[Ep#311] How to Live Out Loud as an Introvert With Patience Ogunbona

How to Live Out Loud as an Introvert With Patience Ogunbona

People often have a preconceived image of what an introvert  looks like—quiet, timid, and not one to speak their mind. They don't take up much space and energy in social interactions. However we introverts are much more than the stereotype. We are creative thinkers and idea generators with voices waiting to be heard. By nurturing our confidence, we can live out loud and be who we want to be.

In this episode, Patience Ogunbona joins us to talk about what an introvert truly is and can be. She inspires us to let our voice be heard by sharing strategies for being, doing, and having more. Patience also discusses introverts' different ways of thinking, how to build confidence, and why they should not settle for mediocrity. Finally, we get a sneak peek of what to expect in the Introverted Female Entrepreneur Success Summit.

If you want to learn how to live unapologetically as an introvert, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how you can grant yourself the permission to show up as your introverted self.
  2. Find out what an introvert can do to build a presence in any networking event.
  3. Learn why settling for mediocrity will never elevate you and those around you.


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Episode Highlights

[03:08] Helping Introverted Women Share Their Voice

  • Patience's entrepreneurial journey started with wanting to help women pursue their dreams and overcome hurdles, just as she did.
  • For her, 2020 is the ‘introverts’ era’. It was also around this time that she started to question the unease she was feeling.
  • She asked herself what about her lived experience was not yet showing up in her business and authenticity. It turned out to be her introversion.
  • More than visibility, what an introvert cares more about is having a presence and making their voice matter.
  • When we let our aspirations lie dormant, we feel unfulfilled. Patience wants to help fellow introverted women to reach for their goals.

[08:48] Being, Doing, and Having

  • Introverted women often do not permit themselves to show up as introverts. Patience encourages them to be, do, and have.
  • Be: Allow yourself to be your introverted self. Consciously permit yourself to say no when your energy gauge gets depleted.
  • Tune in to the full episode to hear Patience’s childhood story about how she became ‘quiet’!
  • Do: The common theme among introverts is feeling emotions deeply and being empathic. Do things aligned with your strengths.
  • Have: Many introverted women struggle with imposter syndrome. Permit yourself to have what you desire and go after it with passion.

[14:50] What an Introvert Does Differently

  • Introverts pause a lot to observe and take in things. They are independent thinkers and idea generators.
  • They fight not to get included but for their ideas to get brought to the table.
  • More than the outcome, what an introvert wants is to try their ideas. What-ifs bug them because they have great visions for the world.
  • It’s better to try out an idea even if it doesn’t work than settle for less.

[17:58] How to Live Out Loud as an Introverted Woman

  • Colour is one element to create presence. Listen to the full podcast to hear how Patience realised this through a Color Me Beautiful event!
  • Your energy enters the room before you do.
  • This concept applies to job interviews as well. Once you realise your value, you come in as someone who is also interviewing the company.
  • You can create and nurture confidence by finding out what boosts your spirit and surrounding yourself with it.
  • Often, we get moulded by our environment and other people. You have to permit yourself to create the person you want to be.

[24:53] Building Confidence in Networking Environments

  • Arrive first in networking events so you can define the flow and energy in the room. Otherwise, you'll have to fit into the energy others make.
  • Engaging early will have you getting asked for your opinion instead of getting pushed to talk.
  • What an introvert needs to do before social events is to plan. You can try making a concrete goal for yourself, such as having deep conversations with three people.

[29:51] Mediocrity Will Never Elevate You

  • Most of Patience’s clients are too humble to talk about themselves. What an introvert thinks is that they don’t have an opinion, regardless of their qualifications.
  • You have to find the balance between talking about yourself confidently and allowing other people to shine.
  • Downplaying praise and recognition is false humility.
  • Dimming your light makes you stay in the darkness. Meanwhile, shining your light can encourage other people to bring out theirs.
  • Don't allow imposter syndrome to make you feel you're not good enough. If your ‘why' aligns with your values, do it. Don't feel uncomfortable about it.

[36:44] The Introverted Female Entrepreneur Success Summit

  • The summit brings together over 20 experts and entrepreneurs.
  • They will tackle what it means to run a business, bust myths around success, and share their expertise around various options.
  • It covers different perspectives around sales, branding, visibility, lead generation, content creation, and more.
  • Tune in to the full episode for more details about The Introverted Female Entrepreneur Success Summit!

10 Powerful Quotes

‘Holding yourself back is giving yourself permission to actually be introverted. That's very important because that's the “be” part of it. I want to be my introverted self and I think that's okay.’

‘So doing things in a way that is aligned to your strengths, that is aligned to your introverted self, makes you feel like you're fulfilling purpose, and actually gives you freedom.’

‘When you're amongst people and your energy gauge is depleted, you have to say, “No, thanks. Thanks. But no, thanks. I'm off”, and not feel horrible about that.’

‘What's important is that you try it out, otherwise, it actually stays in your head. It stays there as a what-if question.’

‘Everything can align in our lives because we are seekers. We search for answers and your answers make you flow in alignment once you find them.’

‘When I got an awareness of who I am and the value I bring to a workplace, whether I'm quiet or not, I changed to ‘I'm checking you out, you might just not be the right place for me to give my value to.’

‘We are created by our environment, by our parents, by other people. But again, giving yourself permission to become who you want to be. You have to create that person.’

‘The truth is deep down inside, we all have this feeling that we're great. But then the ego doesn't want to be bruised.’

‘You shining your light does not dim another person's light.’

‘Shining your light is helping others see the light because that's the purpose of light. It brings light into a dark space, it illuminates and makes a difference.’

About Patience

Patience Ogunbona is the CEO of ATI (Aspire-Transform-Inspire) Coaching. She is an aligned business strategist, corporate and business trainer, transformational coach, inspirational speaker, and author. Along with this, Patience is also the host of The Introverted Female Entrepreneur Success Summit.

Patience is passionate about empowering introverted entrepreneurs and professionals. She helps them create a presence and formulate strategies to position themselves as an authority in the industry. Her aim is for her clients to attract their dream prospects and generate consistent income and profit.

If you wish to connect with Patience, you may reach out to her on her website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Most people have preconceived notions of what an introvert can and cannot do. Many think that they are not fit to run a business or lead a team. However, introverts have so much to offer and bring to the table.

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