[Ep#304] Competing Against Big Companies on Linkedin with Michelle J. Raymond

Competing Against Big Companies on Linkedin with Michelle J. Raymond

There's no doubt that visibility across different social media platforms is one of the keys to business success today. It's vital to consistently reach out to your ideal clients in a way that will deeply connect with them. And hands down, one of the best platforms for this is LinkedIn. It offers robust opportunities—all for free—that even out the playing field for companies big and small. All you have to do is use them to your advantage and outplay the competition.

In this episode, Annemarie Cross speaks with Michelle J. Raymond about how businesses can boost their reputation and revenue by having a company page on LinkedIn . She shares some tips on how small companies can use LinkedIn to compete against big companies. Michelle's discussion further delves into the best content type and strategies for attracting opportunities on the platform.

If you want to learn how you can pivot your business through a company page on LinkedIn, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover the benefits of a company page on LinkedIn.
  2. Find out the key to how small businesses can compete against big companies through LinkedIn.
  3. Learn the best strategies for creating and posting content on LinkedIn.


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Episode Highlights

[02:18] How Michelle Got into LinkedIn Company Pages

  • LinkedIn itself is focusing on company pages because that’s where they put ads. Ad viewership is how LinkedIn gets its revenue.
  • Michelle’s niche pre-COVID was traditional selling. Because of COVID, she found out the benefits of LinkedIn company pages in boosting online presence.
  • Entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats. Still, they recognise the need to be visible online.
  • That’s where Michelle’s services come in: by helping businesses manage their company page on LinkedIn.
  • It generally takes about 3 to 6 months to build a complete company page on LinkedIn from scratch.

[06:27] How a Company Page on LinkedIn Works

  • A company page on LinkedIn works almost like a free mini-website where you can post all your content.
  • LinkedIn ranks well in search engine results without needing to pay thousands of dollars for SEO.
  • It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to set up a company page on LinkedIn.
  • Both solopreneurs and huge companies get the same space for free on LinkedIn, levelling the playing field.

[08:23] Benefits of a Company Page on LinkedIn

  • If your ideal client or opportunity is a professional or business, they’re most probably on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook and Instagram are saturated platforms. LinkedIn is the opposite — there's a lack of content creators for the amount being consumed on the platform.
  • Using LinkedIn’s free services, you get the opportunity to stand out organically without spending huge amounts on marketing.
  • Having your personal profile and a separate company page on LinkedIn gives you two opportunities to show up in the newsfeed.
  • The content on your personal page and your company page should be different but of a similar style.

[11:45] Creating Content for Your Company Page on LinkedIn

  • Repurpose as much as you can.
  • You shouldn’t post the same content on different platforms on the same day. People will think they’ve already seen it and scroll by.
  • What works on other platforms doesn't work on LinkedIn.

[14:49] Keeping People Within the Platform

  • You need to keep your audience’s attention for as long as possible.
  • LinkedIn penalises links to external websites for both personal and company pages.
  • If you have a video, it’s best to upload it separately onto your company page on LinkedIn.
  • The way LinkedIn stays free is because of ads. Thus, the platform will encourage and support whatever keeps people in there.

[16:40] Tips on Creating LinkedIn Content

  • The time limit for videos on LinkedIn is 10 minutes. However, it’s best to use 2 to 3-minute snippets of a video to keep people's attention span.
  • People glance and skim; they very rarely read the whole post.
  • You need to think of a way to make someone stop scrolling, press the ‘See more’ button, and leave a comment.
  • It’s crucial to see prospects as human when creating content.
  • The most powerful tools on LinkedIn are action shots of your team and your operations.

[20:29] Competing Against Larger Companies on LinkedIn

  • Small businesses can create the perception of being much larger on their company page on LinkedIn.
  • Being consistent on the content you produce outplays any huge companies with branded content.
  • The more branded the content is, the more it looks like an ad; less branding will get you further reach.
  • The more attention you get, the more opportunities will come your way when your ideal client is ready to purchase.

[22:53] Client Acquisition on LinkedIn

  • Not getting likes and comments on your company page on LinkedIn doesn’t mean what you’re doing is not working.
  • 90% of people on the platform will never like, comment, or post. 9% will do it infrequently, and 1% will create content.
  • It can be a competitive advantage to clients when no one knows they’ve seen your services.
  • It's vital to get your employees to do the liking and commenting to drive the algorithm.

[26:37] The Number of Times You Should Post Your Content

  • The answer is always what you can do consistently. If it’s not manageable to post thrice a week, it’s best to post once a fortnight and build up over time.
  • If you’re posting three pieces of content, post two on your personal and one on your company page on LinkedIn.
  • Use the invite credits that LinkedIn gives you every month. Even if you create all the content in the world, they are useless without an audience.
  • Not being visible on social media across different platforms is not an option in 2021. Outsource if you must.

[30:28] How to Stand Out, Be Heard and Influence

    • Your fresh ideas and inspiration must be specific and relevant to your industry.
    • Pinpoint areas that no one is talking about.
    • Research other industries and pinpoint overlapping similarities, challenges, and solutions to build a stronger business case for why change is needed.

10 Powerful Quotes

[02:26] ‘I wholeheartedly believe that LinkedIn also is really focusing on that because, at the end of the day, they need to make money. And how they do that currently most of all on LinkedIn is through ads, and you need a company page to run ads.’

[03:38] ‘If you're a small business, and you rely on those trade shows and those selling methods, what happens when they're taken away? And you know, this is where I got into company pages. You need a presence online.’

[07:09] ‘The reason that I love [LinkedIn] is: whether you're a solopreneur or if you have 100,000 employees, we all get the same space for free. So this isn't a pay to play, you know, whoever's got the biggest budget wins.’

[09:08] ‘We don't have enough content creators for the amount that's being consumed. And so, without having to pay, again, I'm all about using the free services within LinkedIn, you actually get the opportunity to stand out organically without having to fork out big budgets for marketing spends.’

[11:48] ‘My number one tip that I give to small business owners when they start creating content for a company page is: repurpose as much as you can.’

[17:31] ‘When we're driving conversations on LinkedIn, it's important with company pages, that they're human just as much as on your personal because quite often they get used as free advertising space.’

[17:52] ‘What they're listening for is how does your company solve my problem? How are you going to make my life easier? Why should I buy from you instead of you know, the person down the road?’

[20:36] ‘If you create good content that adds value to your ideal audience, and you do that consistently, you will see results. I know that it takes approximately, if you're starting from zero, roughly around six months, maybe a little bit less.’

[27:28] ‘It's just important that you use your invite credits that LinkedIn gives you each month. Because you can create all the content in the world, but if you don't have an audience, it's useless.’

[27:53] ‘Do what's manageable, do what's sustainable. You know, the companies like mine have outsourcing services, so that you can actually, if you never gonna get around to it, then you know, outsource to someone else.’

About Michelle

Michelle J. Raymond is the founder and Chief Social Strategist of Good Trading Co. She is passionate about helping small businesses tell their stories to a wider audience. And so, Michelle works with teams to help boost business reputation and revenue using LinkedIn.

She imparts the most effective methods on how businesses can utilise LinkedIn company pages to get great returns. Michelle’s service includes everything from audit and strategy, LinkedIn training, to outsourcing LinkedIn company page management.

If you wish to connect with Michelle, you may reach out to her on LinkedIn. You may also send her your message on Good Trading Co.

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