes

‘When people think, “Well, I want my work to matter, I want to get a job that really matters,” they have to have a paradigm shift in their mind to recognise the fact that God has been placed right in the centre of where lost people are.’

‘Even in today where you may not be employed in your sweet spot. Even then, your work matters, even when you're struggling because it's not in the pay that you wanted, or it's not in the industry that you wanted; but you have a job, and God is providing for you.’

‘When we want to put our faith into action in the workplace, the first thing we need to do is start to pray for the people that we work alongside—by name each and every day.’

‘In scripture it's full of the conversation around the body and the body of Christ—we all have a very important job to do…Our organs have to be right next to each other and they are very co-dependent upon each other. If one is not working right, the other one doesn't work right.’

‘The pastor of the church is no more important than the janitor in a building, then the kingdom of God; we're all equal and are on equal standing.’

‘I just think that God made each one of us uniquely, and learning to celebrate that is important.’

‘The reason that church is in the mess that it is worldwide is because we ignore the spiritual giftings of women.’

‘“No” is a sentence, and we can do that with absolute integrity.’

When we become Jesus’ followers, everything about us begins to change—that's the good news. We gain freedom. We gain hope. We have the ability to experience joy and peace, and patience and kindness, and goodness and gentleness, and self control.

‘Every day is a new gift, and using that for the purpose that [God] has given us for each day is what's really important.’

About Jim and Martha

Jim Brangenberg is a well-known faith and work movement leader. He has over 20 years of experience as a business owner. Martha Brangenberg, on the other hand, is an expert developer and communicator who works side-by-side with her husband in all his business ventures.

In 2013, they were called by God to launch the iWork4Him project. In this talk show, they had the chance to converse with thousands of thought leaders and spread their simple message: your workplace is your mission field. They have also authored a series of books, iWork4Him, sheWorks4Him and iRetire4Him.

Jim and Martha have been married for more than 35 years, have three beautiful children, and have six precious grandchildren. When they’re not busy interviewing, speaking, or mentoring, the couple leads marriage retreats and handles DIY projects together.

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