[Ep#303] The Mindset, Strategy and Tactics of a Great Google Ads Account with Mike Rhodes

The Mindset, Strategy and Tactics of a Great Google Ads Account with Mike Rhodes

What if somebody told you that there’s a way to show your offers only to people who are already interested in what you do? Back then, doing this sounds too good to be true, right? However, you can achieve this with a Google Ads account !

In this episode, Mike Rhodes joins us to discuss the elements behind an excellent Google Ads account. He talks about the different mindsets, strategies and tactics a business owner should know if they want to optimise their ads. Mike also imparts the importance of investing time and money into your Google Ads account to generate revenue.

Listen to the episode to learn how you can use Google Ads to get outstanding returns!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the unlimited potential of having a Google Ads Account.
  2. Learn more about the possible ad campaign strategies and tactics you can use for your business.
  3. Gain profound knowledge on the kind of Google Ads that will work to grow your business profits.


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Episode Highlights

[02:43] How Mike Got into the Industry

  • Mike originally wanted to become a helicopter pilot.
  • However, he realised that he doesn't want to grow old in that line of profession.
  • His first business was an internet cafe, which introduced him to Google.
  • He attributes the success of his first business to Michael Gerber’s book ‘The E-Myth’. Mike was also an E-Myth coach for a while.
  • Later on, Mike discovered Google Ads and saw how it could solve many of the problems of small businesses. He started his agency shortly after.

[07:31] Understanding Google Ads Accounts

  • Google Ads is a competitive auction system that requires proper attention and strategy.
  • It's a complicated system. Mike suggests that you outsource an agency that can expertly handle your Google Ads account.
  • Mike says that a Google Ads account is a tool that can be beneficial to your business.
  • To effectively use your Google Ads account, you need to understand what your target customers want and offer it to them.
  • You also have to know how much you’re willing to spend to generate those leads.

[12:58] Maximising Google Search

  • It’s better to invest in more specific searches because your audience is much more likely to buy at that stage.
  • You also need to figure out how much your ROI is per click. That’s how you adjust your bids.

[16:16] Keyword Investments and Making Ads Work

  • The money you're going to spend on ads in the first weeks or months might not be profitable.
  • In the beginning, you’re still testing which search terms give you the most returns.
  • Google Ads is not a set and forget kind of thing. You constantly need to tweak your keywords and messaging.
  • However, once you've figured out what works, your Google Ads account becomes a reliable money machine for your business.

[19:15] Important Mindsets When Using Your Google Ads Account

  • There are two critical mindsets in using a Google Ads account: investment and experimentation.
  • You can only determine if your ads are working if you are open to experimenting and testing.
  • You need to think of your Google Ads account as a long-term investment. Looking at it in a short time frame makes you too cautious and anxious for results.
  • Part of experimentation is trying different sorts of keywords and seeing if they are more profitable than others.
  • You can also expand to testing new audiences or new platforms.

[22:15] The Role of Machine Learning

  • Machine learning is all about making predictions based on people's patterns of behaviour.
  • Google is getting better at using machine learning: they have even figured out who is more likely to buy from your ads.
  • To make predictions, Google needs to monitor a lot of data.
  • This explains why the kind of ads you see are connected to the activities you made before.

[26:13] Using Machines and Technology

  • Mike believes that machines are helpful tools that we can use to make our lives easier and better.
  • Google believes that good advertising can be helpful information.
  • That’s why Google only shows ads that are within your interests.
  • When an ad is helpful and gives additional information, people are more inclined to visit the website that runs that ad.

[28:41] Seeing Relevant Ads

  • Mike believes that the use of artificial intelligence needs more care and attention.
  • People need to be more sensitive to the ethics behind using a powerful tool such as AI.
  • However, he still thinks seeing ads that are relevant to your current needs is still useful.

10 Powerful Quotes

[06:55] ‘With Google Ads, what happens at the back end, there are so much more depth and richness. And when we understand that, we're able to do far more.’

[09:34] ‘I always use the analogy of a fire. The fire is just a tool. If we use it, well, we can toast our marshmallows. If we use it badly, it'll burn down our tent. It's just a tool. It isn't good or bad. Google Ads isn't good or bad.’

[11:27] ‘What's your offer? How are you competitive? You can bring a lot to the table there by just saying, “This is what we want to offer. And this is what we can afford for that, to get a lead.”’

[15:20] ‘If you're speaking to too many people, you speak to no one.’

[16:40] ‘This is not set and forget, this isn't get a call from the Yellow Pages once a year, stick an ad in, pay once and be done. We’re constantly tweaking because those keywords that work are constantly changing.’

[19:19] ‘The two mindsets that are so so important are a mindset of investment. And then also experimentation.’

[19:44] ‘If you are super short term thinking of like, “I need this investment to pay right now.” Then you're going to be so cautious. You're gonna be so afraid of testing anything, and you’re desperate for it to pay back.’

[26:24] ‘Machines are not here to take over all of our jobs and turn us into paperclips and destroy the power. They are just a tool… If we point them in the right direction, they can be incredibly useful to help us do the stuff that we want to do better.’

[26:53] ‘Google really, was founded on that whole belief that good advertising can be useful as information. It's not an annoyance.’

[27:33] ‘I prefer the ads in front of me to be things that are going to be useful, because I'm not so naive to think that we can have, you know, a free internet without any advertising at all.’

About Mike

Mike Rhodes is the founder and CEO of WebSavvy and the founder of AgencySavvy. WebSavvy is a leading digital marketing agency based in Australia that helps businesses get more leads and clients. Meanwhile, AgencySavvy is a community of agency owners. They’re dedicated to improving their digital marketing skills and growing their businesses.

Apart from his success in the digital marketing scene, Mike is also a keynote speaker. He has graced numerous conferences with his expertise and wisdom. He's also one of the authors of The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. This book aims to help small businesses gain profit by maximising their Google Ads accounts.

You can connect with Mike through LinkedIn and Twitter.

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A Google Ads account is a good tool to spread the word about your products and services. Mike shares that you need to invest time and money into your Google Ads account. But once you’ve figured out the formula, you’ll see great returns.

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