[Ep#301] The Fortune Is in the Email Follow-Up with Sally Sparks-Cousins

The Fortune Is in the Email Follow-Up

with Sally Sparks-Cousins

Do you use email follow-ups to maintain front of mind with your customers? Around 48% of marketers don’t. 12% try to make contact up to three more times. Most people give up after that third email. But did you know that sales happen during the 5th to 12th contact?

Many people think that automation is all about spamming emails. But when done right, it can be your ticket to better email follow-ups and improved engagement with your customers. Your email list is a wellspring of potential clients! Nurturing it into a quality list can help you save time, money and effort.

In this episode, Sally Sparks-Cousins talks about finding your sparkle by automating your marketing strategy. She shares how automation can eliminate repetitive tasks so we can focus on the more critical part of marketing: building connections. It can also help with email follow-ups and staying at your potential clients' top of mind.

If you want to learn how to nurture your clients by automating your marketing strategy and email follow-ups, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how to automate your email follow-ups and align this with your customers’ lifecycle.
  2. Understand the importance of respecting and nurturing your email list and why quality is better than quantity.
  3. Learn how to focus on the right tools and platforms so you can save time and resources. 


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Episode Highlights

[02:07] Automate to Personalise

  • People often think that automation is all about emails and spam.
  • However, automation is about taking away repetitive tasks so you can save time for the more important things.
  • Automation can help you show up consistently and forge a sincere connection with your audience.

[04:17] Understand the Stages of the Customer Lifecycle

  • You need to understand your numbers and metrics to serve your customers better.
  • Understand that not all people are ready to buy straight away, so you need to have both fast track and slow track systems.
  • The slower track can focus more on providing information and valuable content until the customer is interested in purchasing.
  • Use automation to do email follow-up, nurture and connect with your leads.
  • Tune in to the full episode to learn more about email follow-ups and the seven stages of the customer lifecycle!

[09:20] Quality Over Quantity

  • When you respect your email list, you will ensure that you care for everyone on it, no matter their stage in the customer life cycle.
  • You can track people’s interest through how many emails they open and how many buttons they click.
  • People often pride themselves on having a massive email list, but the question is, ‘is it actually working?'
  • Don't worry about spamming; people can unsubscribe if they don't find your email follow-ups valuable.
  • Think about the model of four B’s: talk about your business, get a booking for a conversation, convert them to a buyer and go beyond that network for more connections.

[15:01] Why Email Follow-Up Is Important

  • Around 48% of people never follow up with a prospect, and only 10% will follow up more than three times.
  • Email follow-ups can give you thousands of dollars in sales: reports show that sales rise as email follow-ups increase.
  • Sally shares that only 2% of people buy on the first contact. But this number grows to 80% at the fifth to twelfth contact!
  • People need to get to know and trust your business before finally deciding to buy.
  • Set a rule to send email follow-ups within 30 minutes of people visiting your website, and then call within 24 hours.

[21:22] Be Consistent to Stay Top of Mind

  • Even if customers are not ready to buy, keep sending email follow-ups so they won't forget you.
  • Don't try to look for the perfect automation strategy. The important thing is to start.
  • Stay consistent in generating leads so that you won't need to hustle to find clients.
  • If you can collect ten emails a day, that will accumulate to 3650 potential clients in a year!
  • Make sure your marketing and sales machine work together.

[28:41] Focus on the Right Platforms

  • When starting an online business, you need to remember to invest in the right tools.
  • Figure out which platforms generate the most leads so you can focus on that.
  • Don’t burn yourself out trying to use every platform available.

[38:57] Sally’s Go-To Platforms

  • Sally shares the four major platforms that she uses: Kajabi, Keap, Zapier and Acuity.
  • Kajabi acts as the front of your shop by providing the landing pages and processing your payments.
  • Reap is like the back office that handles CRM.
  • Zapier helps Kajabi and Reap work together better.
  • Acuity helps in scheduling and booking. Listen to the full episode to learn more about these platforms!\

10 Powerful Quotes

[3:26] ‘When we're talking automation, it is only removing the tasks that are repetitive, that we don't need to be doing. There is still a huge human element to it, because at the end of the day people buy from people.’

[5:59] ‘It's not just automating and thinking people are numbers, you want to serve your customers, your potential customers.’

[6:52] ‘The work we do today with our marketing strategy affects our bank account in around three to six months time.'

[7:39] ‘We can't force them to hand over their credit card, but we can control the content and the information and the love and the care that we give to them.’

[8:16] ‘I think when you start to see your list as humans, you treasure every single one of those beautiful emails and you want to respect them as well with the content that you give them.’

[13:54] ‘You'd rather have a smaller list, but highly engaged. Because while they may not necessarily be buying from you yet, I bet you they're referring you to people too.’

[16:16] ‘Following up your leads, if you're not doing it well, you are literally leaving thousands of dollars on the table.’

[23:16] ‘If marketing and sales weren't important, people at Coca-Cola and Nokia would have stopped years ago, but they're still using marketing, because it's so important.’

[25:34] ‘You can't go to bed until you add at least one email to your list every single day.’

[37:18] ‘Oh, sexy numbers. It's the only way you can make an informed decision. Otherwise you're just guessing.’

About Sally

Sally Sparks-Cousins is a marketing automation expert, certified Kajabi and Keap by Infusionsoft Trainer and the Founder of Sparkle Class Academy. She helps women find their ‘inner sparkle’ to build a business tailored to their unique lifestyle. Sally believes that we can automate repetitive tasks so we can devote more time for human-to-human connections with our clients. Automations allows faster trust-building and helps you land high-ticket clients faster.

Sally specialises in marketing design, personal branding, marketing funnels and mindset coaching. Her marketing and business-building strategies are built around tracking KPIs. She always tells everyone: ‘numbers are sexy!’

Interested in Sally’s work? Check out Sparkle Class Academy and her YouTube Channel.

You can also reach out to her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.    

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We need to erase the notion that automation is equal to spam. When you automate your email follow-ups, you can nurture your email list.

Most customers don’t buy at their first contact, so you need to be consistent with your email follow ups and marketing. As Sally says, you’ll reap the benefits of your hard work in three to six months.

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