[Ep#302] How to Generate Original Marketing Content with Suzette Bailey

How to Generate Original Marketing Content with Suzette Bailey 

With the pandemic, businesses have no choice but to go online. However, standing out among thousands and thousands of content is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

It’s tough to think of new ideas from scratch. So, entrepreneurs are prone to burnout and stress. How can we keep generating original content while remaining consistent with our story and purpose? 

Suzette Bailey joins us in this episode to discuss generating original content for marketing using SimpleMarketing.AI. She talks about how we can leverage the power of AI to make content marketing simpler for business owners. Suzette also demonstrates how you can use the platform. Finally, she shares her top tips in using the Clubhouse app to reach out to your ideal clients. 

If you want to know how to produce quality, original content for marketing, tune in to this episode! 

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  

  1. Know how to generate original content for marketing your business efficiently. 
  2. Learn how to plan, generate, schedule and publish marketing content for a month in just 15 minutes.  
  3. Discover Suzette’s top three Clubhouse tips. 



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Episode Highlights 

[02:33] Generating Original Content for Marketing 

  • Content development and marketing are two of the top struggles of businesses.  
  • Original content is something created by you or by artificial intelligence. 

[04:29] About SimpleMarketing.AI 

  • As a business owner, marketing online is a struggle because it requires a totally different skill set.   
  • Suzette founded SimpleMarketing.AI because she didn’t do well with marketing herself online. 
  • With SimpleMarketing.AI, artificial intelligence generates the marketing content for you. 
  • It generates original content for marketing based on key phrases or information that you provide. 

[08:50] Consistently Sending Out Content for Marketing 

  • There’s so much noise online that it is challenging to get your content seen by an audience. 
  • To stand out, you need to be front of mind. Constantly send your message and provide value to your customers and prospects. 
  • If you're not front of mind, customers will not buy from you when they are ready. 
  • We have to repeat our message multiple times because it will not resonate with the audience until they're ready. 
  • The good thing about AI is that you can be consistent with your message yet original in the delivery.  

[13:42] Creating Marketing Content in Just 15 Minutes 

  • An AI fast-tracks creating content for marketing by removing the initial challenges encountered by writers. 
  • One of these challenges is not having any topics and the ‘white-page syndrome.' 
  • To get you started, SimpleMarketingAI generates the first draft of your posts. 
  • The platform helps you create a month's worth of content in just one day. 
  • Learn more about how AI can help you overcome burnout when creating content for marketing in the whole episode! 

[19:28] How SimpleMarketing.AI Works 

  • A quick way to plan your content is to work out the themes you want to talk about. 
  • The platform will give you a whole range of topics to write about, helping greatly in idea generation. 
  • When working with short content, make sure to double-check for plagiarism. 
  • The platform doesn't replace you or your copywriters. It only helps you generate content efficiently. 
  • Tune in to the full episode for a demo on using SimpleMarketing.AI to create content for marketing! 

[30:24] Suzette’s Top Three Clubhouse Tips 

  • Clubhouse is an audio app that allows you to connect with others online.  
  • Be collaborative and be open to look for ways to work with others.  
  • Be consistent. Go into Clubhouse a few times a week if you want to build a following.  
  • Find rooms or conversations that are around your target audience. Be intentional about going into rooms.  

10 Powerful Quotes 

[07:15] ‘I love to say to people that I created an entire platform purely because I was trying to solve a frustration of my own.’ 

[07:25] ‘Often the best business ideas come out of either a difficulty that we've experienced ourselves, or we've gone into.’ 

[08:22] ‘There's so much more noise there, we have to be consistent. We have to make sure that the content we're sharing is readable, valuable for our ideal clients.’ 

[09:32] ‘To stand out and all of that, you need to be front of mind and you need to be providing your message and value to your customers and your prospects constantly.’ 

[9:48] ‘If you're not front of mind, through this process of actually giving them lots of content and value beforehand, they're more likely to go and actually buy [from] one of your competitors.’ 

[10:21] ‘You need to make sure that you’re consistently talking about that one thing, if you want to be seen as that thought leader.’ 

[11:09] ‘We get bored with our own story, we get bored with what we're saying. But the reality is, our customers and our prospects don't.’  

[13:45] ‘I'm a big believer that magic happens when you start to connect AI and humans together.’ 

[15:20] ‘I love grabbing Post-It notes and actually having them, I'm just brainstorming ideas and putting one per Post-It note, and putting them down until we have no more.’ 

[26:52] ‘It's about getting to your first draft really fast. It's not about replacing you, and it's also not about replacing copywriters.’ 

About the Guest

Suzette Bailey is the CEO and co-founder of SimpleMarketing.AI and CEO of Sensory7 Pty Ltd. She is a bioscience graduate who built a successful multimillion-dollar Australian IT company. Her company just celebrated its 21st year of being a leader in delivering information and records management services to government and businesses. 

Suzette is a recognised expert in systems thinking for 20 years. She has helped hundreds of large organisations restructure and automate their systems. In doing so, she allowed them to cut costs and refocus staff on higher-value tasks. 

Connect with Suzette through her LinkedIn and website. 

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Going online for solopreneurs is tough because online marketing requires a whole different skill set. To stand out in the sea of content available online, you have to be consistent with your message. However, creating content can be tough. Fortunately, Suzette offers helpful tips and tools you can use to generate original content for marketing. 

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