[Ep#289] The Incredible Power of Partnerships with Linda Fisk

The Incredible Power of Partnerships

with Linda Fisk 

It’s true that you could strive to be the best on your own. But why not make things easier and more efficient with a business relationship? Forging trust-based partnerships and networks support you and lead to success. It’s about creating a relationship that involves co-creation and sharing risk and responsibilities.

Today, Linda Fisk shares a unique way of looking at a business relationship. She talks about the importance of partnerships in business and how they drive and accelerate success. Linda also talks about how her organisation, LeadHERship Global, helps women flourish. They provide resources, networks and valuable partnerships for their members.  

If you want to know more about the power of business relationships based on trust, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand how partnerships pave the way to success.
  2. Learn more about the principles of true collaboration.
  3. Discover how to garner support by sharing your vision with others.

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Episode Highlights

[03:59] Linda's Leadership Journey

  • Early in her career, Linda recognised the power of persuasion, marketing and advertising.
  • While leading marketing for YPO, she saw firsthand the power of networking and partnership.
  • Linda realised that women need to tap into collaboration and support-based networking.
  • The partnership allows the advancement of the success of women everywhere.

[05:38] Women-Based Leadership Organisations

  • There are more women-based organisations today than in the past.
  • Women are just now starting to tap into the power of partnerships that are based on mutual respect.
  • It is vital to grow trust-based relationships
  • Key relationships in our life can be life-changing if you invite them to become partners in your success.
  • Everyone in your life could be part of a trust-based relationship that can contribute to your success.

[07:50] The Principles of True Partnership in Business

  • True partnership means moving into a relationship that involves co-creation. You both share risks and responsibilities.
  • Identify shared values and combine each partner's strengths. That way, you can achieve a level of impact that you cannot accomplish independently.
  • The partnership creates an explosion of creativity.

[10:28] Things to Be Aware of in a Business Relationship

  • Trust your business relationship partner. Believing the best of them builds a stronger partnership.
  • Be transparent. Openly share information, maintain clear lines of communication and have honest discussions on complex issues.
  • Have a clear understanding of each partner's role and responsibility.
  • Show patience and persistence.
  • Think of the breakthroughs during difficult times rather than breaking down your partners.

[17:28] About LeadHERship Global

  • The organisation believes that women in partnership and the community have incredible opportunities. They can transform their personal and professional lives.
  • LeadHERship Global provides women with resources, introductions, networks to accelerate their success, no matter how they define success.
  • The organisation prioritises transformations that catalyse real substantial change.
  • It allows women in leadership to support each other and extend their success through the power of partnership.

[20:59] Coming Up with a Shared Vision

  • Define the key issues that the business relationship or network will tackle
  • Be incredibly clear on the kind and level of impact you are trying to achieve.
  • Determine if the business relationship is the right choice to create the change you desire.
  • Decide and define what the partnership needs to be successful.
  • Listen to the full episode to learn more about Linda's personal story on how LeadHERship Global creates partnerships!

[27:58] How to Share Your Vision to Others

  • Have such clarity in your vision that you can describe your definition of success in less than three lines.
  • Identify the change you are envisioning.
  • After having clarity of your dream, figure out how to do it
  • It takes other people's support to advance and accelerate success.

[31:41] Final Insights

  • Be kind and be present.
  • Being kind gives an incredible sense of motivation.
  • Motivation leads to a sense of dedication and determination in the people in your work.

They are amplifying their best for you and are more motivated to help you in your success. 

10 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

“And while I was leading marketing for YPO, I really saw firsthand the transformational power, of networking of partnership and of leaders that were involved in a peer to peer networking relationship.”

“But I think that women are just now starting to tap into the incredible power of partnerships that are based on mutual respect, formed by extending trust.”

“So I think that women are just now beginning to consider the possibilities of adopting sort of a new approach to problem solving a pioneering approach to this idea of cooperation and collaboration, which is based on redesigning the relationships in your life.”

“It's about extending trust. I think true power is more than just collaboration.“

“But in many relationships, by freely extending trust, assuming the very best in the person that you're working with, assuming the very best intentions of the people that you're in partnership with, actually creates a much stronger relationship and much stronger bond.”

“But there also needs to be openly shared information about expectations at the very beginning of any project, or the very beginning of any kind of partnership.”

“And so in many ways, that is a partnership, we are partnering with every single member of LeadHERship Global, to accelerate their definition of success.”

“But one of the questions you have to ask yourself at the very beginning is exactly that. Are we better off together than we are alone?”

“But if you can talk about the impact in three lines that you're trying to create, then that gives you the clarity of vision. “

“The one piece of advice that I think really resonates with me is to always be kind. The leaders that I have worked with that have made the biggest impression on me have been the ones that started every conversation with, ‘What can I do for you?’”

About the Guest

Linda Fisk is the CEO and Founder of LeadHERship Global, a community of unstoppable women enhancing their leadership blueprint. They are embracing their power to be the best version of themselves—in work and life. She is also a multi-award-winning leader, keynote speaker, author and university professor. Linda is dedicated to amplifying and extending other high-calibre business leaders' success.

Through LeadHERship Global, Linda supports and guides ambitious, creative women to move in the direction of their purpose, their mission and their dreams. They leverage powerful connections, critical support, practical tools and valuable resources. At LeadHerShip Global, women learn to show up, speak up and step up in their careers and personal lives.

Connect with Linda through LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more about LeadHERship Global and the work they do on their website.

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